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second place victory [Jun. 30th, 2007|11:59 pm]
gav stayed again and it was lovely :) my mum -"ask gav if he wants to stay because that'll save him geting the train home" haha aww
my mum bought us a chineese
we took my dog a walk to get equis ice cream which was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing mmmmmm, but a walk that shouldve took 15 minutes, took an hour because my dog is such a slow walker and refused to walk several times hahaha, she was all stiff this morning it was such a wee shame :(
me n gav didnt get up until like 2 today haha we were still shattered when we got up :( but we got showers and then just watched tv
nikki bought us another chinese hahaha god sake i bet ill get another one tommorow :( NO, I WONT LET MYSELF :(
theeen my mum n dad went out for dinner tonight and i cut gavs hair :):):)
then they came back and my dads not long back from giving gav a lift to the train station! i wish he was staying again tonight :(
oh well
im so happy tonight
everything's perfect.
this has been a hard few weeks for me and gav but we've got through it and its made us stronger, it really really has.