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11:04am 18/05/2005
mood: enthralled
I notced today that there was an unbalance in my room, so by noon:

I had sucessfully picked up and moved my room to the complete oppisite side of the room. Starting with a piece of paper on the floor. I would say that I was proud of myself, but I managed to knock over an entire bookself in the prosses. (Which took me like 20 minutes to clean up)
Turns out the piece of paper was a essay that I was supposed to turn in last week.
SO I went to go turn it into my teacher.
When I got to school my teacher wasn't there but the janitor was. So I gave him my essay and I grabbed the floor buffer and rode it down the hall way.
Apparantly I can't drive a floor buffer that well cause I slammed into the vending machines on took a spin around sailed out the door, down the stairs and rode it all the way to the soccor feild.
The soccer people were practicing so I desided to practice with them.
Soccer is nothing like tennis, even if the uniforms look almost the same.
I got hit in the head with the soccer ball, I don't remember what happened but some one brought me to the nurses office.
Laying in the nurses office I started to count the celing tiles. I noted that each ceiling tile looked a lot like the bandages wrapped up on the table.
10 minutes later I has hobbling down the hall way wraped up in every single bandage I could find.. I looked like a mummy ^_^
The history teacher thought so too, cause she screamed, and pushed her teacher's cart at me.
I can't stear a teachers cart eityher, especaily when I'm completly tied up and riding on it backwards.
The cart carried me to the end of the hallway, and butt first into the girls locker room, which was full of girls.
Girls are stronger then they look, and they can throw far too.
I was thrown out of the window onto the grass out side. I layed there for a few momments trying to comprehend what just happened... when I realised that I was really thirsty.
Still tied up, I rolled... yes rolled as best I could down the sidewalk, down a reallt large hill and into the street.
There are cars in the street. There are cars driving in the street.
One of the cars hit me I guess. I mean I would hit me too if I was standing in the middle of the street.

so that is why i have a broken arm... and why i have to write a make up assignment for my class. -.-
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12:41am 06/04/2005
mood: apathetic
Never... NEVER stick your toung to the inside of the freezer. Better yet, never stick the gas meter reader guy's toung to inside of a freezer. Its just not nice. ^__________^
08:35pm 15/02/2005
mood: aggravated
Never marry a tennis player, cause to him love means nothing.

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11:18pm 10/01/2005
mood: embarrassed
I apologise to whos ever white Honda was parked in the parking lot of my apartment building today. I did not realize your car was there when I threw my (usless good for nothing) blender out the window. I will pay to have your windsheild fixed.

Ok so I didn't start today off to a very good start today. Every time the blender turned on the lights started to flicker.. and then the darn thing started to smoke.

Ok I know throwing it out of the window was not a very good... nor smart idea but I was a little annoyed.

Plus then I couldn't get my own car started. So I was late cause I had to change the oil, the starter fluid and the brake fluid. I know the caberator is actting up, but I'll just have to wait till the week end to put the new ones in.

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11:59pm 09/08/2004
mood: accomplished
And my mom thought it was weird to bring a trunk of supplies. There will be things there she said. Dont worry it will be fine she said. I'm glad I didn't listen.

So if anyone needes anything, food, water, advil...

Minami's trading post is open!
12:11pm 06/07/2004
mood: bouncy
This isn't so bad, no worrys, no problems, my own pet rock which I lovingly named George, and I get to sleep in a tent with Hiyo muffen. Though my cheerfulness has not spread very far. I have a nice group thou. They seem nice.

I don't like the bugs though. They are every where, and anywhere. I'm getting bit in places I didn't even know I could get bit.... by a bug.. o.0

Oh hiyo-chan have you seen the flash light? I think I lost it.
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11:17pm 14/06/2004
mood: creative
Hmmm, I have to do something intresting this summer. School just isn't doing if for me. Neither is Tennis. I never thought I would hear the day that I know Tennis doesn't do it for me. Ok that sound really dirty. :)

It was my mothers birthday today. She went out with "father" I still don't like calling him that. Anyways, he took her out for dinner, which means I had the house to myself. (As much as some one could with all the people around)
I'm not quiet sure what I think about this guy my mom married. I mean he's been around for about a year now, but... dang... he's American. Not that I have anything against Americans. I just thought when my mom went to The United States of America, she would bring back like a statue or a mini flag... or a little snow globe of the statue of Liberty. Not a live American.
Any ways, we are suposed to go back there soon to visit. I refuse to go unless I can bring some one with me.

So far she remains un convinced.