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C R E A T I V E A R T S journal of _alantie

Icons: Not friends-locked. All fandoms available at _deadbutterfly @ photobucket. Fandoms include QAF, Rufus Wainwright, Idina Menzel, Wicked the Musical, RENT, JT Leroy, lots of different movies, etc.

All icons are sharable, credit is a must. [_alantie or _deadbutterfly]

Art: Photography, photographs of paintings or other works of art I have done, and the more efficient I get at photoshop, maybe stuff like Friends-Only banners and other graphics

And that's that. Fandom-inspired creativity with a hint of originality. Everybody has to love something.
And everybody does.
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s u m m e r l o v i n '

The L Word

More Here....

Queer as Folk :: EPISODE 510 icons here.
{these are able to be used as bases.}

The Island

More Here...

so sudden and new?
:: COMMENT/CREDIT [_alantie or _deadbutterfly]
:: All screencaps are made by me.
:: want to alter the icon? Ask me first. With the exception of the Queer as Folk 510 icons... play with those bases all you want. ONLY THE 510 ONES!
:: Scarlett Johansson is hot, kthnx.
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the pic that started it all

i c o n s forsale.

RENT :: the movie trailer

M o r e H e r e

Angels in America

M o r e H e r e

Several disclaimers:

:: All screencaps by me, with the exception of a few at the end of the RENT movie trailer ones at the photobucket. Those caps are by _trustingdesire.

:: I've been having some problems with icons having file sizes too large for LJ. If this happens to you, try throwing it into your own photoshop/paintshop program and changing the file type to something other than jpg. My photoshop CS doesn't do it, although I am looking in to a plug-in.

:: Also? One icon in the RENT section has lyrics on it from Idina Menzel's album 'Here' (You'd be surprised of all that I've become), aka one of my favorite lyrics. My respect and adoration for this woman is unsurpassed, and hence her lyric's placement on an icon.

:: Be sure to check out any other sections of the _deadbutterfly photobucket, all icons are free to be used, but credit _deadbutterfly or _alantie, please.

:: If you'd like to watch the RENT trailer in it's gorgeous entirety, go watch itright here.

:: and remember, all b/j fic has been moved to _meansfallen.
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the pic that started it all

update of sorts

This is not a Straight!Brian update, unfortunately, but I thought I'd post a description of my day volunteering for the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards in Los Angeles last saturday, including a couple of pictures of the event. I hope you all enjoy it.

Several disclaimers first: 1 - This is how the day went down for me. It could have been a completely different experience for other people. All opinions are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of the GLAAD organization. E-mail me if you have any questions or concerns or anything []. 2 - I do believe it is illegal to take photographs inside the Kodak Theatre... something I did not know at the time. Please don't take and spread around (not that you would)

And now, on to it!

You have to read it to believe itCollapse )

The Awards will be airing on MTV's new gay network (key words: Here! or Logo) on July 24th. If you have recording access, please tape for me? I'd love to see if you can see me.

cross-posted in a slightly more detailed and personal version at my RL journal _alantie Apologies to my friends.
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life update

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new subscribers and all of that.

As most of you know, I was just on vacation for the past 11 days. I am now back home and trying to get back into the swing of things. As most of you DON'T know, I was in Los Angeles to work the GLAAD Media Awards for my 2nd year as a volunteer. I am working on writing up a public version of my private entry from my personal journal (_alantie) to post at queerasfolkfans, like I did last year. Only this entry will be a bit more exciting, as I had a few QAF-influenced moments... considering half of the cast was there. (not Gale or Randy though. I was surprisingly thankful they weren't.) Also, it was just an amazing experience to be with so many other people fighting for equality, and fairness, and acceptance in this world, and I can't wait to gush about how awesome my fellow GLAAD volunteers were.

On the Straight!Brian front, I have two more chapters completed... in dialogue. Give me a couple of days to flesh out the remaining chapters into actual storytelling, and you will have your daily updates once again.

Also, _deadbutterfly @ photobucket has been updated with RENT icons, Brian/Justin icons, and graphics for Live Journal in the following fandoms: Idina Menzel, Randy Harrison, Rufus Wainwright, and JT LeRoy. These pairs are header graphics with matching Friends-Only banners. If you'd like me to change anything on them to fit your LJ, please comment or e-mail me: .

I think that's about it. Tune in next time.