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This is our last goodnight.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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There's a Fracture in the Backseat [25 Jan 2007|10:08pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So the new semester has started and my classes are just ok.
I have first hour Drawing, and it's not going how I wanted it to. Well, not at all. First of all, it kind of sounds like it's going to be a tough class. But, I've already taken Drawing last year, so I think I'll be ok. Secondly, Dan is in there. Just my luck. And, Wil, being the "protector" hates it that he's in there with me too. But, hey, there's nothing I can really do it about it. So, whatev.

I just don't like my U.S. History class all that much. I don't like it because there's barely anyone even in there. There's probably about twenty kids, and none of my 'real' friends are in there. All I can look forward to is sitting with Victoria, Chris, and Adam at lunch. That's what I was so afraid about this next sememster. I thought I wasn't going to be able to find anyone else to sit with because the last little table I was with, all left. I got so mad. I was so worried for the next four days until I got to school. So I finally got the courage to ask Victoria if I could sit with her. And, thankfully, her being really sweet said yes. And, it actually wasn't so bad because I don't really know her, Chris, and Adam all that much but they really do know how to carry on good conversations. That's just what I need. I like making new friends :]

And, of course. Math fucking blows. I won't even go into detail about that one.

Finally, I'm in painting class again with Zim. There's probably about ten people in that class. Very small, no? Horribly small. But, it's starting off okay. I really like how my first piece is turning out. Plus, I got to eat what I was drawing, so I was really happy. Haha.

Now, I have gym tenth hour. It's been going okay. I'm in there with Emilee, and Alicia, who I haven't talked to in a long time. I like having gym with Emilee. Even though she's always texting, it's nice talking to her and seeing her. I miss her, actually.

Gym is also good because I'm in there with the last member of "Team Tampax" [Matt Gebbia]. That kid is too funny. Today was too good too. Me and him were kicking some serious ass in 'Knockout'. Before I was even in, the ball went out of the court, so I went to go get it, right? And, I'm way beyond the basket, so, me being the biggest dork, shoots the ball, and swoops it in. It was the best basket I had ever made. It was so fucking sweet. Matt and Sam Romme were stunned. You should've seen the looks on their faces. It was priceless. I was really shocked too. ITWASFUCKINGSWEET! Heh, and then I finally joined in on the game and Sam Romme asked me if I was Tim Jenninga's cousin [we went to a wedding together and Sam was there...and he was totally checking me out. Haha] And I said, "Yeah, I was at that wedding with you." And he just said, "Oh yeah...da da da da da"

But yeah..other than that, things have been going ok.
Things with Wil are amazing.
Home kinda sucks, but it doesn't get any better or worse.
Work is the same.

Oh well. Just thought I'd leave a note for you guys.

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[06 Mar 2006|11:39am]

At Least They're Friends

Survey, biotches [19 Dec 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | tired ]

********About you...**********
-Music - My life.
Mood - could be better

-Name: Dana
-Zodiac: sagitarrius, bitch
-nationality: white
-What time is it: 4:24 PM
-Are you sensitive?: at times..
-piercings: ears
-Tattoos: I wish
-What does your handwriting tell say about you? Why does it matter? It's curvey and I like it.

-Do you consider youself a clean person? Yes, I take showers unlike some people.

-Are you too shy to ask someone out?: no
-describe your room: this ugly yellow wallpaper, fucking gross.
-If you could change your name what would it be?: no, I wove my name!
-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No
-What will your first son's name be?: Either Jamie, or Bo
-First daughter: Bo, or something else.

-Do you like scary or happy movies better?: Scarys are the best!
-On the phone or in person?: A little of both
-the shoes wore today: my black and white checkerboard vans
-Your weakness: Guys, man...guys
-Your fears: Hanging, snakes...

Your most overused phrase on AIM: tehe, hehe
-Your thoughts first waking up: Nothing.
-Your bedtime: depends if I'm tired or not...
-Your most missed memory of you childhood: probably climbing trees, and getting my knees dirty and playing softball...
-Memory you dont really want anyone to know: when I trip up the stairs in my house.
-Are you bored?: yeah, pretty much.
-Last movie you saw?: Wet Hot American Summer..it's great.
-Last noise you heard?: I'm listening to music
-Last smell you sniffed?: candles...
-smoke: nothing
-cuss: of course
-shower everyday: of course. sick if you don't

-think you're attractive: at times..
-think you're a health freak: at times..
-get along with your parent(s): sometimes..depends on their moods
-play an instrument: pssh, I wish

-best articles of clothing: I like all of mine.
-best first date location: who the hell knows
-best first kiss location: umm...let's not elaborate on that, shall we?
-Lucky number? 4
-What's on your mouse pad? plain black with a gray ball thingy...I don't know.
-Favorite board game? who knows..I like 'em all
-Favorite magazines? Teen People

-Favorite sound? MUSIC!
-Worst feeling in the world? loneliness
-Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters? both
-How many rings before you answer? when the name shows on the caller ID

********** i...*********

-love: all of my friends and family
-hate: people who think that they can get away with everything and that they're right about EVERYTHING
-wish: I was at a concert
-dream: that I could be with someone
-hope: that I can be with that someone soon when he admits it..ha
-believe: that if you want it so badly, then you can get it
-hear: my music playing
-touch: the keyboard
-smell: air?
-sleep: right now
-know: that this is a waste of time...plus I'm bored, so...
-lost: a lot of money
-cry: not lately
-smile: everyday

***********do you******
-Drive: pssh, I wish
-get tans: not really in the winter, that's messed up.
-Talk on the phone: sometimes..
-cook: pssh, yeah
-listen to yourself or your friends: both.
-sing and dance: singing is ok, dancing is hot

*********have you ever...***********
-fell in love: yeah, I guess you can say that.
-kissed someone: yes
-cried for someone: yes
-lied : of course..who doesn't
-stole anything : yeah...hehe
-drove a car: I wish!
-laughed so hard you had to pee : yeah
-yelled at someone for something: yeah
-stayed up all night : I've only stayed up for almost two days...it's crazy

********Person Who Last....**********
-Called you: Lauren Suchor?

-Slept in your bed: me
-Saw you cry: Brittany

-Made you cry: thinking of someone..
-Went to the movies with: Deej, Bernie, and a lot of other people..
-You shared a drink with: I can't remember that one..
-Yelled at you: Deej
-Sent you an email: mmmmmmm not so sure

*********Have you ever... ***********
-Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the
milk people: Not yet, but I will!

-Said "I love you" and meant it? Yes, why would I say it and not mean it?
-Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat etc: ha..yeah, with my cat.
-Been to New York?: No, Annie has though..that bitch.

-Been to Florida? yeah

-California?: No
-Hawaii?: no
-Mexico: no
-China?: no
-Canada? no
-Had a dream about something really crazy, then it happens the next day? nope
-Stalked someone?: Ha it would've been great..
-Wished you were the opposite sex?: Nope, I'm glad I'm a girl. It sucks to be a guy.

******Which is better?********
-apples or bananas?: apples, bitch!
-Blue or red: blue
-Walmart or target?: Target. Only because the hot Spongebob was there.
-Spring or Fall?: fall
-Santa or Rudolph?: not any one of them
-What are you gonna do after you finish this?: who knows.
-What was the last meal you ate?: my dinner from last night..mmm good.
-High school or college?: high school..it's the shit

-Pepsi or coke: Haven't really had much for a while now..
-Mcdonald's or burger king: Burger King I guess
-Have you been on a double date? yeah, they're fun as hell!
-Adidas or nike: Ehhh...Adidas
-chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-Cherries or strawberries? cherries
-sun or rain: both
-sunset or sunrise : both
- puppies or kittens : both! They're oh so adorable!
-soda or ice cream : probably ice cream
- tv or music : music
-fone or internet : phone
-slippers or shoes: shoes

*******About your friends******
-Laughs the weirdest?: Kelsey Thoma
-Going to have the most kids: who knows.
-You have know the longest? probably Pender
-Loudest?: Kelsey Thoma
-Is the quietest: It's between Brittany and Pender
- who will fill this out and send it back the soonest? who knows.
-Who is the funniest?: Kelsey A and T, Brittany, Laurie, Pender, Lauren, and Will
-Biggest player?: Kelsey Thoma, or Adams...sorry guys! lol
-who can u tell most of your secrets to?: probably all of them
-Who do you usually go to about all of your problems?: Mostly Brittany, I love you!
-Best friend of all time? eh, I don't know..they're all pretty cool to me.

-Last time you went out of state: this summer
-What book are you reading now: Nothing really...
-Hair Color: brown with red highlights
-Height: 5'2
-Pets: dog
-Siblings: 2 sisters

-Been so drunk you didn't remember that you were: no
-Taken any illegal substances: not that I can think of
-Gone out in public in your pajamas: hell yeah!

-Missed school b/c it was raining: no, why would I do that?
-Set any body part on fire for amusement: no, it would be cool though
-Kept a secret from everyone: yes
-Wanted to hook up with a friend: yes
-Cried during a movie: yes

-Had a crush on a teacher: ha, no.
-Ever thought an animated character was hot? yes, the guy from Anastasia who tries to find her and does..yeah, I was like, 10 at the time.
-Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: no I wish

-Planned your week based on the TV Guide?: ha, no
-Prank called someone: yeah
-Been on stage: yes

-Shampoo: anything that smells good
-Colors: orange, green, and black are good to me!

-Day or Night: night
-Summer/Winter: Summer
-Lace or satin: doesn't matter
-Cartoon Character: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
-actor: Luke and Owen Wilson

-idol: I have no idea..Bill Engvall?

-Model: none
-actress: none
-instrument: drums
-feature: eyes
-Fave clothes brand: anything I like
-food: pizza

-animal : monkeys
-thing to do : dance and party

*******IN THE LAST 2 Weeks******* >
-Cried: yes
-Cut your hair: no
-Been mean: yes
-Been sarcastic : yes
-Talked to someone you have a crush on: yes
-Hugged someone: yes
-Fought with your parents: yes
-Wished upon a star: no
-Laughed until u cried: yes
-Watched a sunrise/sunset: no..not lately... :(
-Went to the beach at night: yes
-Spend quality time alone: yeah
-Ate a meal: yeah

-Are u lonely: no
-Are you happy: eh I'm ok
-Are you talking to someone on-line: yeah

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[14 Aug 2004|06:36pm]
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