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The sheer ecstasy of it all.

A vampire lives in a constant state of desire and disgust

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Character Profile for _the_league

Name: Mikhail Demirchan

Taken from: My own ideas inspired by Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Tales of a Vampire and general vampire lore.

Age: True age is 62 but Mikhail was turned when he was 34, so that’s how he looks.

Occupation: Traveler, Spy, Records keeper. Former magician/Necromancer.

Sexuality: Straight

Physical description: 6ft, silky shoulder skimming blond hair with pre-dominate widow’s peak, dark brown eyes. Gaunt looking but Mikhail often has a hint of a smile tugging at his lips and a piercing stare as he is a constant people watcher. He dresses warmly in black trousers & boots, with a white shirt and light black short jacket and then a large overcoat. Mikhail does have a soft Russian accent but speaks English fluently.

Personality: Inquisitive, somatic, and cordial. Has a dry sense of humor. Mikhail is someone who tries to mask his inner nature and may appear mysterious to others as he rarely reveals anything about himself or his past. While Mikhail is not a cruel person, he is a pragmatic man who recognizes the necessity of violence and will not hesitate in a fight to do what he has to in order to survive. And while he may appear quiet to some, Mikhail is a very social person and greatly enjoys being around others. Big people watcher.

Strengths: His superhuman strength is Mikhail’s greatest attribute, followed by his fast healing. Mikhail lacks the speed and grace of older vampires, still moving at a human’s speed. As mentioned before, he is friendly and easy-going so he should get along with most people...generally. He is good at keeping secrets. Knows a great deal about spirits and the dead. Has no problems with the sun or minor religious objects.

Weaknesses: Slower than other vampires and he is sensitive to larger religious objects like powerful relics. Mikhail can be killed by fire or decapitation. Secretive to a fault, Mikhail will not tell people important information which will lead to others distrusting him. Tends to give into his carnal desires easily as well as his bloodlust.

Bio: Born in 1837 to peasants in Holstein, a small village not too far from St. Petersburg. Mikhail grew in the life of a serf but though he was on the lowest level of society in Russia, he soon proved to be quite beyond ordinary. Mikhail was born with the ability to see and summon spirits of the dead, which manifested at the tender age of 8.

Soon he couldn’t escape the spirits who hounded the boy constantly and his abilities began to lash out on their own accord. When he was 13, Mikhail re-animated his first corpse, the body of his grandfather but the young man lost control of the corpse which terrorized the town until the men of the village killed it. After that, they tried their sights on Mikhail who was forced to flee his home and his family.

Mikhail traveled to St. Petersburg but he couldn’t escape his gift and was haunted by the spirits of the city. He tried to drown them out in different ways, namely surrounding himself with people and letting the living drown out the dead. Mikhail also started drinking to stop seeing ghosts, leading him to the life of a drunk. But still his powers wouldn’t be denied and one night, after drinking, Mikhail passed out in a cemetery. He re-animated the body of a recent vampire victim which followed it’s last memories and headed to find it’s murderer.

The vampire was Grigori Hasuamu, one of the leaders in the Russian council who learned of Mikhail once he returned the corpse to the cemetery. Curious about the man’s abilities, Grigori kept Mikhail at his home in the city for a year, studying and having Mikhail experiment with his abilities. Finally, Grigori and other members of the council decided to give Mikhail the gift of immortality, believing that he would be a powerful weapon on their side.

Unfortunately for them, once Mikhail arose as a vampire he could no longer see or summon spirits. Disgusted with the turn of events, Grigori turned his back on Mikhail while the council was left to decide what to do with the new vampire. Sylvia, Grigori’s lover offered to take Mikhail under her wing, refusing to turn her back on him and soon taught him to moderately control his blood lust and how to stand the sun.

When the council order Mikhail to travel, spy and gather information on other vampires throughout Europe, something Mikhail was only to happy to do. He has spent the last three years in the northern parts of Europe, occasionally returning to Russia to deliver reports.

Please note, I am not Julian Sands and this journal is for RPG purposes only