tashaa (_dearsergio_) wrote,

havn't done a proper update in this for aaaaages!!
basically, everything's good :)
things with me and my boyfriend are fucking amazing, and every day it just keeps getting better and better, almost a wee half year haha
paris in july is going to be amazing, as will mexico be in august :)
last weekend was so good, me and the 10 best girls alive, lumo night hahaha, started in danniis then we all got taxis up to stacey grants empty house in netherton haha, ended up being about 17 of us staying or something? such a funny night haha william strachan's a fucking idiot who takes too much pills but he's a funny idiot. pure dragging me across the living room at 7 in the morning when me kirsty n christina were trying to sleep on the floor hahaha (n)
every girl in that house cried at one point in the night including me haha, we all sat in the kitchen, drank and smoked and had the pure deepest and emotional conversation ever, at like 4 in the morning

i'm so excited for school to be finished and for bim's party on the 26th of maaay :):):)
and paris! :)

getting my hair done again on the 21st of this month so hoefully it should turn out so much blonder :) and my mums getting me proper extensions, the pure expensive ones after my hairs blonder, cause shes a beast

i'll probably put pics from lumo night up soon haha
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