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QUOTE OF THE LJ YEAR from lotusseed
"The key is to surround yourself with kids who have equal dork power to yourself!"

I'm a Jewish hippie chick, vegetarian, neo-socialist homeschooling homebirthing mama and um, yeah, I'm an anime and manga FANGURL. I write, draw, am kind to strangers, suffer existential dread and enjoy zen awareness on alternating days. I rear two adorable chibis, have a husband who teaches philosophy, always wipe my fingers after eating buttered popcorn and before using the keyboard. (I've learned that using chopsticks solves that eating buttered popcorn at the comp issue!)

I used to be a "real" writer and now I compose "unreal" grocery lists and the occasional fanfic.

This is a permanent account which means it's here forever or as long as LJ is... I've got an account at Dreamwidth but am currently too lazy to start cross-posting from there.

New Friending Policy:

This LJ will now be a friends-locked one. (Sorry K, G and others--you must join the narcissists and get accounts here to keep up with my mad typing).

I'm not opposed to making new LJ friends so if you think you and I have common obsessions, you can post in any my last journal entry or send an email to the addy listed in my user info, and if you don't sound like a creep, I'll probably friend you. I love to talk about Bleach, babies, world peace, and alternative education. I sometimes curse, I mention sex as often as your average teenager, and I don't talk about modern day novels. Only Shakespeare, French surrealism, and fanfic. NO MORE FRIENDS FOR NOW. MY INTROVERT SOUL IS EXHAUSTED!

Ishida x Orihime; Bleach Het;Fandom Pairings

Renji x Ishida; Bkeach Yaoi;Fandom Pairings

If you want my Bleach babble and not my personal crap, join bleachness

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