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[Jul. 18th, 2007|01:05 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

aww i really liked last night :) i met eilidh and ross and everyone else n then we headed to the barflyy and i met my baby :) seen vicky and cleo mattew and butters which made me really happy :)
went n got pizzas for the bands n me n gav got one n it was amazin haha :)
counted all the money and there was like £600 missing and btw no matter what sean says it's not me that's got it hahahaha
ahh i seen so many people :)
got a lift home from bobby and we stopped at tesco and me n gav got sooo much stuff hahaha i love polish tesco workers, and old neddy tesco workers hahahahha
got back in the car n ate our ice cream haha n a wee sing a long to search the city hahaha :):)
got to gavs n had to be reeeeeeally quiet, but obviously thats impossible for me hahaha
ate food and went to bed n watched a dvd we got in tesco :) well i dont even remember anything about it to be honest, it had a wee bear in it n ashton kutcher:)
awww it was so nice :) not the dvd just the cuddles:)
fell asleep , woke up, made breakfast, got ready and came home early because i've to go n get a jag at 2 because of mexico :'(
mmmmm :)
gavs coming round later n he's bringing round that dvd n we're actually goin to watch it hahahaha