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i miss louise :( and vicky, and ruth :(

it was good going to vickys the other night, in the garage havin a wee fag n vicky filling me in on all the gossip
made me realise just how much i miss stuff like that
i love my school pals but i duno, they don't know any of the people i know outside of school and it's just good to talk to someone that does haha i know that sounds really stupid but really..
it's so weird how not that long ago i was in town basically every single weekend and now i'm never in at all, which im not complaining about because me and gav walked through central yesterday and i realise that i really dont miss that place at all hahaha
but i miss 2 years ago in kelvingrove. navigator boy gus, when we had the barbeque, that day when cleo first peed in the bushes, the first day me cleo and vicky ever went and we sat and drank with the polish guys, trudi climbing trees in her underwear hahah, i miss how good gigs used to be!! gigs like the early november and the starting line like a year ago, and motion city soundtrack and hawthorne heights!
i miss when me and louise went to santa ponsa and we realised amy was staying in our same hotel!!!! I MISS CHEEKOS!!
i miss portugal. not so much alcudia but i miss dancing on the chairs and tables to born slippy in the prince of wales
i miss that night in louises when me and ruth sat outside the front step smoking singing the early november, but we had to phone up mark to remember how the start of sunday drive went.
and when me perry and ruth went on fire because we dipped a fag in poppers outside louises house hahhaa
me louise and ruth pure cuddling outside on the step aswell haha
i miss vickys caravan and all the amazing nights we had in it!!

i just miss having my burds haha

i've got 10 amazing burds now but i guess those three just can't be replaced :/
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