dark fairy

the past while..

Christmas was great, I don't remember if I updated or not. Got a nice camera, it's wonderful. That night was amazing. Spent it with Niki, Jill, Holly, and Jerixo... oh and Mike of course :)
Mike doesn't want a girlfriend, and I understand, and I hate it but I still see him all the time, and it's still frustrating. Like summer all over again, but there's really nothing in the way. I love being around that boy, he makes me so happy..

So skip a head, New Years Eve... worked with Niki, Julia and Marc stopped by which made my day, me and Niki headed to Kristines to get trashed and it didn't happen cause everyone was already drunk when we got there. However, we managed to get someone to buy us a bottle of tequilla, and someone else to buy us a bottle of So Co... and we still have it, so we're set for tomorrow night.. which happens to be Friday woooo!

So tonight my aunt took me to see Wicked. This was my graduation gift, we just had to wait til now for it. It was absolutely amazing, I wouldnt go see it a million more times. I loved every second of it. Til I left and had cramps that made me want to die, lol. I collapsed on the couch and didn't want to move to find any ibuprofein.. just to find out, I get up, get the cabinet door open, and it's not in there! and I'm in tears and my moms all "omg whats wrong" and I was like.. where did you hide the ibuprofein you mean mean lady.. and she just looked at me and told me it was in the garage.. lol

Tonight was fun. Mike = <3 + :).... and that's just fun. me and Niki had some quality alone time for the first time in forever..
I love life. Even if I hate everything going on around me :)


we're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year...
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dark fairy



deffinately just got my license. I got a 96 on my road test, and I am so excited. I'm stealing the car in a bit.. I'm really begging for it! lol

I have a boy, and I am very confused. Mike just started talking to me again, and a lot of weird stuff is happening.. I'm fucked up in the head. I bought a pretty bowl last night, and cristened it. It's amazing. I'll be 18 in three weeks and Sarah's taking me to a bar and then to a club. I'm getting my eyebrow pierced even if my dad doesn't want me too. can't wait for everything to fall into place. Now all I need is a car. I'm working on it! lol

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I finally bought The Open Door, the new Evanescence cd.... it's amazing. It makes me so happy. Everyone should buy it and listen to it nonstop as I've been doing all day. :)

peace dudes.

just once in my life
I think it'd be nice
just to lose control.. just once...
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dark fairy


my last entry was from forever ago. we broke up over a month ago. it was upsetting then, now I don't actually care.
So yea, work's going good. George won't give me more hours but I'm trying. I saved Keith job since George was gonna take him off the schedule and he told me and now he owes me.

I'm off, don't know what's going on for today. I still wanna go apple picking. wheeeee.
I'm a much happier and more laid back person than I used to be. Not saying that before I hated everything and everyone. Just saying that.. I'm good where I am, with what I do, and deffinately with who I have.

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dark fairy



eeeeep. I have a boyfriend. And he makes me happy.
That is all.

End of story. <3

..I love it when you talk so much
and act like nothing went wrong...
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dark fairy



So, boys are dumb. Even if they're cute and amazing and really do like a girl even if they have a girlfriend. ::sigh::. That was a happy -slash- frustrated sigh. It was a good one. Stupid boy, you should be done with her. Why can't you just.. ahh.
Okay, I am done. And I feel much better... not really.

He makes me smile.. just thinking about it. And he told me that I always make him smile :)

..the thought of death it scares me to death
and I don't know why I don't know
It's just too much to never wake up...

end of story.
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