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February 13th, 2010
08:20 pm


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Phil's Diner Saved!
Long before the Red Line subway, before the hipsters, before the $1700 per month, 800 square foot lofts, North Hollywood had Phil's Diner, an actual old rail car serving coffee and sandwiches to people who worked in the industrial strip along Chandler Blvd.

As the NoHo Arts District developed and the neighborhood started to change, the fate of Phil's was uncertain. There was a "Save Phil's Diner" jam at the NoHo arts festival featuring Rob Zucca (proprietor of Hallenbeck's), gvdub, and other locals. Construction began on the subway site, the diner was moved - nobody knew where - and all we had after that were rumors. It was somewhere on the lot where the lofts were going up. Some entrepreneur was going to buy it and open a commuter's coffee stand. It was already in the landfill. Meanwhile more and more chain eateries were opening in the area.

Now comes news that Phil's will re-open soon.

"Your old neighborhood greasy spoon is also bringing back the old way of doing business,using fresh ingredients and buying locally"

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