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wellllll, i stayed with gav on thursday night, was so good :):) then on friday (yesterday) me gav, his friend and his friends girlfriend went to the cinemaa to see the messengers, had to wait about for 4 hours before it hahaha

there was this family in mcdonalds, a dad a wee girl and a wee boy who was like 6 or something, and the dad got the wee boy to go around the tables asking for they wee monopoly sticker things you get off ur cups and chips hahahaha :| came up to us about five times ''can i get ur blue one?'' ''nah ur orite'' hahaa we're so wide :|:|
we're collecting them too but hahahaha
went to see the messengers, actually so scary haha :|
went hooomee, then today my mum n dad drove me to gavs, then me and gav went out for dinner :) was goood :)
im so happyyyy:):):):)


mind that abandoned house next to bothwell castle hahaha?
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