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Out of Whim and Out of the Box — LiveJournal

Dec. 9th, 2013

10:04 am - movies as of late

Some movies I was able to see via xbmc... I need to write aout them soon.

Liberal Arts
Stuck In Love
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Girl Most Likely

Most of these movies I really liked so I need to rite about them soon.

Nov. 23rd, 2013

03:17 pm - August Osage County

August Osage is a place somewhere in the US midwest. This film starts with the two aging parents, the mom sick with cancer and the dad, a bit depressed. One of their children stayed back home to look after them the other two moved away and got married, and the other, still singe is the ild one. All of their children are girls. Tragedy struck and the dad leaves home and gone missing for days. The family gets home together and find their dad drowned himself.

This is is the first film I saw at TIFF 2013. The film is a family drama engulfing you with the characters of every family member, the aunt, the uncle the cousin even the husbands and the boyfriends. In hours and a few days spanning the funeral and afterwards drama ensues and conflicts arise.

This is a Meryl Streep sure fire Oscar nominated role come 2014 Academy Award season and batting for Julia Roberts. Aside from Oscar nominated and star studied ensemble this is a performance vehicle film, and a bit of story on the side. The drama is so much you just have to credit it to pull the amazing acting. The lines a bit to harsh and vulgar but the script you must say is stunning upon delivery.

Every now and then as I was seating in a full  theater with the audience remarkable delight reactions on every part enjoying the film I always see it as a drama in the Tagalog/ Filipino movie industry. It was so overdone that a soap opera would out run its bags of tricks. The drama is perfect for screaming lines, confrontations and oh no that just didn't happen kind of things. But, adapting this to a Filipino film would work sans the drug problem.

But this is a family drama, and worth the acting stunts pulled by Streep, Roberts, Lewis and Cumberbatch even the support would bag them an ensemble SAG all better than a remake or upgraded Steel Magnolias. Speaking of which SAlly Filed would have been the missing point of this movie and it would be en pointe to tear jerker, drama entertainment haven.

Sep. 26th, 2013

11:00 am - JGL

Sept 27

Sep. 11th, 2013

12:16 am - TIFF Virgin

What a day. After yesterday's trying to get into rush showings of August Osage County and this morning's first P&I screening of 12 Years a Slave, and failed, I braved to line up for the public screening of August at a bigger venue running errands in between. I got myself new running shoes and returned an H&M jacket and then got soufle's for breakfast. Then I got coffee while saving my spot in line. I was glad to have seen August and enjoyed it. Then I went to see a spectacular thriller Prisoners and lastly Ate Vi's The Bit Player (Extra). It was a day of really good films and got to see Scarlett Johanssen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt coming in for their Don John premiere at 630 at the Princess of Wales Theater. Then I got a free yogurt on my way home.  All is good, and happy to have great fun watching those good films, happy for TIFF and might get me a souvenir book. Still high of the day's event. Good night LJ!

Feb. 17th, 2013

10:02 pm - Tonight

What I want to tell the world tonight is this. I am enjoying good sweet wine and good music. Hope you are having the same pleasure. It is the feeling of commitment and a purpose of achievement, or at the very least accomplishment.

I need some good quality sleep as well.

Current Music: What I Wouldn't Do - Serena Ryder (Harmony)

Dec. 25th, 2012

11:18 am - BofO the right kind of LIKE

Zach Efron Darren Criss Bruno Mars Chris Colfer Ed Westwick Joseph Gordon-Levitt James Marsden Andrew Garfield Matthew Goode Zacahry Quinto Penn Badgley Nicholas Hoult Tom Cruise James Franco James Brolin Neil Patrick Harris Diego Luna Kanye JAson Schwartzman Justin Long Justin Bieber Shia Lebouf Jesse Eisenberg Edward Scissorhands Ryan Reynolds Topher Grace Rupert Grint Tom Felton Justin Barth BAND OF OUTSIDERS

just thinking of the right bunch of guys


Dec. 1st, 2012

09:36 pm - Thank You Queens Street Art Crawl 2012

I volunteered for an outdoor art show and sale at the Trinity Belwoods Park last September 15 and 16, 2012. It was called the Queen West Art Crawl. I found these amazing artists.

Calig Atas - a Turkish photograhper with cool pictures, one of which I really like.

This one was on sale for 90 C$. I like panoramic shots.

In his website shows he has drawings and sketches too. One drawing I like.

Good strokes and striking color with pencil lines.

He has a DevianArt page here.

Greg Voisin - he makes cute ceramic pieces with quaint cute hand drawn drawings like bicycles and whales. As said in his blog about is clay pieces and art...

Each piece is handmade and decorated in my home studio. The hand drawn images of birds, mustaches, mix tapes, bicycles and the like are meant to warm the heart as much as they are meant to warm your leftovers. 

Amy Druker - she makes pencil like drawings which are actually prints that look cute in match stick unpainted wood and glass frames.

This paintings/ drawings/ frames/ pictures would be perfect for a set up like this.

Queen Street West is a nice area with pretty little shops and cafes, very artsy and fun, making it the art and design district of Toronto. Shops you can find here are like Penquin and Fred Perry and and many cool other ones like furniture like Gus (even knock offs), bikes, cake shops and bakeries.

To ART! I found many more artists, art there and too many to mention. Just check out the kist there.

Oct. 31st, 2012

08:51 am - a-quote from the Girlfriend

Calvin Weir-Fields: This is the true and impossible story of my very great love. In the hope that she will not read this and reproach me, I have withheld many telling details: her name, the particulars of her birth and upbringing, and any identifying scars or birth marks. All the same, I cannot help but write this for her, to tell her "I'm sorry for every word I wrote to change you, I'm sorry for so many things. I couldn't see you when you were here and, now that you're gone, I see you everywhere." One may read this and think it's magic, but falling in love is an act of magic, so is writing. It was once said of Catcher In The Rye, "That rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass: a human being has been created out of ink, paper and the imagination." I am no J.D. Salinger, but I have witnessed a rare miracle. Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her. 

The best part of the movie ruby sparks starts at the end and very well said and I should absorb it all the more, again and again and word by word aside from its quirky and perky story line and well written script and the Stephen Warbeck-ish soundtrack. It almost reminds you of Stranger Than Fiction. Again the house is a cool production design agenda.

Sep. 25th, 2012

10:41 pm - the maggie beer chook

First time to cook chicken or as Maggie Beer would call it chook. I had the chance to cook a whole chicken yesterday so I decided to cook it like what I saw in Masterchef Australai Season 3 (2011) Episode 6. So this is getting detailed. 

So cooking the perfect Australian roast chicken.

Chook roasted with garlic and verjuice

or ROASTED Chicken

- less the garlic and the ver juice. The important part is just the cooking process of the whole chicken or should we say roasting it in an oven.

* Pre-heat oven (fan bake or roast setting) at 200 C (392 F)
* Prepare a whole chicken, de-frozen and in room temperature. Cut the strings if legs are tied. Tuck both in the wing on the underside (back part) of the chicken, not over the breast (under) front.
* Rub and massage chicken with olive oil mixed with salt and pepper. The salt will help the skin caramelized.
* Tuck inside the chicken's cavity a sprig of rosemary. Squeeze in a half lemon and leave inside the cavity.
* Cover the breast with aluminum foil. 
* Put the chicken in a trevit (wire rack) and on a shallow baking dish.
* Cook in middle shelf of the oven for 40 minutes.

* Blanche (cook in boiling water) for 3 to 4 minutes 1 piece of chopped (just quartered) white onion.

After 40 minutes inside a 392 F bake set oven with fan guard. The aluminum covered breast is kept moist and from overcooking during this stage.

* Take out the chicken after 40 minutes of baking. Taking off the aluminum foil covering the breast and cover the legs next with this foil.
* Pour some water into the chicken and into the shallow baking dish. Put in the blanched onions in dish with the water as not to urn them. 
* Rub the chicken with olive oil, salt and pepper.
* Bake or roast for another 20-30 minutes.

After 20-30 minutes of baking

* Remove the chicken from the oven after 20-30 minutes of roasting in the oven and rest for 40 minutes to 1 hour, flipping the chicken on its breast to keep it moist with the juices and cover it with aluminum foil. This residual heat during resting will allow the chicken to continue to cook and keep warm till carving.

* Use drippings and chicken fat on pan dish as jus with the onions and moisten the meat after carving.

* slightly cold chicken not in room temperature
* bake setting at first instead of roasting with fan ON
* rosemary sprinkles used as in packed (like a McCormick) not fresh sprig was used

* no garlic so blanched onions were used instead

* no ver juice and garlic as ver juice as I was looking for a sub is just a mild flavor tinge of grape flavor so it can be out, again its not the flavor but the cooking and roasting process of the chicken, just water was used to pour over the chicken and the water also used in the pan dish as not to burn the onions when in the oven

* later part or the second part of the cooking was done in convection roast with fan guard
* additional 10 minutes was given after 20 minutes of the second roasting in the pan
* also additional storage of the chicken in a still warm oven after the 1 hour resting period to keep it from getting cold when serving

The JUS part was just the chicken fat oil I didn't add chicken stock to it 
* refrigerate jus and separate fat from the jus
* warm with warm chicken stock

Is is almost there as it looked as it should be? I am proud this turned out to be perfecto to my standards. As it looked great for a first try. The breast looked moist and yummy and sorry I wasn't able to take a pic when we carved the meat (dinner time as its djahe to do some photo opping for a blog). And the fatty jus was a good sauce for the meat too!

TIP: Just pay attention to the heat in the oven and the timing, keeping watch as the bird cooks inside the oven.

Jul. 25th, 2012

11:51 pm - Master Chef Australia 2012 Finale - ANDY

Well Done Andy! What a great finale. The sparkie won and Masterchef will make him another Marc Best I hope. I really thought that it would be an Andy Mindy finale. Andy totally deserved it as he was focused and head on, and improved every bit of the way. He knew how to wing it and his strengths played to his side and advantage. Cooking with protein was his great gift and a dessert would play good with him as he knows how to follow a recipe. A dessert can be done with if you follow en pointe that recipe. Audra was just as silly and it was her downfall by making a cold salad instead of a hot entree. Lady this is a contest and not a showcase. Julia was focused but tumbled down by not being too inventive and stumbled on her strength - a dessert. Tis MC season taught us how a major strength can be your heaviest downer, the higher the bar is set the farther you fall (i.e. Kylie). But she was as finesse and headstrung and witty and smart and so hard on herself to push herself which I liked about Julia and truly a great team player. I thought she was the ice queen but she is as sweet as ever and deserves that finale. Andy was good team player, humble and very focused, he works well in the kitchen, a tad bit messy but he played the game by the rules. Its Masterchef and a person like him no matter how young is the kind of person to be a master chef - determined, skilled and with goo palate and taste and always on the go to learn and improve. So up to the recap, Andy was just as funny and pumped and game on. He had the spirits to win. I am so gonna buy that book of his. Why didn't they ask them about their books (Andy's Dessert for Aussie Blokes)? Okay the recap, it was just as funny when Andy just said; 'leave me alone' from a noisy (TK?) yelling down at him 'what are you gonna do (with that flat head?)' and Julia in the last round complaining with all the noise yelling down at her if she could just work calmly (like to Mindy and Audra), and Andy just said the F word at the end. That five points was his advantage and appearance and replicating the dish won him through. CONGRATS ANDY! Best MC finale with the two youngest ever finalists in the show. Glad to have seen this from episode one and never knew who's gonna win it and followed the season on. Ben was right when he left that Andy will win the title - sure he knows better and seriously a Mexican grill with Andy? Interesting. Woot woot and three hip hips not for someone who got illiminated but for someone who was there and true to be in it to win it.

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