In my field of paper flowers....

and candy clouds of lullaby....

25 December 1987

Howl's moving castle is a nice love story

My name is Elizabeth. Everyone calls me Liz. I graduated from Bellingham High School in 2006, and I finished college in May and finally started a REAL full time job at a small office in Bellingham as Administrative Assistant. It's for the company Support Plus, they sell health care items in a catalog (in the same family as the awesome catalog What on Earth.) I'm 20 years old, I'll be 21 this Christmas. I'm 5'3 and my hair is red...I used to be blonde. I'm pretty hyper most of the time but I can get depressed sometimes. I love my friends. I guess I have a morbid sense of humor, blood is pretty, I love scary movies to death. But yeah...uh I'm kinda dense and a little ditzy and I have a bad memory..but other than that I'm easy to get along with as long as you dont piss me off! I love my friends, they are my life and life source. Without them I just wouldn't be me. I'm always happy to enlarge my circle of friends as long as your open minded and able to be yourself without worrying what the world thinks of you. I hate most people. They tend to be attention whores and selfish pieces of shit. Thats the human race as a whole as far as I'm concerned. My first love is a man named James.

Yes...another guy named James. XD He's 24 and wicked awesome. He's short and a wicked nerd. He's probably the hottest guy I've ever dated which says a lot. XD I met him on a dating website...True.com. I'm ashamed I was even on there but oh well. >_<

My second love is singing. I have been singing since I could talk. I am very humble when it comes to singing. I'm not even sure if I'm that good! My friends tell me I am. I have a low self-esteem so being told I'm "good" at something is a joy. I have really no idea if I'm a good singer or not. All I know is that I enjoyed singing in chorus everyday. Perceive me as you will. And I am looking for a band to sing for. I feel I'm a good enough singer for a band no hit me up. AIM- XLady ShadowCrow MSN- xdarkangelakirax@hotmail.com

Shadow of the Moon
In the shadow of the moon,
She danced in the starlight
Whispering a haunting tune
To the night...
Velvet skirts spun 'round and 'round
Fire in her stare
In the woods without a sound
No one cared...
Through the darkened fields entranced,
Music made her poor heart dance,
Thinking of a lost romance...
Long ago...
Feeling lonely, feeling sad,
She cried in the moonlight.
Driven by a world gone mad
She took flight...
"Feel no sorrow, feel no pain,
Feel no hurt, there's nothing gained...
Only love will then remain,"
She would say.
Shadow of the Moon...
Shadow of the Moon...
Somewhere just beyond the mist
Spirits were seen flying
As the lightning led her way
Through the dark...
Shadow of the Moon..

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