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on thursday i got my hair done, then i met gav after work, we went into town for a bit then i got the train to louises :)
as soon as i got in her house it was pure "khbgfdtgknhkstdjrjtnhyermherh ahhhhhhh" hahaha louises dad's like "right come on that's enough i'll be telling andy"
we sat and started drinking and talked about absolutely EVERYTHING, laughed so much that i felt pure light headed every time i stopped laughing hahaha peeing seriously every 5 minutes
we made videos pretending to be kiki kannibal and dakota rose hahahaha
then the next day it was soooo warm, we sat outside and worked out we've been friends for roughly 4 years.
what the fuck haha
we were starving, then we made food "i feel sick" ahaha

then yesterday i came home and gav came round, and my dad came in with a chinese for us, he talked to me and gav about politics hahahahaha

booked a taxi for midnight then he went homeee :(

but talking to louise on thursday night made me realise just how good a friend she is.

i know most people will be reading our updates and thinking "fuck sake they're 'best pals' again, i wonder how long it'll last this time before they fall out''

but if you're thinking that then you know what? you're right. we have fallen out about a million times, all due to really stupid stuff that's been done or said OVER THE INTERNET.
i guess it shows just how good friends we must be. because when you think about it, a friendship couldn't have been that genuine if when the first major arguement comes up, that's it, no longer friends again ever.
but with us, we fell out all the time, but we always eventually knew that, at the end of the day, we know each other so well, we get along so well, we're so alike it's unreal, and that's probably why there was conflict at times. the difference between then and now, is that we now realise this, and we've now both grown up. we both know what it's like to feel left out just because you've got a boyfriend, and we know that people need friends. it's a fact.
i'm so happy that thursday night happened
i now know what a true friend is :)

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