In quarters.....

::opens locker and reaches into it::

::pulls out device and sets it on desk::

::turns it on and watches holo-image::

::speaks into device::

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::20 minutes::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::shuts off device::

::leans back in chair::

Damn this is some fucked up shit. The Xindi are not supposed to be enemies of Earth, and now they tell me this?


::places device back in locker door::

::picks up book on table and slings it across the room watching it smack into the wall::

::leans against wall and slides to floor head in hands::

::sits in dark room::
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Got a date!!!!

Spoke with Christina today. Finally told her about my feelings toward her.

She agreed to a movie date.

I know I shouldn't become involved with anyone from this timeline but a little friendly dating won't hurt will it?

It's not like I'm going to keep her from meeting the person she spends the rest of her life it?

Oops or could I?

Shit! I really need to get into my quarters now, that might be something I want to check into.

I need my equipment! Damn!
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After first shift in galley...

::walking through corridors looking for old quarters::

::quietly mumbling to self::

I think they were down this way........but since the corridors ALL LOOK THE SAME I'm not really sure.

Oh wait......... there it is....

::gets to the door slowing as he nears closer::

and I would recognize it because it still...has the....damned lock on it! ::smacks door with palm of hand::

I thought the Captain said he would take care of it?

Well I guess I could just portal my way in....but I did say I'd only use doors while on the ship.

::stands, glares at lock::

Interrupting the Captain again would probably be a bad idea. I wonder if Kelly would let me sleep in her bed?

::turns and looks both ways through corridors::

Maybe I should contact security....maybe the guy in charge right now would be able to let me in.

::heads off down corridor going to security office::

::muttering:: why in the hell did they sendmebackhere with thatlovesickcaptainwhoonlyhaseyesforthatfreakinreed
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The paperwork doesn't end in the future either.....

Let's see I reestablished myself on Enterprise this week. I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be looking for but my boss said I was to plan to settle in and stay awhile.

I have to trust they know what I need to accomplish this time.

The Xindi mission is progressing it seems even though I still can't figure out how it came to this.

They are some of the strongest allies we have in the quadrant in the 31st century. I have been honored to work with several Sloth-Xindi and Avarian-Xindi.

I just hope the temporal police can track down where it all came apart and we can get things back the way they should be.

On a personal note I was able to have a quick conversation with crewman_kelly. I never got the chance to let her know I was attracted to her before. I'm hoping she will be accepting of my advances. I always thought her to be a lovely and interesting woman.

I'm just glad nothing irrepairable has happened in this new time thread.
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