baby, it's cold outside.


Marketing class was a bit boring. Watched a DVD on credit cards. It was interesting but since I'm under the weather, it was a stretch to stay awake. Dani wants to study via phone so we're going to do that. She invited Jonathan to join us, and he will. Hehe, I got his number. Yay. 3-way calling. Goodness, he has such pretty eyes.

I decided not to go to Modern. I was in the cafeteria, trying to find Melissa. Saw Andres, quickly turned around towards the tables. After finding Melissa, we were walking out towards the door, about to leave. I didn't think he'd see me but he comes straight for me, gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I wasn't expecting any of that but in the spur of the moment, I kissed him back. I told my mother when she got back from taking Maia to MTC and she replied, " old is he?!?!" *rolling eyes*

ANYWHOOO...I wasn't able to post this earlier. So now, I just got back from teaching two classes. I'm going to find something to munch on, and then on the phone with Dani and Jonathan. :-D

Heard through the grapevine - 1-2 inches of snow. If everything gets shut down, that would fine with me. It's too cold out go outside.