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In my field of paper flowers.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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2011 [20 Feb 2011|07:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Lots has changed since I last updated!!

Fall was full of GOOD fun, crazy happenings on Samhain, and the Connecticut Renn faire. It was wonderful!

Christmas was very good for me, just didn't last long enough. Stupid snowstorm ruined my birthday plans at Jamie's ): But my birthday was wonderful over all and I had a great time with my spirit family and my blood related family!

But the new year has brought me a lot of positivity and happiness. Money is good right now. I am almost done paying off the car, and my job at Support Plus is still going strong.

Jamie and I have determined that we are getting married. Not exactly "engaged" yet per say. But he's spending so much money on the condo fixing it up that he doesn't have the money for a ring. I'm not expecting diamonds for sure. Amethyst would perfect ^^ and under $400 too!

It isn't the ring that counts anyways. If he got me a ring with elvish script, like a simple band...I'd be thrilled.

I just want to spend the rest of my life with him and perhaps have his children someday. Already know where I want to get married....it's a castle in New Hampshire ^^ annnnnd found the dress I want. Again it's only a few hundred dollars. The wedding will be a renaissance wedding for sure!

I started therapy earlier this month with a great Pagan therapist in North attleboro. Got my fourth appointment with her tomorrow night. Been working through a lot of my baggage and "daddy issues" and I'm sleeping better, and feeling better in general.

Best news of all....I bought a Keurig from QVC! XD YAY!!!!! I'm a huge coffee drinker and I have always wanted a Keurig and with my tax money back I decided to get a awesome combo deal from QVC! Really excited since it will be one less thing to think about in the morning...rushing to Dunkin Donuts...ESPECIALLY in the middle of all this awful weather we have been having . Fuck snow. seriously!

Anyways. Life is good, I've lost weight, Jamie and I are HAPPY, and my father is a dumbfuck.

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[14 Aug 2010|05:11am]
The wolf never trusted the tiger and had good reasons not to.
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[18 Jun 2009|06:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

One warm summer night
He rode into sight
On a wild mare that was so perfectly white
I'd dreamed he'd return
and I was right
Wishes can come true when you wish with all your might...

One look in his eyes
I had realized
His life was so simple he had no disguise
He lived day to day, no promise he would stay
But in these few words he stole my heart away

He said:
"My life's not to lead
Through power or greed
I am but a poor man
when I'm cut I bleed
A more humble man you never will meet
And here is my heart for only you to keep..."

In the shade of the willow tree
My poor peasant promised to me

No scholarly thoughts, he couldn't pay high costs
And sometimes it feels like he's totally lost
But he said this true and he said it loud
"I promise you my heart with this solemn vow..."

One warm summer night
He rode out of sight
On a wild mare that was so perfectly white
I'd dreamed he'd return and I was right
Wishes can come true when you wish with all your might...

In the shade of the willow tree
My poor peasant promised to me.

In the shade of the willow tree
My poor peasant promised to me.

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Merry Meet and Blessings! It's MAY DAY!!! :D [01 May 2009|12:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The past week in a half. I've been functioning pretty well considering the loss of Sean. I have sad moments but other than that I'm ok. :D

Tonight I'm going to Ace to get my key copied twice so we have keys to open the doors in case I lock them inside the car. It's happened TWICE already. xD Then to Stop N' Shop to do some food shopping...then my mom is dyeing my hair. Yes the usual dark red. But Feria Loreal Paris dye is SO MUCH better than Garnier Nutrisse. It just looks. BAD ASS.

Then I'm going to Em's to see Bettina and fellow Pagans. Some I have met most I haven't. I do like meeting new people just not a TON at once. *nods*

Then tomorrow morning I'm going to Em's before noon to help get ready for our May Day celebration. James will be at the party too, and Kayla, and Tasha...FUCKING SWEET. It's just going to be a blast and it will be nice to see everyone without people dieing. I really need this happiness and get togethers. It's just...good?

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Wish you were here [10 Mar 2009|09:29pm]

Sean mentioned this song when we were talking about Joel and it really fits.
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I love this song...D: [28 Jan 2009|09:26pm]
What would there be as the river of sadness turns into sea
Could there be another thousand stories like you and me
Wanted a heart, wanted a soul
More than anything else in this world
But we are doomed our flesh in wounds
I would never give in

Just like the moon does
We rise'n'shine'n'fall
Over you that I rise'n'shine'n'crawl
Victims aren't we all

What would there be beyond the eyes of Brandon Lee
Could there be a revenging angel left to bleed
Wanted the truth, wanted the faith
More than anything else in this world
But we are doomed body and soul marooned
I would never give in

Just like the moon does
We rise'n'shine'n'fall
Over you that I rise'n'shine'n'crawl
Victims aren't we all
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UPDATE [27 Sep 2008|12:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So I talked to emily and couldnt get a hold of anybody at krf to find out if they are opening tomorrow because they are closed today. Soooo we are playing it by ear and seeing what happens tomorrow and Emily is going to call them then call me and then I will call bettina and jamie.


I hate weather men one channel says one thing than another channel says another!

DOH. Channel 5 says scattered showers but not a washout like today. sooo. not sure what they are planning.


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DOUCHEBAG ALERT! [26 Sep 2008|12:38pm]
[ mood | angry ]


Some people need to drop dead. These people would be only some. Look at the site. The leader was also on fox news because this group went to a funeral of a dead american soldier who was gay and protested with signs saying "god hates gays..."

I hate people.

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Thats what I thought... [30 Aug 2008|08:10pm]

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Switch

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) You know what you want but it has nothing to do with your own role in the bedroom. You have the ability to be flexible in that area which can be useful for exploring you sexuality with your partner.





Exhibitionist / Voyeur












Degradation Lover



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To all my magic playing friends... [24 Aug 2008|10:35pm]
It's the lego version ( only one I could embed the originals you can't..-_-)

Seriously this video made me giggle though.

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w00t!!!! [02 Jul 2008|09:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YAY!! WE ARE TALKING THINGS OUT WITH MISSI!!! It's a bloody miracle. IT'S BEEN CIVIL TOO! I like working out problems...

WOW a whole burden just came off of me and I'm..so much happier instead of just this feeling of anger that I've had for a long long time. A lot of you are like wtf? but honestly she's worked a lot of her problems out and seems sane for the moment so I personally want to give her a chance and work things out.

In other news...some leads on my job hunt and stuff.

And I found the laptop I want so so badly it's a excellent Compaq (made by HP) and there isn't one bad review on it (looked at over 50) thats how good for the money it is. It's a $800 laptop for only $500!!!!! and it's spiffy..

Anywho toodles ._.

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RIP George Carlin [24 Jun 2008|08:35am]

My heart bleeds for the fact I never got to see this awesome guy on stage. <33 T__T
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Nice! [13 Jun 2008|01:27pm]
Read this guys!


Pretty sweet. I've always thought that was unfair :D
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*whines* [04 Jun 2008|02:57pm]
I want it!!! T____T


But I'm pooorrrrr

LOL. Don't mind my whineing...and my strange obsession with Sailor Moon. >>
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O__O [22 May 2008|09:48am]
I want you to watch this video...This kid sings better than half of the people that have tried to sing it live or on american idol and stuff..

Her name is Connie and she's from the U.K. she's now 7 YEARS OLD. O_O
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This is Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the Moon. [18 May 2008|05:55am]

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This just killed my fucking day. FUCK YOU OZZY ! You SUCK! [13 May 2008|01:50pm]

Honestly. One day in Texas thats it??!!?!?!
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yay! [01 May 2008|09:22pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So my interview went very well. Such a nice place to work a fitness center, tons of benefits like health insurance, cancer insurance, life insurance, dental, 401k....etc..Really beautiful building used to be a mill and they refurbished it. I am very very tired so I need to go to bed. I am going to Kohls with my mum tomorrow to shop for some more office clothes! YAY!!!! CLOTHES!!!


I hope I get that job! They should call early next week and they really seemed to like me!

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w00t! [30 Apr 2008|08:08pm]
I have an interview at a prestigious law firm in Pawtucket Rhode Island tomorrow at 10 am!!

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Merf ^^ [15 Apr 2008|09:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This past weekend was amazing! James's house was so relaxing and just wonderful. He's so wonderful. Today is a year and 7 months with James Robert Gallant and it's been really awesome. :3 We played Mabinogi together, it's fun to have a team thingy going on. We had a blast. Driving up sucked though it was raining real bad up north, 95 was flooded. But it was worth it.

My brother and mother leave for South Carolina for vacation on Thursday with my aunt and uncle, I'm basically taking care of the house myself, because my dad doesn't so shiiiit. :3 I can handle it. My computer is not working currently, I am on the shitty 10 year old laptop and we think it's the power supply.

James is coming over tomorrow to fix the damn thing with a extra power supply. We have bad luck with computers. lol.

I'm also going to Target with Bettina tomorrow morning. I enjoy her company very much. *nods*

So yeah...thats about it. Hopefully I'll get my computer back tomorrow and get to play Mabinogi again. I MISS IT! xP

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