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PARIS :D [Jun. 7th, 2007|08:55 pm]
the weekend that i just experienced was probably one of the best weekends ive ever had, and i'm never going to experience anything like that ever again in my life.

on friay it was the prom, blah blah it was amazing and i had an amazing night :) came home to louise sleeping in my bed haha awww
we got up at 7 on saturday morning, my dad got us mcdonalds breakfast hahaha and i was pure rushing about trying to pack my suitcase haha

after all that was done my mum and dad drove me and louise to edinburgh airport, during this drive my mum hit out with "so is it Paris yous are going to, or France?" and after me louise and my dad had stoppped laughing for about half an hour we told her paris was the capital of france. still though, she said "ayeeeeee i know that but are u going to paris or like..france?"
but yeah we got to the airport and my mum n dad waited around with us. got money changed into euros etc etc. then we met jenna and charlotte :) and then bim and hilary :)
so my mum n dad left and we checked in etccccc, got food/relentless hahaha then got on the plaaaaaaaaaaane :)
i cant remember the time we got into paris at, but it as fucking roaaaaasting. hired a car then we were on our way to the city centre :)
we had our own chauffeur, a polish guy called ralph hahahaha, such a lovely wee guy but him and satnav just do not go. "thats a one way street this doesnt tell u that my tomtom would tell you that.. this is not tomtom..this is some kind of...jeremy" loooooooooolahahhaa
but yeah we got a 9 seater thing and the 6 of us in the back i swear t felt like we were fucking celebrities or something. EVERYONE pure staring in the car and every car that went by that had guys in it went mental haha acting as if theyve never seen girls before.
the plan was to go to the hotel hen go shopping but because the traffic n paris in fukcing unreeeal and everything shuts at 7, we decided to leave the hotel until later.
went into a piercing/tattoo place then subway then we got crepes :) then we met ralph again haha

bim, louise and jenna went to the ritz to secretly meet her dad while me hilay and charlotte were meant to go with ralph staright to the hotel. from where we were it shouldve took around 5 minutes to get to the hotel but no, it took us over an hour. ralph and his fucking jeremy haha

but yeah we didnt get to the hotel until like 9 haha, started getting ready as dinner was at 11. we all got ready and as we step out the hotel theres this paparazzi guy taking pictures hahaha pure didnt know what to do. taking pictures of us getting into the limo. got to l'etoile and he started taking pictures of us walking from the limo o l'etoile. we go there and our table wasn't ready even though we'd booked it for 11 ad had paid a hell of a lot of money for it.
but me and louise went down and sat in the bar and made aqquainances with the paparazzi hahaha.

finally our table was ready. started off drinking CRISTAL champagne which was 600 QUID a bottle, we had about 12 bottles haha. never gonna taste that again. #but yeah had pleeeenty of champagne and had our meal then went down to the cluuuub, had more cristal, sat in the vip section :) paparazzi taking even more photos, went up to dance with louise and all the french guys pure crowding round us it was horrible, started speaking all this french "JE SUIS ECCOSAISE" and "JE NE VOUS PARLES FRANCAIS" which i thought was i dont speak french? but im probably wrong haha
it was a reaaaally good night.

got to the hotel between 5-6 am, waited up for louise, sat in my hotel room sitting on the window ledge having a wee fag, looking at paris in silence, was really beautiful :)

louise came in and we collapsed on the bed and slept.

got up on sunday and we were sooo tired so bim hilary charlotte and jenna went to the tattoo place and me and louise stayed in the hotel. the street below the hotel was silen the night before, me and ouise woke up thinking "what the fuc is that noise?" open the curtains and theres a big street market festival thing going on hahahaa. wee guys with sombreros and guitrs hahah

bought loads of kinder stuff we hadnt seen before. then everyone comes back and we put our suitcases in the back of th car and head for parc asterix :) which took us ages o get there but we got these in the end :) once again was sooooo warm outside, i kept thinking i was in spain haha, didnt reall have tim to go on much stuff but it was still good. after that went to the airport and came home :) got home for about half 11 :)

so yeah that was my weekend :) it was out of this world
i want cristal again haha


we're waiting on getting pictures of us at the club but for now heres pics of us at parc asterix, videos of us in the car and in the club and a pic of me n louise in the club :)


[User Picture]From: squeezychanel
2007-06-08 02:13 pm (UTC)
i love you so much if you ever feel shit just think of this weekend and come to my house i still have a bottle of champagne bims dad gave me at her 16th that he made especially.

i love you so much and that photo of us in the club is the best photo of us ever even though you cant see my face but we look so happy and together and i sound like im your boyfriend but hey hahahaha. but its amazing and confetti and ewewewreitjoijresngiwe =) =)

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