Darra (_darra_) wrote,

i flunked my driving test and bombed a job interview all in one day.

in-n-out secret menu :)
i went to in-n-out and ordered wellies, animal style.

in-n-out french fries, well-done, with burger sauce, grilled onions, and cheese. you won't find it on the board, it's one of in-n-out's "secret" items. they don't have it on any of the signs but the cashier will know what you're talking about when you order it and it comes out on the receipt so you know you're not paranoid.
in-n-out secret menu :)
yes, i know what it looks like :P but it's really good. even if it smells like BO. my mom and
i ate it in the car on the way home from flunking my driving test and bombing a job interview all in ONE day. it's 10:30 now and the car still smells like bo.

at least my dress was cute.
(i didn't wear this to the interview, of course. i changed into "corporate attire" that i messed up when i dropped my eyeliner while retouching my makeup in the bathroom BEFORE the actual interview).

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