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So, yeah.

Did I mention I fucking hate this time of year? I don't just mean for the brainless displays and empty commercialism, either. I mean the constant hammering on about family and all that shit about how you should spend it with them. There's nothing for us sorry bastards who don't have family anymore, nothing. It's like all the assholes in advertising are trying to grind it into our faces that we're alone. What about us for fucking once? What about those of us who're widows, widowers and orphans? Who might not have any family-type friends at all? Who don't even have the fucking option of happiness? You unthinking commercial assholes just gotta drive all the stakes in a little deeper, don'tcha? Look at how lucky all those people are to have family! Isn't it great! Oh, you poor little things without family, you don't have anyone. Well, that's just too bad for you. How about you look at all these happy people instead? Take that, you unlucky whores! Take it all!

Ah, fuck this.

DMC4 - Dante


It's my first meme, so shut the fuck up. I actually thought it was funny.

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Hey, it's kinda close. At least I won't go out like a lame ass on my knees. I'd be trying to bite the guy's legs off instead of just waiting for my sizzling doom. Just for that, his name shoulda been Count Doodoo. No class at all, man.

Is this what people post on their journals all day? I've been seeing a lot of them in random ones.

DMC4 - Dante

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So, uh, what do you write in these things, anyway? Just bullshit? Rants? Your sleepover at the latest pity party?

Damn. I'm gonna hafta think about this for a while. But there's one thing I don't have to think about.

VERGIL SUCKS BABOON HACKEYSACK!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha