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and this is for you

because I've loved you in so many ways

7 August
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the girl. la fille. la muchacha ->
ft. lauderdale, florida.

random love. amour aléatoire. amor al azar ->
friends. family. music. emily dickenson.
faded jeans. bitten off nail polish. rain. fire.
people watching. sex. adventures. talking all night.
chicago. vintage. boys that play guitar. vampires.
singing. jumping. dancing. laughing. trampolines. british people.
lyrics. fun. late nights. old school nickelodeon. nostalgia.

the music. la musique. la música ->
brand new. flogging molly. nofx. the bangles. guns&roses. jet.
five for fighting. new found glory. saves the day. oasis. my chemical romance.
fallout boy. billy talent. vanessa carlton. coheed and cambria. the beach boys. bon jovi. bright eyes.michael jackson. something corporate. taking back sunday. less than jake. frank sinatra. katy rose.the used. blink 182. maroon 5. death cab for cutie. story of the year. sugar cult.the unicorns. the faint. the mars volta. hawthorne heights. ashlee simpson.thekillers. the early november. the juliana theory.underoath.rascal flatts.senses fail. atreyu. motion citysoundtrack.mest. hot rod circuit. fiona apple. alanis morrisette.michelle branch. the beatles. breaking benjamin.

the films. les films. las películas ->
the goonies. chicago. peter pan. monty python. sixteen candles.
west side story. the ring. moulin rouge. jurassic park.elephant.
harry potter. the little mermaid. grease. titanic. forrest gump.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. the nightmare before christmas.
bridget jones. moulin rouge. lord of the rings. a knights tale. pearl harbor.
spiderman. romeo and juliet. the lion king. ghost. interview with the vampire.

hates. haines. odios. - >
slutty girls. paris hilton. sporks. pointless rules. bad nostalgia that makes you sad.
gossip. reality tv. boys that cheat. boys that lie. mean people. tears.
"cool kids". large crowds. cramped elevators. ignorance. loud parties.
normal. eyeshadow. chit chat. hair. awkward silences. beer. unkempt eyebrows.

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