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Life's good, except school. actually, it's not that bad, i only enjoy it because the people there are just toooo good haha. me taking five highers though, is, clearly, a joke. went to see hit the lights and dave melillo with bim, although because one of my trains were cancelled i ended up missing dave melillo haha, was so so so so gutted. but hit the lights with bim was fucking hilarious haha, well except from when mikey jumped on her :/ .. Tom from Houston Calls is a dick, told me weeks ago he was going to put me on the guestlist, but did he? did he fuuuck hahaha, even although i ended up getting into the gig, and even though i was so excited about seeing houston calls, i walked in, seen houston calls on stage, then walked right back out, got gav to walk back to the qmu and we got a taxi into city center and he took me out for dinner instead. :) i honestly love him so fucking much. i'm not saying this for any nosy people to look at and then fucking bitch about, but he is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. he really is my best friend. i don't know what i'd do without the 10 girls that keep me sane during the week aswell. 3 in particular. :) see 11 girls, a chinese, karaoke and an unhealthy amount of vodka? actually best nights ever. The stopping smoking, for once, is doing actually really really well. now at lunchtimes when christina kirsty and dannii are smoking, i don't even want one at all.
i've discovered that the only girls that i can truly truly trust, and by trust i don't mean by backstabbing and stuff, but trust as in loyal, and never wanting to fall out over such stupid, stupid things. and even if that did happen, actually realise that it's not worth it. somehow i have a feeling that if this happened, for example, in the summer, exact same situation, it wouldn't have turned out like this, but what can you do? but anyway. that's over now and there's really no point in even thinking about it at all. but yeah, the only type of girls i can trust are the ones that have been around for 5 years, and a couple for most of my life. ones that i see every day, that know me inside out and are there for me during the really really shit days, and the really really good days too :) all of them understand me so much and i love it. i don't feel inferior when i'm with them.
okay i think i've said enouuugh, i'm pretty bored.
but yeah basically, i'm really happy. :)