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After first shift in galley...

::walking through corridors looking for old quarters::

::quietly mumbling to self::

I think they were down this way........but since the corridors ALL LOOK THE SAME I'm not really sure.

Oh wait......... there it is....

::gets to the door slowing as he nears closer::

and I would recognize it because it still...has the....damned lock on it! ::smacks door with palm of hand::

I thought the Captain said he would take care of it?

Well I guess I could just portal my way in....but I did say I'd only use doors while on the ship.

::stands, glares at lock::

Interrupting the Captain again would probably be a bad idea. I wonder if Kelly would let me sleep in her bed?

::turns and looks both ways through corridors::

Maybe I should contact security....maybe the guy in charge right now would be able to let me in.

::heads off down corridor going to security office::

::muttering:: why in the hell did they sendmebackhere with thatlovesickcaptainwhoonlyhaseyesforthatfreakinreed
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