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OK so I disappeared. With no real plans to re-appear any time soon.

but in the mean time....Things to update on:

-My FAVORITE local band, good ol' HFA has broken up. =(

-I'm trying like hell to get back into school

-My family sucks

-My sister-in-law is having another baby (due summer of 08)

-I like this boy Chris ( alot and I just asked him to go to a Pistons game with me in Jan...he said yes =D

-The past 3 months have been filled with 60+ hour work weeks....crazy busy but WICKED crazy money

-I drove to Georiga for a weekend in November, I got to see Kristi and the baby again...always wonderful

-While in GA I got to meet my future husband.....Mr. Nick Swardson...hot I know

-Since I've had my yet-to-be-named Focus...it's broken majorly 3 times....all repairs paid for in full by the dealership

-I have a new digital camera...but I still crave a newer one

-I have 8 tattoos now...I forget which is the last you kids heard about...but anyways.

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Yea I got a new car today....

R.I.P Benji....it was a GREAT 5 years but it was your time to go....

I think I shall really enjoy my new Focus....hot
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What you don't see is the kife she was holding above my head out of the frame

the 3 little piggeis and the momma pig

yea shes waving to you

shes about to be 1...time flies

givin kisses
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Those were some fun times. Kristi says it's this prettyful all year round! This is like my ideal weather. Sunny, warm, breezy and 70's. I defintally can't wait to come back. Hopefully I can come back in August to go with everyone to Florida. The only thing that'll stop me is not having the money and not being able to get the time off of work. I also have to make sure I'll be home for Destiny's Birthday...I havent missed one in 3 years and I dont want to miss the big 12!

I bought a digital camera this morning. I'm going to pick it up when i get back home. I got it because Michaela's 1st birthday is coming up as is Sara's graduation. I need to capture these moments on "film". The camera was on sale and with the memory card it barely came up to $130.00. It'll do I suppose.

Right now Kristi is at Wal-Mart printing up some more pictures for me to take home. I printed up a bunch the other day. I know my family and everyone at work is going to want to see some pictures soon as I get home.

Mikey just fell asleep. The poor babys been sick all week. Teething and a cold. I hate when babies are sick. I'd totally be sick for him...if I could. At least I could tell someone what was wrong with me and what I needed and or wanted. This little 7 month old boy can't.

I'm leaving Kristi's House in about an hour and I'll be leaving Athens for Atlanta at 3:45. I'll be back in Michigan tomorrow. I'll be back!!
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SO much drama from home and I aint even there. Next time I leave home for an extended period of time without my car...you better believe NO ONE is getting my keys...not with all the problems that arose this time.

So my vacation had been wicked fun. I love everyone down here. So much so I dont want to leave. I'm defintally not ready to go home and go back to work.
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Kristi and I are getting wasted tonite....no drunk phone calls....i done hid my phoneie

its great finally drinking WITH kristi instead of drinking for her