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8/25/15 01:58 pm - #767 //

It always amazes me that I still remember about this account here. I've had the same password since I was thirteen. Cracks me up, as I come back to fetishist on here asking me about poop. Oh.. livejournal. I love you always.

8/17/14 12:39 am - #766// I misses you all dah time!

Uggffhhz. Can the internet please make livejournal popular again? I really miss it. ALL THE TIME. <3

5/7/12 03:24 pm - #764 //

We planned a last minute trip to Michigan for my Birthday. Leaving early morning Thursday May 30th. Funds for the trip are low. If you would like to help out, making donations to my paypal are greatly appreciated!

Received funds will go towards: Gas-Driving Expenses, Tolls , Cover Charges-Door Fee & Food during our stay. Any amount can be sent, if you would like to send a higher amount as a "present" to me that's really awesome too. <3

Everything in my shop is also 15% off when you enter "2012VISCERA15" at check out. If you'd like to make a purchase instead. <3


10/16/11 04:59 pm - #761// Sale Dump over 150 Items!

Huge sale: Skirts,Dreads,Shirts,Make up,Latex,Accessories,Pants etc!! So much stuff [IMAGE HEAVY!] Reasonable Offers Are Welcome!

NEW & Repost! Help me clear out! [Image Heavy!!!!]Collapse )

12/4/10 04:50 pm - Post Apocalypse Cowl,Clothing,DeadlyGirls & More 130+ Items

I make a lot of neat things, sharing what I've got and trying to clear out as much as I can. There is very little storage space in my apartment. So here is a decent chunk of one of a kind items & other miscto browse! <3

Click here for Pictures & InfoCollapse )

3/10/05 05:20 pm - *Friends Only*

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