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here btw how fucking good was summer '05?
i love livejournal archives hahaha

so many pictures
that summer was so good :)

i was 14 and everyone was pals :)

btw, ive added a lot more pictures, it started off being just summer 2005, then summer/autumn 2005, then summer/autumn/christmas 2005...but now it's from summer2005 to the very start of 2006 :) so theres mroe chance you'll be in it hahaha

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:) x

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wellllll, i stayed with gav on thursday night, was so good :):) then on friday (yesterday) me gav, his friend and his friends girlfriend went to the cinemaa to see the messengers, had to wait about for 4 hours before it hahaha

there was this family in mcdonalds, a dad a wee girl and a wee boy who was like 6 or something, and the dad got the wee boy to go around the tables asking for they wee monopoly sticker things you get off ur cups and chips hahahaha :| came up to us about five times ''can i get ur blue one?'' ''nah ur orite'' hahaa we're so wide :|:|
we're collecting them too but hahahaha
went to see the messengers, actually so scary haha :|
went hooomee, then today my mum n dad drove me to gavs, then me and gav went out for dinner :) was goood :)
im so happyyyy:):):):)


mind that abandoned house next to bothwell castle hahaha?
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actually, i take some of that back.
i've realised that in some cases i don't miss certain people, i just miss certain times i spent with them, i miss who they used to be.

i still miss vicky and louise though
mon oot


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i miss louise :( and vicky, and ruth :(

it was good going to vickys the other night, in the garage havin a wee fag n vicky filling me in on all the gossip
made me realise just how much i miss stuff like that
i love my school pals but i duno, they don't know any of the people i know outside of school and it's just good to talk to someone that does haha i know that sounds really stupid but really..
it's so weird how not that long ago i was in town basically every single weekend and now i'm never in at all, which im not complaining about because me and gav walked through central yesterday and i realise that i really dont miss that place at all hahaha
but i miss 2 years ago in kelvingrove. navigator boy gus, when we had the barbeque, that day when cleo first peed in the bushes, the first day me cleo and vicky ever went and we sat and drank with the polish guys, trudi climbing trees in her underwear hahah, i miss how good gigs used to be!! gigs like the early november and the starting line like a year ago, and motion city soundtrack and hawthorne heights!
i miss when me and louise went to santa ponsa and we realised amy was staying in our same hotel!!!! I MISS CHEEKOS!!
i miss portugal. not so much alcudia but i miss dancing on the chairs and tables to born slippy in the prince of wales
i miss that night in louises when me and ruth sat outside the front step smoking singing the early november, but we had to phone up mark to remember how the start of sunday drive went.
and when me perry and ruth went on fire because we dipped a fag in poppers outside louises house hahhaa
me louise and ruth pure cuddling outside on the step aswell haha
i miss vickys caravan and all the amazing nights we had in it!!

i just miss having my burds haha

i've got 10 amazing burds now but i guess those three just can't be replaced :/
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havn't done a proper update in this for aaaaages!!
basically, everything's good :)
things with me and my boyfriend are fucking amazing, and every day it just keeps getting better and better, almost a wee half year haha
paris in july is going to be amazing, as will mexico be in august :)
last weekend was so good, me and the 10 best girls alive, lumo night hahaha, started in danniis then we all got taxis up to stacey grants empty house in netherton haha, ended up being about 17 of us staying or something? such a funny night haha william strachan's a fucking idiot who takes too much pills but he's a funny idiot. pure dragging me across the living room at 7 in the morning when me kirsty n christina were trying to sleep on the floor hahaha (n)
every girl in that house cried at one point in the night including me haha, we all sat in the kitchen, drank and smoked and had the pure deepest and emotional conversation ever, at like 4 in the morning

i'm so excited for school to be finished and for bim's party on the 26th of maaay :):):)
and paris! :)

getting my hair done again on the 21st of this month so hoefully it should turn out so much blonder :) and my mums getting me proper extensions, the pure expensive ones after my hairs blonder, cause shes a beast

i'll probably put pics from lumo night up soon haha

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the early november have split up?
this cant be fucking true

i don't care how sad this sounds but i'm seriously nearly crying man

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Life's good, except school. actually, it's not that bad, i only enjoy it because the people there are just toooo good haha. me taking five highers though, is, clearly, a joke. went to see hit the lights and dave melillo with bim, although because one of my trains were cancelled i ended up missing dave melillo haha, was so so so so gutted. but hit the lights with bim was fucking hilarious haha, well except from when mikey jumped on her :/ .. Tom from Houston Calls is a dick, told me weeks ago he was going to put me on the guestlist, but did he? did he fuuuck hahaha, even although i ended up getting into the gig, and even though i was so excited about seeing houston calls, i walked in, seen houston calls on stage, then walked right back out, got gav to walk back to the qmu and we got a taxi into city center and he took me out for dinner instead. :) i honestly love him so fucking much. i'm not saying this for any nosy people to look at and then fucking bitch about, but he is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. he really is my best friend. i don't know what i'd do without the 10 girls that keep me sane during the week aswell. 3 in particular. :) see 11 girls, a chinese, karaoke and an unhealthy amount of vodka? actually best nights ever. The stopping smoking, for once, is doing actually really really well. now at lunchtimes when christina kirsty and dannii are smoking, i don't even want one at all.
i've discovered that the only girls that i can truly truly trust, and by trust i don't mean by backstabbing and stuff, but trust as in loyal, and never wanting to fall out over such stupid, stupid things. and even if that did happen, actually realise that it's not worth it. somehow i have a feeling that if this happened, for example, in the summer, exact same situation, it wouldn't have turned out like this, but what can you do? but anyway. that's over now and there's really no point in even thinking about it at all. but yeah, the only type of girls i can trust are the ones that have been around for 5 years, and a couple for most of my life. ones that i see every day, that know me inside out and are there for me during the really really shit days, and the really really good days too :) all of them understand me so much and i love it. i don't feel inferior when i'm with them.
okay i think i've said enouuugh, i'm pretty bored.
but yeah basically, i'm really happy. :)

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hahaha i just remembered, dancing to 5,6,7,8 and the cha cha slide with ross taggart when you're both clearly wrecked is the funniest thing on the planet

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it's my birthday :)
and i'm so happy!!!!
yesterday me and gav went shopping and i got stressed out hahaha
went home n got ready
ross picked me up later on with gilliaaaan :):) then we went and got gav :):)
i think it took us over an hour to get to cleland
gav and ross wouldn't stop and ask someone how to get there and me and gillian were just like 'ohh my god' hahahaaha 'SHOUT AND DRIVE' aye whatever
got there eventually :)
i fucking loved perry's 18th hahaha actually
there were so many good people there
had a wee dance with my boyfriend hahahaha :) we're the beeest ;):)
here, i was too concered about getting steaming for my birthday at midnight, that i just drank too much far too quick. vodka is not my pal anymore. at all haha.
got fucking steaming
everyone was outside and me and bobby were just watching my phone for it to turn from 11.59 to 00.00 haha :)
i got home, was actually so so so so drunk.
my mum and dad just couldnt stop laughing, gave me my birthday cards n i went to bed
worst ever, room was puure spinning, just telling myself 'just make it until tomorrow morning, dont be sick come on just sleep sleep sleep sleep'
woke up at like half 7, went to go to get a drink and i pure decked it hahaha woke my mum and dad up, pretty sure i was still steamin
and i feel so ill now:( i never feel like this!!
but it's my birthday haha:)
thanks again perry for inviting me :) and thank you gillian, so so so so so much!!! :)
it was good sorting stuff out with vicky :) think i'm going round to hers today for a wee while :)
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