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If you have a PS3, you should buy Journey. It's a wonderful game.

But I think I need to take a break I can get that last trophy! >:D So while I try to wait out that week, I've started playing Silent Hill Downpour. It's interesting. And tomorrow I get the HD Collection.


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Had some more dreams...well I've had several more dreams since my last, but I haven't been writing them down right after getting up, so I end up forgetting them. :( Been thinking about doing some quick illustrations from my dreams like this. But that would certainly take time! So I don't have any right now.

Anyway, this is the one I had last night.

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Last night's dream had a lot of cats in it. I had been wandering through a run down part of town, looking for places that looked silent hill-like, so I could take pictures, and I looked in a shop window and saw a cat sleeping with a food dish on its head. The dish was upright like someone had put it on the cat, but there was nothing else inside the window. Then there were a couple other cats that wandered in.

And then I found some other cats in some random person's house.

These are just random moments in a dream that was full of conspiracy and running for our lives. And some girl that turned out to be a complete bitch but we all hung out with anyway.

And shower curtain shopping.

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My dream last night was odd. I had been on some trip with a few friends (none I actually know in real life) and one wanted to stop by their house so they could drop off their tiny pet. I don't think my brain wanted to figure out what kind of pet they had, because it was a puppy at first, then it was a caterpillar (that got bigger) and then it turned into a turtle.

At one point, the pet got away and we had to chase it down. It was a turtle...and we were chasing it. Apparently this turtle was really fast or something. Anyway, it was getting dark and it was raining so much that it was flooding everything, and I was looking around under this bridge for the turtle and ended up finding a ton of turtles. All different sizes and types, just hanging out in the water or half buried in the dirt or whatever else. Weird. After that, I somehow got pulled into some weird race (that or we were all running from something) and the ground started collapsing into a raging river and a lot of people were washed downstream. This lady came out and told us that whoever was the first to make it to the end would get some prize. It was difficult and I woke up.

Then after falling back asleep, since I had woken up at 6am, I had a space/futuristic themed dream where something had happened to the world's genetics and now all that could be produced were clones of the only people left alive at the time. So there were several copies of the same people roaming around, and this one guy that I guess had been asleep for several years kept getting everybody confused with each other. He'd be like "Hey, so-and-so!" and they'd be like "Oh, I'm not them, you're confused."

Anyway, the cigarette smoking man from X-Files was hanging out in bed with a bunch of other men. Steve Buscemi was there (I blame this on my recent watching of Reservoir Dogs) and there were a couple of other actors. All in bed together?? IDK. They had some plan to sabotage the hero's plans to fix everything.

I have no idea what was going on in that dream.

when i wake up, everything will be alright

I had a strange dream last night. Lots of stuff happened, but I just wrote down a few notes on some paper right after waking up. Just a few, but this has totally turned into a long explanation that makes more sense than just a few scribbled notes on a piece of paper. Read if you want, it's rather long. I think it's interesting!

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Then I wake up. Lying on my back in my bed, and my feet still hurt. But here I am, typing this all up. I sort of feel like drawing things from it.

muse and the mysterious animal corpse

So last night, I went to bed hungry and ended up having some strange vivid dream. I only remember pieces of it, but it seemed to be about something going horribly wrong in the world, so everyone was living as best they could in hostile environments. We had to reload supplies in the car before heading out again, and we had all these guns and other weapons in the car that we didn't want stolen, so we hid them like in Supernatural.

Anyway, we're going to this huge warehouse that's run by a group of traders that invite other people in who are interested in trading supplies for other things, and while we're in there, the power gets shut off, so we're wandering around in the dark. Different sections of the store have lights you can turn on with the pull string, but you have to turn them off when you leave. There was a group of people just hanging out in one of the furniture sections with the lights off, chatting away. After a while, we decided to head back and get some drinks from a vendor, and as we started to leave the building, I saw this animal corpse that was supposedly something really valuable and a part of the whole mess going on in the world, so I stole it and we started running away.

On our way out, we passed through a guitar store, and Matthew Bellamy was there, so we invited him to come with us, and as we were running out of the building, we were singing the William Tell Overture. I woke up shortly after got really weird at the end there, obviously. It was pretty awesome though, I miss having these kinds of dreams.
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