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After a whole day in school today...
My clssmates and I finally went for KTV..
at last..after so many times of discussion..
very fun..tmw going out again..
dunno when can do tt again after we graduate..
will really miss you guys..

oh yar..my friend is organising a model search contest..
so anyone..guys or gals who aspire to be models can let me know..
i will give u more details..
as for the venue..
it will be at club momo next fri on the 19th..
21 bucks to gain entry..3 free drinks and door gifts for visitors..
tmw got to wake up early again
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exams are over!!!
went to meet fel today..
too bad fang cannot make it..
but i had fun though..
thanks fel for the dinner..
went tian jin restaurant for dinner..
and then to miss clarity cafe to eat dessert..
superb and cheap..im going there again!!
fel: you always manage to find the cheap places with great food..
ok..not really great but value for money..hahzz
thanks for the earrings too..
love your company 'hugs'
tmw got school...bleh..
so sian..
going to start doing something..

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I know I have not been updating my blog..
last paper on monday..at last..
but im not looking forward to work at all..
after tt big illness that time.
all i wanna do now is stay at home and watch vcds..
emerge myself in happy endings..
i love happy endings..

anyway..cant believe during my exam period..
i was so bored with studying..
i decided to stop my parents nagging..
and shifted to my sister's room..
although its smaller..its nice and cosy..
i managed to squeeze all my furniture as well as adding new furniture inside..
hahaz..not bad right?

although I want money very badly..
dun feel like working anymore..even 5 hours seemed like a long time..
dun even wanna think about working at night anymore..
just wanna work half day half day..
should treat work as exercise to motivate myself already..

blood test 2 is out..
not hep a or b..thank goodness..
but liver enzymes still more than normal..
but its decreasing..
got to go back and do another test in june..
doc asked me not to do exercise..
i told him i dun even exercise..hahz..
fat already..
should really work ba..

yesterday after my paper..
which sucked by the way..
went to jurong east to meet my mom and went chevrons..
where my dad joined us later..
just rest and relax and study there..
played pool with my dad..
he was the one who wanted to play..
but dunno the rules and stuff..
anyway..i won..hahaz..
thanks to my shifu jeff..hahaz..

if im really v free..though i doubt so..
shall post pic of my new room here..
got so many vcds havent watch...!

oh yar...just nw went to vote..
going to PS later to watch some cosplay stuff..
cool..i nv see before..
long time nv go on yue hui with boyfren already..
hee..i know i should be studying but..
nvm..shall post pics too..can anyone recommend a program where i can just upload pics fast into album form or something?

fel: monday dinner ba..:)
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Bad luck...

A week ago..I was down with high fever...40 degrees..
yet I was feeling fine..
However, mom forced me to go and see a doc...
the medicine made me worse..nearly fainted..
Few days ago..I thought I was alright already..
just lost my appetite...
but no...I still got slight fever..and rashes!!!!
Had to go for a blood test today to see if I got dengue..
God..pls dun sabo me..i still got exams on monday...
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Went to BONE yesterday...its pronounced as B-One
by the way..
really appreciate how the girls celebrate for me yesterday..
and im proud to say..
i was only drinking green tea hahz..
a pity pris and meow were a bit drunk..
making the rest worry...
supposed to leave at 2am..
but then got delayed cos bu fang xin them..
but overall...i still enjoyed myself!

im tired...back to sleep..tmw must really study!!!
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Curse that person...

Curse him (i think its a guy) sorry im stereotyping here..
hope his balls will fall off..
hope he gets constipation...
hope he got sucky bowel system..
hope he is constipated till he is bloated!!!!

Damn him!!!
Dunno if its the same person or not..
but somebody shitted at one of the staircase
at my blk..
damn him again..
hope he get some infection at his balls
hope something got stuck at his anus..
Shit him!

ling msged me..say she wanna transfer..
but its time for a change of environment..
How I wish...I can go back to those days..
when I just started working there..
the only stressful part was working on wkends
with big von they all..hahz..
best waitress leh..
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tarot reading..thanks to mummy..

Mummy as in Ying..
hahz..its something during sec sch..
anyway...just wanna post it up..
the question I asked was how will my life be in 5 years time..
When it comes to experience in tarot cards..
she is better than me..hahz..i also lazy to do my own readin..

your current condition.. 10 of cups
everything is good for you now.. it's a good card..
very harmonious..

your obstacle: king of wands
king of wands is a person who is very passionate, a person who must lead and take charge..
(is your daddy still trying to tell u what to do?)
this king can also be stubborn abd is always sure that he himself is right..
(not necessary a man.. but can be a person who is close to u..)

what's above you (what u should aim for):3 of wands
it's a card of progress.. work hard..and get the results u hope to see..

what's below u (your motivation/subconsious): the star
it's a hopeful card. =) inside u is full of hope.. but becareful not to let your heart become arrogant..

past influence: 7 of cups
a card that means indecisiveness..
especially when it comes to relationship
oh well..at least it is over... so no worries =)

future influence: 5 of cups..
it's a card about crying over spill milk..
there could be something that happened that make u feel helpess and loss..
but do remember that all is not loss..
the card is trying to tell u that u should be glad that there are still alot of things that u have rather
then feeling depress over what u have lost..

you:9 of cups
are u very rich now? hahaha..
it's about getting something which u always wan but were unable to get..
it's about enjoying also.. =)

home/family/friends:ace of cups
a grow in relationship..u r probably getting to knowyour friends better..
(it could also mean new love O_O)
whatever it is.. it's in a good way..

your hopes/fears: 4 of swords..
resting card..
u are afraid of emotional arguments..stress..misunderstandings..
if something like that heppen..
step back and rest..
don't go for confrontation..

conclusion/outcome: ace of swords.
=) a beginning to a sharper mind..
as u journey down your life for the next 5 years..
u will grow into a wiser woman..
clearer and wiser..
u are ready for new challenges.. =)

Only time will tell if its true or not...so posting it up here can remind me..
if i still got this blog in 5 yrs..
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PM test...

Just finished cleaning my hamsters..
woke up late today..
thanks to my phone..
abit late for my test..
lucky i never laze around waiting for the alarm to ring..
relying on my phone too much..
eh...but i dun care...
Used to think that its not a good thing
to rely on your phone for almost everything
but then again..i just have to bring one thing
when i go out next time..
isnt it convenient?
do u get wat i mean anyway?

Went to the career fair at my school today...
What do i really wanna work as?
Think i will just go job hopping
and finally settle on a job i love..
which i still do not know what is it yet..
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I got a new phone...neh neh ni poo poo..and diarrhoea....sh*to!

Love my nokia 8620...
miss my k700i...
my mp3s..
can be stored..:)
248 bucks poorer..
got 2.0 mega pixel camera!!
got expandable memory!!
can make video calls to boyfren!!
Should be studying PM now..
but got EG to do..as book is overdued...
how nice..
Dun even have time to explore my phone...
oh ya....never go Hello shop during weekends
and weekdays after working hours..
I waited an hour and a half just to get this phone...
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