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...what does the red button do? (whoops!)

17 November 1977
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80's, 80s music, alcohol, and one, angelina jolie, anime, apoptygma berzerk, asp, assemblage 23, bdsm, beer, bizarre, black, bondage, bongs, bromley, buffy, camden, clubbing, clubs, computers, covenant, cyber, cyberculture, cyberdog, cybergoth, cyberpunk, darkness eternal, darkwave, das ich, dave gahan, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, dischordianism, dom/sub, drinking, drugs, drum and bass, duran duran, ebm, eddie izzard, eighties, einsturzende neubauten, electric ballroom, electro, electronica, evanescence, fantasy, farscape, fetish, fetish clothing, fetish clubs, fetish fashion, fetish photography, fetishes, final fantasy, front 242, frontline assembly, full tilt, funker vogt, gary numan, gieger, goth, goth music, gothic, gothic subculture, h.r giger, industrial, industrial music, jackass, joy division, killing joke, killing miranda, latex, live gigs, london, manga, martin gore, mesh, ministry, mp3s, netgoths, new order, new romantic, new wave, nina hagen, noise, nu goth, perversion, philip k. dick, phillip k dick, piercing, piercings, poppy z. brite, pvc, rammstein, red dwarf, rivethead, rob zombie, rubber, sci-fi, sci-fi/fantasy novels, scifi, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, slimelight, smoking, snakebite & black, soft cell, synth pop, synthpop, techno, tenebrae, the 80's, the cure, the dev, the matrix, the purple turtle, the sisters of mercy, tori amos, torture garden, transmuters, uk_goffs, ultraviolence, vnv nation, vodka, web design, wetherspoons, wgw, whitby, whitby goth weekend, whitby gothic weekend, wolfsheim, wumpscut, yellow toilets