tashaa (_dearsergio_) wrote,

everything's good :)
my exams will be finished on thursday.
my prom is on friday.

paris on saturday :)

louise if you're reading this, if u get the train to bellshill on saturday morning my dad will drive us to edinburgh airport
saves your dad or whatever driving all the way from dumbarton to edinburgh then back again

i would say this in a myspace message but my computer is being unbelievably slow haha

me and gav got made sleep in different beds for the first time ever :( for a reason that's quite embarrassing 8-) hahahaha. he tucked me in though n we watched planet earth hahahaha until i fell asleep, then as soon as the house was empty he sneaked in at like 8 in the morning haha :)
i'm so happy :)
i love my boyfriend, i love louise but miss her :( and bim, but i'll be seeing them both on saturday :):):) and eilidh but i'll be seeing her soon too :)
:) x
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