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i met mark last night and i told him everything that was on my mind haha, thank you :)
my mum and dad came back on tuesday and it was really good to hear their opinions about things. i can't believe how tanned they both are :( i've decided i'm going to go with them next january haha
it's my birthday on sunday :) to be honest, i'm half excited about it, half not.
actually fuck it, i am excited. my boyfriend's taking me to fucking paris, fuck sake. :):)
i really don't know what i'd do without him. even when we were going to sleep, and he knew something was wrong, he still made me to go sleep feeling amazing. told him something i never thought i could, and the amount of trust i have in him, the trust we have in each other, is just unbelievable.
at the end of the day, i guess, i'm not needed anymore anyway, am i?
if i was things would have worked out differently. oh well. i have no regrets.
school's pretty shit, only thing that gets me up in the morning is the fact i'll see the burds haha, they're all coming round tomorrow night for a booze :) either here or christinas but probably here because it's for my birthday haha.
im quitting smoking soon, i've cut down a fucking lot recently anyway.
and i've decided i never want to get so close with a girl ever again.
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the attic is the shitest place ever.
ended up walking down buchanan street with julia, laurie, kathryn, zoe and mithi, singing our wee hearts out to the best old songs ever. i really think we cheered the whole of glasgow up. haha :)
see the really young looking boy who busks? me and julia went over and sat beside him and started talking to him and heard about his life and stuff, and it really was awful. i really did realise a lot about my own life and i am thankful for everything i have.
the six of us stood beside him and sang his songs with him, which mostly consisted of oasis haha :) we were puure pure loud, then another guy came and joined, then another two guys, and then another two girls. it was really nice, there ended up being like 11 of us trying to help this wee guy out by singing the loudest we could, and he did start getting a lot of money.
i think it's brilliant when you meet a group of people you've never met before, then after talking for about 10 mins you all feel as if you've known each other for years.
i can't believe how much we bitched though hahahahahaa. 'OMG YOU DONT LIKE HER? ME NEITHER!!' 'ME NEITHER!' 'OMG ME NEITHER HAHAA SHES A WEE BINT' 'HERE, I HATE HER TOO.'
then we bitched about katie higgins for i dont know how long, but i enjoyed it.
i'm going to go n get ready then go round to gavins :)
mmm :)
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having actually not a care in the world
i am 100% happy. :)
christmas, new year, my mum and dad go on holiday, my birthday :)
so much to look forward to this month and january :)
i can't get over how happy he makes me! it's not normal hahaha i seen him what, an hour and a half ago, and i'll be seeing him in like an hour n a half haha but i still pure pure miss him!!!! it's crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
mmmm:) hahahahaa my dad 'thats orite then hes a hun'
hahaha whitey
i better go get ready :)


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haha, it's actually so amazing how i don't care what anyone else says. :) it's amazing how we both don't :) in my opinion, people should just get busy living their own lives and not waste time caring so much about other people's! :)

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i dont think anyone understands just how much i love the early november.
when we met serg, i could hardly speak, i was actually just standing looking at him like :| while mark john and gary talked to him hahaha.what a sexy sexy boy.
the early november playing was the best thing ever. every single song was just so so stunning, right right at the front :) every now and again i'd turn round to mark who was behind me and we'd just be like 'WHAAAAAT THE FUUUCK, THE EARLY FUCKING NOVEMBER!' hahaha :)
definitely investing in a wee ten tattoo when i have the money. :)
hit the lights and new found glory were really really good aswell, but lets be honest, the early november.

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i love this.
i never want things to change. things are never going to change. this is it and i love it. so so much.
i'm the happiest i've been in such a long time.
i'm falling in love and it's the best feeling ever.
i love how comfortable i am around him, i love how we can talk about anything and everything. i love how he knows me so well and how we know cute things about each other that get us all... aye haha.
i love how we both want the same things. i love how i can be 100% myself around him. that's a really big thing for me because the only other person i've ever met who i can be like that with is ruth.
i'm just so so so unbelieveably happy. :)

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i'm going to copy+paste gemmas bulletin here hahaha

"today was quite good actually lol.

2nd period with tasha in seminar was pretty hilarious.

Breast cancer and testicular cancer talks.

so the girls were in one room feeling rubber boobs, and the boys were next door playing with their balls.

a normal day in bellshill academy life really.

health women- "now girls, its important that you go home and pass on this information to your mums and female relatives, it's important they know how to check themselves properly"

me- "yeah mum, i know ive not spoke to you in weeks but is there any chance you could have a feel of your tits for me?"

im not even going to go into tasha's ideas for "examination procedures" lmfao.

lol...mrs mcroberts squeezing the rubber boob going "it's just like a wee chicken fillet"

hahahaha, then the silly bints infront of us "ohhh i'm too embarrassed to feel it :$:$:$" haha n me n gemma are right in there

then i decided not to go to supported study and wait in uddingston for like an hour in da rainn!

then ross and gav came, and i could seriously not feel my toes. it was the worst ever. went to ross' house, ross went to work and i had a pretty amazing time with gavin! he spilled milk allllll ova ross' bed hahahaha. and omgggg, he actually screamed for me! i was sitting like ':O:O:O:O' hah it's so sound. he must love mee :b
i'm in such a good mood!


i'm actually just so so unbelievably happy. and i love how no one can ruin this, no matter how hard they fucking tried! :)