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[29 Dec 2003|01:12am]
I got a new journal


Im gonna start using that one for now on.
[I already added some of you] :D

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message to danielle urgent! [26 Dec 2003|02:09am]
Danielle i hate to inform you ,but its a real sad thing.. HAHA gotcha, i love you soo much babe, you dont even know!! im glad that you are in my life, and i wouldnt trade u for n e thing! :)next week is 3 months, which will offically be my 2nd longest relationship, i hope we stay togeather for a loooooooong time, or forever what ever comes first!! hehe, well im gonna go, just wanted to tell you that i love you so much, and you are my baby!!
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[25 Dec 2003|09:51am]
Merry Christmas :D

So far i got:

[From moms side of the family]
[x] Earrings
[x] 40$
[x] Aero hoodie [i like it, but i dont really wear aeropostle]

[x] Finch, The used & Rascal Flatts CD
[x] Perfume
[x] Sweatshirt/hoodie thing, its wayy cute :]
[x] Down comforter
[x] 'D' purse
[x] jean jacket

[From Louis]
[x] 2 little glass froggies :]
[x] A shirt from Charlotte Russe
[x] A belt from Pac Sun
[x] Freaky Friday
[x] Clay Aiken CD

Now were off to my g/ma's for breakfast and more presents, like always. :]

I miss my lisa wisa so much!! :[
My fricken sister told this lady she werks w/ that i would babysit when i really didnt want too, so i have to get up at 8 2morrow - i havent slept in in 3 days. BS! :/


[From dads side of the family]

[x] 3 gift certificates for Lakeside [25, 30 & 40$]
[x] AE gift certificate :D
[x] Another D necklace. woo man!

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First public post in awhile :] [23 Dec 2003|03:05am]
1. Full Name. Danielle RoseAnne Loiacano
2. Birthday. August 31, 1988
3. Family Members: Mom.Dad.Sister.Two brothers

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[01 Dec 2003|09:30pm]
Up.North.PicturesCollapse )
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[01 Dec 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

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[03 Oct 2003|09:33pm]
Every time I look at you
Baby I see something new
It takes me higher than before
It makes me want you more
I don’t want to sleep tonight
Dreaming’s just a waste of time
When I look at what my life’s been coming to
I’m all about loving you


whoa man! Im fricken cold, but i feel so hott. eek!. Well - 2day, went by pretty good. The pep rally - was well, stuppiidd. After skool - Me. Jack & Coll walked to Colls house. Ate, and hung out til my mom came to get me, cleaned and than stopped at home, and than my mama dropped me off here. Shortly after - Jess. S & Amber Mills were over. :D We all sat around and talked and such. Than, decided we wanted to walk up to the game, to see who was there. Well - Jackie & I - didnt have a jacket, so we walked to my house, got gloves, hoodies & jackets. Walked to the game. First people i saw - NICOLE STEENYBERG & DANIELLE LEONARD. [wooo!! :D] Walked around in the freezinngg cold. Jessica. Coll & Amber left, while me and JackieLynn stayed til the game was over. They lost :[ bummer. We walked back to Colls, and thinking ROB SIMMONS would give us a ride home. but noooo. Came here, and now all of ur jeans are in the dryer. When they dry and were all ready, Colls dad is gonna drop us off at B. Trolls. Hes gonna take us bowling w/ them. Hopefully, i get to see Louis 2nite, Hes werking til about 11ish. Than - at 12, colls mama picking us up and taking us all back to my house, but jessica :[ We will have a big par-tayy. ;]


Ster - Have fun @ Homecoming. <3 you.
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[03 Oct 2003|04:02pm]
Me and Louis are going out!! :D :D

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[02 Oct 2003|08:02pm]
My cuzin Sierra invited me to go to see Dashboard monday! - wooo! :D Im so essited. Its gonna be great man! :D

2morrow - pep rally. Im getting all 'dressed up' for it. :] yayy! :D

L.D.G <33

[30 Sep 2003|04:25pm]

Hah. :] I look pretty funnie, Stef - makes me laugh, and coreys tongue is like hanging out :D Cool picture man! :D

-2day was a good day. Skool went by pretty fast. :] During lunch - i hung out w/ Danielle Leonard & Nicole Steenberg! :D wooo! I love them girls.

Survey timmeee! :D
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[29 Sep 2003|05:57pm]
Got up at 8:30 - got in the shower and got ready. Joshua came over, and than - about 10:15 - we went to get Coll, and than Kay & Tee - from Kristas. Drove to the funeral home - :[ It was seriously so sad. I tryed so hard not to cry, becuz i hardly knew Charlie, but to kno that sumone from OUR skool killed themselves, becuz they were unhappy, made me cry. He was a very handsome kid & he was loved by so many [it shows - becuz there was sooo many people at his funeral] I gave my cuzin a hug, becuz i felt bad for him. :[ We went to the cematary, and everyone said there last - goodbyes. :[ Than, my mom dropped us girls off at Coney. Brian Booth picked us up and took coll and i - back to her house. Lou. Gabe. Bri. Wayne & Ben came over. They were playing football in the church - parking lot. heh, Walked back to Bens. Waited for Louiss! We all just layed around, i slept for like .34734 seconds. Lou dropped Coll off, than me. :] Now, im on here. I gotta go read fricken 'Lord of the flies' gayyyy, and than sum questions.

RIP - C.M<3
April 2nd, 1986
September 25th, 2003

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[27 Sep 2003|06:09pm]
Last night!
It was fricken awesome, im so glad i went. :D
-Picked up Stef at 8:15
-Stood outside w/ Kyle & his friends
-Watched 4 bands play
-Watched Shay/As Dawn falls :D [Which was quite amazing by the way]
-Went bowling, seen a few people :]
-Lou dropped me off at home.
-Called him
-Went to sleep :D
Im real happy, i went last nite. I had sucha wunderful time, w/ everyone and watching the bands. My ears were ringing after, but it was so worth it. :] For now on, im gonna go to more bands/shows and ima bring stef :D [We can be show-partners]! :D :D All the bands were amazing, and i cant waite to see As Dawn Falls perform again. ;D

-Woke up at 3
-Drove out to stephs, to get my dresses and my pillow! :D
-Sat on here
-Going to spend the nite at Colls soon/later. :]

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[26 Sep 2003|07:49pm]
Rip. C.T.M <3
Sept. 25. 03
God bless & my prayers are w/ his family and friends. <3

2night - Me and Steph are going to see Shay play at Eko, about 9ish. Than - if coll feels better, when i call her - were gonna go bowling, If not - i have to come home - how fricken gay, but whatever.


[24 Sep 2003|09:18pm]
woo man! :D I had sucha wunderful day. :D After skool, Me and Coll walked to her house, ate & than waited for LaFata to come over. My mama came to get us, and she let me drive. :] Got to the mall, and walked around. Went to the icing & old navy - than went to Coney. [i got KETCHUP on my fricken shirt], So - i put my purse up to my shirt, and pretended nothing was wrong, althought i looked pretty gay. :D Went to value city, and was seriously there for like an hour. Coll & I - almost peed our pants. Still thinking about everything that happend in there, makes me laugh. :D Ash put on an elvis presley mask and was doing michael jackson moves. Than, we went into the changing rooms upstairs, and the doors all had holes in them [except ashleys], and so us 3 went into one changing room. ;D As we were walking around, we grabbed sum candy and was eating. :]. Than - we decided it was time to leave, so, we grabbed a plastic candy-cane thing, and bought it. :D 99 cents babie. Than - we went to Deb, tryed on sum shoes - They told me my feet are FAT :p. Lmao! Than, went to however the crap you spell it, it starts w/ a K tho. :] Tryed on sum more shoes, was told once again, i had fat feet. Left, sat on our own - benches. Laughed sum more. Than - went outside, but was thunder and lightning, :X So, we sat in the little place thingie. Ashley was making her monkey noises, and was making animal sounds, thru the candy cane thing. :] Than these guys were leaving and there like 'wheres the monkey sounds' HAH :D I love hanging out w/ them girls. :D Colls mama dropped me off at home, coll tryed on - a dress & than they left. I've been on here ever since. :]

I honestly, think im Bi-polar.
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[22 Sep 2003|09:14pm]
Me and Tee went shopping 2day! :D
[We see Jessica Salas. Katelyn & Steve Cahill]
I got a pair of scrubbin pants and a shirt from Aeropastle. :]
2 rings & I bought Lou a shirt from The Gap. :] I felt, like i needed to get him sumthing, just becuz hes soo nice & caring, its un-real. :D It was nice hanging out w/ Tee, i always enjoy hanging out w/ her, when were alone - we tend to 'bond'. I love her so much. <3
Came back here. Lou came over and i gave him his 'present' and we sat and played w/ Angelo. Than, tee wanted to leave - so, we went cruzing around & drove realll fast down streets to get away from. Dave - Duane. Joe & Cody. hah :] Dropped tee off and than he took me home. :] Said goodbye and such ;D

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[21 Sep 2003|04:02pm]
Kenny Chesney - You had me from hello <33

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[why is this SO true :/]

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[21 Sep 2003|12:23am]

Pictures, you kno you want [more] <3Collapse )
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[20 Sep 2003|01:16am]
2day was sucha wunderful day, and rite now sleep is sucha beautiful werd, but i shall update this muther real quick, becuz i had an awesome day/nite<3

After skool - Me and Coll walked home to her house [DUANE-O called us hoes, faggg]
We sat around her house & than made mac & Cheese. ['Do you kno boob the builder']
My mom picked me up at 4, and we went to clean. :] It was as always, easy. We stopped at home, and i got a few things and than, she dropped me off at Colls. I ate there pizza and got ready. Colls mama picked up Amber & Jessica Salamon, from Ambers house about 9:45ish. Dropped us off at bowling. No one was really there, til about 11ish. I just chit-chatted w/ everyone, like usual. :] It was nice. I stole Codys hat and his hair was CRAZEE and i screamed. hah :] I bowled too - I got all of em, but 2. :[ I met Billy Welke[sp?] Colls mama picked us up about 12:10ish. But first we all made up w/ Michael, becuz we were being really mean to him. :[ Colls mama dropped Amber & Jess off, than me. Now, im sitting on here. It was nice hanging out w/ Jessica, She is sucha fun girl! :D The poor gurl, got her finger smashed in the bowling balls tho :[ Were gonna hang out again! :D

Well, im suppose to stay the nite at Stephs house. Im not sure what time im going over there tho. I wanted to go to shays show, but uhh. SHES GOING! and i really dont wanna see her w/ HIM. :] [Sorry Shay - im still your #1 fan tho! :D]


xGuysx - As if, no one already knew - i like louis. Right now, tho - im not ready for a relationship. I guess, im not ready for a relationship w/ him, becuz i kno ill most likely hurt him. :/ I also do like Robert Adams & i think im starting to get a little 'crush' on sumone else ;]

xFriendsx - Everythings going great. :] Cee. Tee. Kay. Eh. Jess S. Shells. JackieLynn [Girl i miss you!] LaFata. Gallagher. Jill Bugs. Lisa Davis. Jess L - Much love always girls <3

xFamilyx - I dont even talk to my sister, anymore. And when we do talk, its little sentences. I lost all my respect in her. I dont even kno who she is anymore. I think its kinda funnie, how she 'ratted' me out, for walking around at 3 in the morning and than - the next morning, she asks to use my blush and my brush. HELL NAW!! The day, she came home, i was seriously so scared, she was gonna try to kill me, i locked my door when i went to sleep, and usually - im even scared to keep my door shut, at nite. Other than that - everythings okay. :]

xHomecomingx - dude, i needa go shoppinggg! :D Louis is my date [which im very happy & essited about] Its gonna be a blast. :] Im not sure whos all going in our limo tho? <3

xUp northx - Im going up north at the end of the month, so it seems. :X Im pretty sure im gonna take up either Coll or Tee. :] I kno Ben will be too jealous, to let Coll go, but - who cares. :] Im not sure if i wanna see Andrew, but - if i do, than it happens. But whatever. :]

Good nighterz!

I love Danielle Lenoard, Amber Sanders & Nicole Steenburg!! :D :D
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[19 Sep 2003|08:03pm]
Dun bother reading - for my entertainment. :DCollapse )

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[18 Sep 2003|09:53pm]
Lou & I - are going to homecoming 2gether :D wooo!
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[18 Sep 2003|09:14pm]

Here yah go Coll. <3

[17 Sep 2003|09:40pm]
woo! :D

2day, was a grand ol' day. :] Walked home w/ Ben & Colleen. Ate bens food & such. :] Louis came to get me [w/ Joe & Duane-o]. Joe dropped us off at Lou's house. We layed around in his bed and watched tv. :] It was nice spending 'quality' time w/ him, since i havent in awhile. I met his mama & dad too :D They seem really nice. Louis took me home about 8ish. I've been sitting on here, since.

This weekend
I have NO idea, what the hecks going on, becuz 1. Im suppose to go out to eat and see a movie w/ Ben. Coll & Louis & Im suppose to stay the nite at stephs friday nite, but everyones going bowling and its colls FIRST time going in like FOREVER, But since i made plans w/ steph first, i cant break them. I dont wanna be like, i was last year. Since stephs mamas going to a wedding saturday,i guess she wants me to stay there all day saturday. I dont mind, but Shay is playing at 1PM saturday. We'll just see what the hecks going on. :D

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[16 Sep 2003|02:30pm]
I got a new journal - at www.greatestjournal.com

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[14 Sep 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | Young gunz - cant stop, wont stop. <3 ]

ThiS weeKEnD

Skool was by pretty fast & easy. :] After - my mom picked me up and we went to get my 'real' permit. We stopped at TB on the way home. :D Came home, ate & than sorta kinda got ready. :] Sat on the computer til about 8:45, when Ryan. Rob & Brian[?] came over. It was nice seeing Ryan, since i havent seen him in like a week. We sat outside and talked. They left about 9:10ish, to go up to the bowling ally. Lou picked me up about 10:30, Cody. Tee & Bri were in the car. :D We got up to bowling - and ALOT of people were there. They yelled at us [what else is new] and than we decided to get a lane. :] [well - everyone that was gonna bowl] I just walked around, and talked to everyone. :] I was in a good mood. Willy boy - bet me 10$ that i couldnt hit a pin thingy, and well - i did & he REALLY GAVE ME 10$. But - i wouldnt take it, but than - he put it in my back pocket. hah - After 12ish, everyone decided to leave. Lou was gonna take us to Tee's house, but than she asked him to take us to Roberts house. We sat outside on his swing, for a while. :] We talked about stupid stuff. Than - Ryan came over. HIM AND HIS BROTHER ARE LIKE TWINS! OMGOSH! Its so weird, man. We didnt have a ride home, so we called EVERYONE. Finally, we decided to walk down to Ryans house, to see if this brian kid, would drive us home. We went in the bathroom, becuz we had to pee! She was laughing so hard, she almost fell in the bathtub. hah! :D She ate there food & than we were on our way home w/ a stick. :D We left there about 2:40. THERE WAS SERIOUSLY THIS CIRUS IN THIS PERSONS BACKYARD! We got home about 3:30ish. Went online for about 5 mins, and than went to sleep. :]

Got up about 2ish. Called my mom and she came to get me. :] Came home, showered & got ready. My brother & i - rode our bikes to my aunts house, for my little cuzins b/day partie. Stayed there for like 2 hours, than - rode bikes home about 6. Got ready - Steph Winn came over about 6:45. Than coll & Amber. Evantually, everyoen came over. Mom ordered pizza & we just all hung out and had a good time. It was nice hanging out w/ everyone. :D [Thanks girls for the gifts] The guys all left about 12ish. We sat outside and acted retarted. I peed behind a bush. :D We all went in about 1ish. Made our beds, ate - and talked about sex. guys & retarted stuff. :] Went to sleep about 3ish.

Got up at 10:30. Krista was being really loud. :X but, what else is knew. lol. :] They all left, about 12:30. I cleaned up and now im on here. :] I think im gonna go watch tv & take a nap, becuz i didnt get much sleep last nite & im tired as all heck, man.

All in all, i had a wunderful weekend!
It was nice seeing Ryan & hanging out w/ everyone. <3

Other things
My sister moved out Thursday/friday. Its quite weird w/o her here, and i dont think i would have imagined her leaving, but shes gone. :/ I do miss her, but i enjoy the house being quiet & not having to lock my door when i leave & not having to worry about her stealing my clothes. So - im taking advantage of this, while it last. Im pretty sure she'll be back by next week.
-My brother thinks hes gonna move his bedroom into my sisters old one, becuz its in the basement. Hes a fagg for sure. Hopefully, if there serious about him, living in there, than ill be able to move my bedroom in my brothers. He has a bigger closet & i like his room better. :]
- I enjoyed hanging out w/ Tee, just 'us' friday/friday nite. :]
- Im kinda upset/disapointed in 'her'. But - what can i do. I realized who my true friends are, and i WILL keep them. :D
- Homecoming - :X

Good bye. :]
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[12 Sep 2003|04:49pm]

I havent written in a few days or so?

Skool was fine. :] After - I walked w/ benG & Coll, but they were going to bens house - so i walked my booty bum home. I was wearing a fricken sweater-like shirt on. I was fricken hott. Rob Adams - yelled outta his bus 'danielles hot' and than - when i was almost home - sum weird looking-kid told me i was 'looking nice' mwhahha! :D Made me feel kinda special, for once. :] When i got home - i seriously sat around ALLL day, didnt do anything.

Walked home to Colls. Ate & hung out w/ her for a wee bit. Than - walked home, to watch the babies. Mama got me TB & than i drove to Bens. :] I hung out w/ him and coll, til Louis got there. :] I was playing Ps2 on my stomache & all of a sudden - they all just PILE up on me :X and than - they decided to tickle me. oh gosh! :D Than - we went to the Football game. :] Sat down for like .59734 seconds & than Lou took us to 7-11 :D Went back to the game - hung out w/ everyone and played around. I was standing on top of the little bleachers, and i was pretending to fly [by jumping off]. Danielle Leonard & Amber Sanders were laughing at me. :] mwhaha! :D Lou took me and coll home about 9ish. Sat online and than went to sleep. :]

SANNER BUTT IS IN MY LUNCH NOW!! :D :D I sat w/ her, Danielle, Deandrea & amanda Z 2day. :] in 6th hr - we had a funnie-ass sub. :] He was great - man. Shay - kept throwing things down my shirt & was being mean to me. mwhahah :D [I dun kno why i like him tho :/]

2nite - im not sure whats going on. I kinda wanna go bowling, but - i dont have a ride.

Other thingerz
- I miss Ryan, alot alot alot!! :[
- birthday partie 2morrow.
- Rob Adams is a cutie. :D
- Homecoming - :X
- Me and William are okay now. :]

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[10 Sep 2003|03:55pm]
2 first fights of Roseville high! :D And i got to see them - wooo!

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[09 Sep 2003|05:56pm]
Skool was okay. :] Me and Zack wrote on eachother again in 5th hour. :]
After - My sister picked us up, we stopped at home & than went to the mall. We ate at Coney & than - coll wanted to get her nails done - so jackie went w/ her. So, me and Tina went into value city biatch! :D I love that store. We got the same pair of [express] jeans. Im not sure if they fit me good - all my fat kinda rows over them. hah :] Went to find Jacks. Than - she came w/ me. We went to Rave - i got undies & a fricken shirt w/ my intial on it. [About fricken time hommie]. Than to Ae - I got 3 shirts & 2 rings. :D We headed to Pac Sun & i got a new purse, since coll was yelling at me - to get a new one. :] [I love purses from there :D] Tina called her dad - we sat outside, talked & waited for him to get us. Came home - & now im on here. :] It was nice hanging out w/ them again. :] I hardly see JackieLynn in skool [which sucks horribly[sp?] & i just love hanging out w/ them. :] We always laugh at stupid stuff & bond reall well 2gether. :]

OtHeR tHiNgS
- I miss Ryan ALOTtt! :[ It sucks not seeing him everyday. Just when things were getting better for us - again. he fricken moves :'[
- Im giving up ALL hope on meeting new guys. It sucks alot - not having 'sumone' becuz im always seeing gurlfriends/boyfriends kissing,holding hands & hugging eachother thru out the day. :[ It makes me sad. But - what can i do. I guess im going the wrong way in looking for a guy. :/
- I love my friends man! <3 Jackie. Coll. Tina Beana. LaFata. Amber Mills. Shella. Kay. Ster. Much love always<33
- Homecoming :X
- Birthday Partie - Saturday about 7ish. :D [For all you home G's out there that are invited - ima pass out little invations soon :D]
- Pink highlights are in my hair :D wooo!

i miss Willy Boy to :/
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[07 Sep 2003|07:54pm]
Birthday partie
Im just gonna have a little birthday partie w/ abunch of the girls. :]
Heres who im inviting -

Steph G
Steph W
Ashley L
Jessica Salamon
Lisa Davis
Jill Bugs
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[06 Sep 2003|10:31pm]

[Its really happening this time. hah. :]
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[06 Sep 2003|03:50pm]
Skool was good. :] It seemed to go by pretty fast & easy. :] In 2nd hour - Ryan and i were 'flirting', it was soo weird. :X :] Hes going to L'ance Cruise North Tuesday & i probably wont end up seeing him for awhile. :/
After skool - jackies mama gave me a ride home. Mama got us applebees :D Went to clean & than she dropped me off at Stephs. We went to her football game - I met her friends/well the ones i havent met. :] They all seem really nice & cool. We walked to the park about 8:30ish, and sat on the picni table & talked. :] it was nice. Than - my mom called & gave me the bad news. :X Walked to the street & Laura picked us up. Went back to her house. Sat outside for awhile, becuz 'they' were all talking. Laura got us TB at 10:30 - ate & did sum homewerk, than went to sleep about 12:30.

Got up at 11:45. Sat online - than got in the shower. Tiff came to get us and we stopped at Subway. yum! Came home - ate & now were all getting ready to go to Stephs little cuzins b/day partie. :] I really wanna go to the movies 2nite, but i only hae $5. hah - 2nite, im not sure whats going on. I mite stay here again or sumthing?

My family b/day partie is at 4ish, i guess. :]

..other things..

Skool - Im beginning to really like it now. :] I dont get lost and i kno my locker com. now. I just have a problem w/ getting to my classes on time. I have lunch w/ seriously all boys. Im the only girl that sits at a table of 16 or even more at times. Its crazie, but i like it. :] The werk - is so much easier than i thought & im beginning to believe 10th grade is gonna be easier than 9th. :]

Friends Mostly everyone said - we were all gonna find new friends & we were gonna go go into different 'cliques', maybe becuz its the beginning of the skool year, and no ones really comfortable w/ eachother or hardly kno eachother - it hasnt happend, but i really dont think it will. :] I KNO im gonna always/stay close w/ my 'group' of friends & make new ones at the same time. <3

Family Everyones good - [about time] :]
Guys Well - It was quite weird, yesterday - when me and my mom were talking she asked me who i talked besides Shay. hah - I didnt even kno she knew i still liked him, but i like him, Ryan & Matt. But - I heard Matts a player, Ryans moving & Shay - is meeting new girls and such. :/
Homecoming im scared! :/ what if no one asks me? eek! :[

One of my fellow friends [nooot] said i was fake.. who thinks im fake? :/

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[04 Sep 2003|08:51pm]
2day was a good day. :]
Went to skool -
Mom took me outta 6th hr [had to go to the orthodonist] <-- which now my teeth absolutely hurt, like heck.
Got pizza :D
Cut the grass
Walked over to Bens, hung out w/ him. Coll. Amber. Tina. Chris. Brian. Tyler. Brandon. Wayne & Duane [the bathtub im drowning]. Walked up to the football game. Hung out w/ abuncha people. Talked to Mr. Ryan Marino. Wow! Its been a fricken long-ass time, man. He told me i was sexy - hahaha. ;] Stayed there and hung out w/ everyone. :] Duane made up nicknames for us. Mines - Dansmells - Colls is, Colleena bean & Tinas is Tina Weena. :D Bri's mama gave me a ride home. Now im here - about to get off & go to sleep. :D Im a tired kid forsure.

My cell phone bill was 133$ HOLY MOLY! - My mom almost took it away, but i begged her it would never happen again. It was for fricken talking to andrew every nite. ARGH! Not worth it AT ALL!!

This weekend -
- Friday, I gotta clean w/ my mama. Im not sure what im doing after that? I mite hang out w/ Steph
- Saturday, Nothing planned
- Sunday, My little family b/day partie thing.

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[03 Sep 2003|05:22pm]
Skool was alrite. :]

1st hr Moved our seats. I sit nex to Carla. :] We did this paper thing about us and talked about the rules and such.
2nd hr Talked about what we were gonna do. Watched sum tapes, on aerobics. Sum of them - were too funnie.
I had to fricken run to my locker after 2nd hour, becuz there so far away & theres too many fricken people in the hallways
3rd hr I seriously love this class! :D We went over rules. Did this worksheet & than theres mind-easer things.
4th hour Went over rules [gag me] and than started the outline thing. :] Its reall easy man.
[3rd] lunch I have it w/ seriously all the guys. I was like w/ Ben the whole time, becuz i was kinda scared. hah
5th hour Well - im retarted & decided to put my pencil bag in my locker & my locker com. was in there & i didnt kno it. :X So - i went to class w/ nothing. - But, we learned simple werds & had to talk to our 'partners' in spanish. kinda cool, i guess?
6th hour I didnt even fricken kno this - but MATTS in that class. Oh man. No hiding now. :X I got moved, i dun really kno why tho? I sit behind Krystal, now. :]

After skool - Found Coll & Ben. Went to get my locker com. [took about 349734 years, homos!] got my stuff - and walked to Colls. Sat at her house for like .53497 seconds, walked home. Watched Angelo. ate & now im on here. :] Later - i gotta go get a blow-dryer, sum makeup & i need to take back a shirt & get sum clothes, shall be fun. :]

I realized sumthing 2day - when i was looking at 'him'. I miss him alot & i still have feelings for the kid, but nothings gonna happen. :[

[02 Sep 2003|03:55pm]
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[02 Sep 2003|02:42pm]
Anyone have 3rd lunch..?
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skooool! [02 Sep 2003|02:14pm]
Skool was great. :]

1st hour - Mrs. Hayward. She seems nice, but from what i heard shes a bitch. Krista. Jessica Salamon. Tina. Brett. Matt Slater. Carla & sum other people are in there w/ me. :]
2nd Hour - Mr. Cabarris. He seems pretty cool. :] Tina. Lisa D. Will & Ashley C are in there w/ me. :D
3rd hour Miss. Hodge - Shes fricken awesome & so nice. :] Coll. Jessica. LaFata & Steph are in there w/ me. :D Its gonna be a fun class
4th hour Mr. Mizinksi. Hes cool. :] Theres fricken 6 Danielles in that class [including me] Bri Troll sits next to me. :]
Lunch I fricken have last lunch [3rd lunch] but Ben & bri are in there & they said i could sit w/ them. :]
5th hour Mrs. Bowersock. She seems okay, nothing special tho. :] Zachary. Steph & Amber are in there w/ me. :] [Coll mite change her class into this one :D]
6th hour Mrs. Pesek - Shes a fricken homo & she talks like a guy. :X Shay. Carina. Jessica. Krystal & Ashley C - are in there w/ me. :] I sit in the wayyy back, but its okay. :]

After skool - Met up w/ the girls. Walked to Eastland Jr, but they wouldnt let us in. Homos! As we were walking to wendies, We seen Ben, Wayne & Matt. They gave us a ride - we stopped at Matts, started to watch Final Destination2, but we was so hungry - Went to Coney, ate - and than Matt gave us a ride back to Bens. :] Me and him ordered a pizza, stuffed our big bodies & now were watching the goonies, since i have never seen it before. :]
Ben & Coll fell asleep, for a wee bit, while i was on the computer. After they got up - me and coll walked to her house. She kept biting my arm, and than decided to write all over it too. I swear - i think i have 2 bruises on my arm now, becuz of the bites. fagg! :D My mom picked me up at 7, i layed around the house. watched my shows & than went to sleep. <3

There are absolutely NO cute guys in any of my classes. :X "matt" wanted ben to 'hook' him up w/ me, but hes a player & im sick of getting hurt, so im just staying single, til sumone 'special' comes along.

[01 Sep 2003|04:56pm]
Up north pictures <3Collapse )
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[01 Sep 2003|12:16pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Im home. :] We left at fricken 7:45ish. :X

Anyway -

Left about 6. We had to take a different route to get up north, becuz there were 2 accidents on the expressway that we were suppose to take, so it took a little bit longer. There was a fricken motorhome on fire. It was quite scary. Got up at 11ish. Sat around on the swing. Went next door, and hung out w/ Josh. Lance. Kevin & Shane. :] Andrew came by for like 5 minutes, but i didnt really wanna see/talk to him, so i walked across the street w/ steph & than walked back to the guys. We sat in the freezing cold til about 2ish, when we went inside. :] We talked & than went to sleep.

Got up at 12:30, showered & got ready. Walked up to the corner Store, sum little boys told me i had a big butt :x Walked back & decided to wake up david. [He was sleeping, becuz he was sick]. Went up to kmart & the ice cream place w/ him. Layed in the road & played duck duck goose. Went in about 11:30, becuz the boys left & there was nothing else to do.

Happy Birthday to me & whit :D
Got up to Amber & Steph goes "happy birthday danielle, get upp!". Layed in bed til about 12:30. Drove to Carters w/ my mom. Steph. Aunt. 2 cuzins & Angelo. Took back bottles and such. :] Went to wendies & than home. Watched Josh. Lance. Shane & Kevin - make there little expermient thingy. [Too funny] Went to the movies, rite when - David. Brook & Amber got home. Seen Freaky Friday. :] It was a really cute/good movie! :D [We seen Whitney & Kayla there] Than, as we were sitting on the big rocks waiteing for our ride - Josh piles up & asks us if we need/want a ride. :] - Seriously sat outside for like 3 hours w/o a hoodie on, and it was like 40 degrees. Kevin kept offering to give me his, but he was really cold - so i asked Steph for hers. :] Sat w/ Josh. Kayla. Shane. Whit. Kevin & Lance at Shanes cottage/fire til 1:30. :] It was nice. Steph took a picture of me & Shane, so hopefully that turns out good. She also got all of us too. :] Went in - got ready for bed.

Got up at 7:30 - and left. :X Now - im sitting here, updating this thing & being bored.

*I cant believe skool starts 2morrow & the summers over. :X I told myself i would have done alot this summer, but i didnt get really anything accomplished. Last nite - i WAS suppose to tell Shane, that i liked him, but i didnt kno how. I think we both deep down inside have this little 'secret crushes' on eachother, just the way we act around eachother - its quite weird & im not the only one that thinks this. I think since last summer - when we had a 'thing' - we still have 'left over' feelings for eachother. Its quite sad - that i will only see him 2 more times this year, til next summer. I hate that - I wish we all lived closer.

*Im essited for skool, but of course - i have a fricken coldsore. :X [When are they gonna end!] Great way - to show first impressions. Whatever tho, I dont care what people think of me. :] Im going w/ Coll & Jackie. I also believe - im going w/ Coll for the whole year. :] I like going w/ her & sumtimes we could possibly walk to skool - since were rite there. I think Algebra is gonna be my favorite class - becuz i heard the teachers nice & i have a buncha friends in there. :]

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[29 Aug 2003|06:02pm]
Anyone that seen the fight at the football game yestuhday [thursday] and seen the cop hit Will first - I would & i think everyone else would apperciate if you IMed him and backed him up. If he gets alot of people to go to court, he could win! :D

IM him - SUM 1 NOT NICE and give him your name, number & your side of the story.

Im leaving for up north.
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[29 Aug 2003|01:53pm]
Okay.. Who thinks having sex w/ sumone - makes you a slut?

[I think this is gonna prove my fricken point]


I had 3 weird dreams last nite. :X 1. Was about Andrews 'girlfriend' calling my cell phone and telling me that they were going out and i seriously went off on her and was like 'You fucking bitch dont ever call me again, when i see you up north im gonna fucken kick your ass' and than i heard andrew in the background go 'whoa'
2. was about ambers mom - and how i went over there & her mom had pink shadow on & a pink shirt.
3. was quite weird - I was up north. And i had an upstairs in my cottage & Andrew.. but it was Ryan kept giving me flowers. [His name was Ryan, and he acted like him, but he sure in heck looked like Andrew & talked like him]
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[28 Aug 2003|06:28pm]
2day was wunderful! :D Got up at 9:30, Laura dropped me off at home. Sat online & than Tinas dad picked me up. We stopped at Mcdonalds & than were off to the lake. :D It was so fricken awesome. :] Tinas jet-ski is a 3 seater, so - it werked out good. First - we went thru this little place, and there was houses & the water was blue! Than - we went where the boats come and go - and we thought, we could make this HUGE wave - but, we went flying, sidewards & we all fell off. Coll thought her eyes were broken. hah - fagg! :D We got back on & went to where it was really choppy, to get us good waves. There was a fraider[?] coming, so we went to the beach & sat in the water. all of a sudden the fradier sucked up ALL the water by the beach & we were sitting on sand. Where it was like 3 feet deep - it was just sand, no water. It was too cool. :D We found sum sea-shells & such. I fricken found a 20$ bill, from canada. :] We started to go back - while, getting sum waves. Me & Coll fell off again. hah. :] Midway back - We seen a SKOOL bus! hah. It was a LOONG ride back, but we sang songs [like bingo] & made animal noises & acted retarted. I had to pee SO bad, so we stopped & i peed off of the jet-ski. hah. :] Went back in - got ready & left. Stopped at Coney, ate & than we went to look at huge houses. :] There was a model of a fricken huge ass house, so we peeked thru the windows, [it wasnt open]. Tinas dad dropped me off, and now im on here. :]

Im glad i hung out w/ Coll & Tina. Its been awhile, but it was sucha wunderful time. :] <3

Up north - 2morrow. :X
Birthday - 3 days.

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