Dear Karl Lagerfeld,

Dear Karl Lagerfeld,

Do you need a flight attendant? I have a sterling resume, excellent commercial, charter,
and corporate references, a background in menu planning and execution, and I am fluent
in German. PLUS, I have luxury retail experience (if that even helps. lol).

I will never leave my current employer but may consider it in exchange for equal
or greater compensation, full medical/dental/vision/healthcare benefits extending to (but not limited to)
cosmetic surgery and enhancements, seasonal made-to-measure Chanel uniforms,
and a set of matching travel bags.

Love Always,

I know you can get something more bongga than a Bombardier Challenger 604.

I can help you with that, too.



Rock & Republic Farah jeans
Rock & Republic Farah jeans

Maison Martin Margiela knit tank
Maison Martin Margiela knit tank
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Lanvin maryjane pumps
Lanvin Mary Jane Pumps

...and an early Christmas present from my Daddy!!!
Omega DeVille for Cruella DeVil :)
an Omega DeVille for Cruella DeVil :) I love my Dad :)

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i had my nose done...
me and paige!

but it sort of looks like i did in that picture, doesn't it? strange. i don't know how i feel about it. i kind of always wanted to get rhinoplasty but now i'm not so sure. lol.