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The scribblings of the curious little catboy.

17th July, 2007. 4:09 pm.

Oy.. I hate being without my computer.

Late happy birthdays to kia_purity & ytmh.

Because mom kicked me out of her place I've been renting a room from some guy(since I thought it was all I could afford by myself). Problem is I don't have any furniture there and every time I prepare to move it in, something happens to delay it. So I've been sleeping on sleeping bags since June 30th. >_<
Currently my computer is at mom's, but whenever I go down there she kicks me out right away before I can even check my email. So I'm down at AIPX right now because I'm sick of being internetless. Fortunately, this should only last until this weekend at this point. Otherwise I'll have to pay for another month of storage. >_<
I honestly don't really like it where I'm staying, but it's $400/month for everything including internet/tv/phone. Next best is farther away from school & work and cost $25 more without the internet/tv/phone. So yeah, I'm still looking for someone to move in with, it's just now I have to try to give 30-day notice.

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22nd May, 2007. 11:48 pm.

Good news: It would seem I now have a job. I gotta go through the standard background check and drug test first, but still... (Won't know when I start until those are done.)
I'll be working at Fry's Electronics. It's only part-time, but they said it'd be 28-30 hours per week.

Bad news: Unless I find a cheap place I can move to that's at a good location (and a roommate or two!) that will let me move in as soon as Saturday, I'll have to stay living with mom for a while (at her new apartment) with most of my stuff in storage.
Currently my best chance for finding roommates is my best friend and his friend, but they're not moving until "sometime" in July.

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11th May, 2007. 11:03 pm.

If you know anyone looking for a (or another) roommate close to Metrocenter, please let me know right away. Especially if I can just take one bus down to it.

Please see previous post for full details.

8th May, 2007. 8:22 pm. oh crap

Mom's sold the house.
It's not finalized until "on or before June 5", so I have a bit under a month to get out of here. But I currently don't even have a job. ^_^; And my target moving date has been set for when my dad's around for my younger brother's high school graduation, May 24.

Good news on job: from talking to the manager at Waldenbooks it sounds like they're really looking to hire, though the one employee made it sound like they were only hiring part-time.
Good news on new place: mom said she'd help me with my initial payment.

If you know anyone looking for a (or another) roommate close to Metrocenter, please let me know right away. Especially if I can just take one bus down to it.

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24th April, 2007. 11:49 pm. Plagiarists suck

At school today while looking at webcomics I came across a link which led to another link, this. (Not working? Try this.)

Apparently, this guy can't come up with his own ideas at all. All he does is copy someone else's work. And is getting paid thousands every time.

As you probably noticed, I'm not naming names(or name, rather) myself. That's because of the emails and hacking happening to people.
Of course, I shouldn't be worried since that's only happening to people who email him and/or post about it on myspace. Besides, no one ever reads my journal anyway, huh? ^_^;

Current mood: angry.

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17th April, 2007. 11:38 pm. full Anizona 3 write-up

Roommates -
No problems with my roommates. Kinda weird how I usually ran into the one whenever I was in the room, except when I first got there(I was kinda worried I was in the wrong room when I saw what appeared to be a woman's razor and hair clips in the bathroom. I took the "don't ask, don't tell" approach to that).
Kinda funny how they fit a couple stereotypes. The guy who rented the room was the dull, quiet, go along with everyone else kind of person. The other guy was tall, lean, had blond/brown hair in a ponytail, and was always ready to complain about something(I run into a few guys like him before in both looks and appearance). He and I talked some about ADV's sucky business practices(drilling holes in UPCs, no customer service, 4 different versions of the Macross/Robotech box sets,..).
Although I wouldn't mind rooming with them again next year, I'd much rather room with friends or at least friends of friends(*pokes Lauren*).

Programming -
What can I say other than the constant changing programming schedule sucked? What makes it even worse is they changed the times for 2 of the 3 con events that should not be messed with, Masquerade(the one not changed), AMV, & Karaoke finals. (Though for Lauren's sake it was a good thing the Karaoke finals were moved so she could be at both that and her Otaku University panel.)
It also sucked that for most of the con only 1 of the 2 viewing rooms was running. And most of the anime they showed was older titles like Love Hina, Saber Marionette J, and Excel Saga(though the schedule listed was constantly wrong, so those might not of even been shown).

Gaming -
Overall, the game room was rather nice. My problem though was that what games being played rarely changed(other than the tournaments).
And speaking of the tournaments, I have a few complaints:
1) Not only did people working there enter the tournaments, but the people who were actually running the tournaments entered their own. To me this was highly unprofessional.
2) Their matches were "best 2 out of 3". The thing is, by this they meant the first person to win 2 matches, not rounds as the games were already set up for, wins. This takes too long and, as I said, the games are already set up for best 2 out of 3 so why make them play more after that?
3) Their choice for 1st game for the Duel of the Consoles: Next Gen sucked. Initially they choose a mini-game that only one person played at a time and took a very long time to complete(granted, some people failed rather early, but still) only to replace it with a mini-game that was utter crap. The goal of this mini-game was to bash the rabbit in the matching colored bucket in the head as much as possible in five seconds. The problem with this is that what color you are is random, which bucket has what color is random, it's not to easy to figure out which color you are when every one is waving their "cursor" around at once, and judging by how much 1st place beat 2nd place when I was up, hitting an opponent's rabbit helps them.
4) For Duel of the Consoles: Retro, the first game was one that only one person played at a time. Games that can only be played one at a time take up way too much time and should only be played for the semi-finals or finals.

Overall, I'd say that each year Anizona has gotten worse. :.(

What I bought -
Graphic Novels - Girls Bravo 3 & Grenadier 1
Plushies - "Mr. Hat & Clogs" from Bleach, "Dr." Tony Tony Chopper (with bird in nest) from One Piece, Maya & Aya Natsume from Tenjho Tenge, and a goomba.

I also won Kamichama Karin graphic novel 1 & some Naruto figure(dunno which, I haven't opened the box) from the Dead or Alive 4 tournament, even though I got second(first place went to the guy running the tournament). Not bad since the con was my first time playing DoA4.

On with the pictures!Collapse )
(Sorry if some of the pictures point to the wrong place. I'm on 56K and don't have the time to make sure they're all correct right now.)

As I said before, I'm thinking about stopping writing here since no one reads it anyway. I'm just worried about being kept on friends-lists.

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14th April, 2007. 4:44 pm. dreams

I've had a couple of odd dreams the last couple of nights.

Thursday night I didn't sleep well. I kept waking up, tossing & turning, dreaming for a few seconds, and repeating. In the dreams I was at some anime con or something(people were dressed up as anime & video game characters) and I would take pictures. The thing is, even though it was really crowded, whenever I went to take someone's picture, I would have a clear shot of them and no one would move between me and them ever. For the most part, it was almost as if nobody saw me, but sometimes when taking a picture and it got super-crowded it was almost like some people were trying to grab me and pull me out of there, which usually ended with me waking up. It was almost like there was something forcing me out of the dreams, maybe even keeping me awake...

Friday night I had a dream about the world ending. Anyone familiar with "The Day After Tomorrow", how the one guy kept moving up his prediction of when disaster would hit? In my dream, when the world would end kept leaping forward. It was weird how it ended. Kinda like the ground rose up in a wave and buildings were suddenly buried. People didn't really die, they were just suddenly moved to the afterlife, which was also kinda weird. The overall place was kinda like a giant safe-haven or something. There were large places for eating, activities(card/board games, reading, etc), and most other places(I hated the bathroom. Huge, no walls, and tons of little kids). As far as where we each lived, we had small, semi-well-furnished group rooms. I shared one with my best friend. I remember 3 "rooms": our bed area(we each had our own, identical bed), a large closet, and another room that had computers and some other stuff for each of us in it. My friend had apparently already been there for a while and the room was rather messy(I don't know if it's because he had been there for a while or because whoever set the room up for us figured we'd be more comfortable in a messy room since our rooms are messy). While there I passed a small room with someone who I knew to be God. I don't really remember what he looked like, just that he was younger-looking than I figured and that he seemed really worried. I didn't get a chance to talk to him though(if I remember correctly it's because I figured it was best not to bother him right then).

I'd like to apologize about not having my AnZ3 pictures up yet. Although I shrunk each one down to half size yesterday at school, I have not yet put them up on PhotoBucket. It took ~15 minutes just to upload the first 3 (about 1MB of data) and there's 11MB of data total. I just don't have the patience right now to upload them all. However, I can go down to school tomorrow and upload them from there, so I should have a post soon. Gomen nasai!

Current mood: contemplative.

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8th April, 2007. 11:34 pm. short anizona3

AnZ3 was alright. (AnZ is my abbreviation for Anizona.)
I had no problems with my roommates, so that was a plus.
The program times and locations kept changing and no one knew when or where things were.
Gaming - the room was far better then last year's, but its kinda hard not to beat it; the tournaments made me "WTF?" though with how they ran them.
The viewing rooms kinds of sucked. It was often only one running at a time, and most of the listed animes were stuff that has been out for a long while - Azumanga Daioh, Love Hina, can't think of the others right now.
Can't think of anything else to say right now. I'll post pictures later, tomorrow maybe.

And Lauren ran out on the promised hug. >:(

Side note -
I think I'm gonna stop posting in my journal soon since no one reads it. I'm just not sure if I'd be kept on friends lists...

I'm off to bed now. Super dead tired. I'll fix this post tomorrow.

Edit - post fixed. I didn't get to post anything earlier and considering time and my schedule tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to post until Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry.

And I know Lauren's gonna say something about it(likely under a friends-locked post that I can't see), so: the reason for the depressed icon is not just because she skipped out on the promised hug, I'm not some damned emo loser like she tends to think I am whenever I get the slightest bit upset.
But it also is completely unrelated to AnZ3 ending.

EDIT 2 -
PhotoBucket has an image size limit of 1024x768 and I don't have a program to resize them on this computer nor do I have the webspace for them. (For those wondering: 1 640x480, 28 1280x960, & 6 1632x1224 totalling 20.3MB) Hopefully I can get them all resized Friday, and if not, Tuesday. And an early warning - a lot of them are blurry to some degree. :.(

Current mood: depressed.

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31st March, 2007. 3:52 pm.

Bad news: according to Mr. Glann, I failed Career Development. That's bullshit. I've challenged my grade. Don't know what I'll do if they say it stays the same because that's complete and utter bullshit.

Good news: while cleaning the garage Thursday, I found a tape that told me what my first game system was called: Adam the ColecoVision Family Computer (basically, ColecoVision v4.0).

Anizona in less than a week! I just need to figure out how I'm getting down there and back... ^_^;

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17th March, 2007. 11:56 am.

Kiss me damn it! I have Irish blood in me. >;3

Current mood: naughty.

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7th March, 2007. 6:05 pm.

I just got back from my job interview for a Quality Assurance Tester position for THQ. Hope I get the job.
(Of course if I do get it I'll definitely have to move closer to MetroCenter when I move.)

Also, I asked at what point we could tell friends we think they'd really like the game we were working on. They told me not before the game was announced and that between being announced and released was a gray area that had to be checked on a game-by-game basis. :\

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14th February, 2007. 9:12 am.

Death to Cupid!!!

Current mood: Kill him!!!.

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7th February, 2007. 12:02 pm.

I've got the RO2 music! :D

So far how good the music is varies. I'm really liking the Din Don Dan Dan ones. And I hated the intros with voice.
What I don't understand is all the redundancy. So far I'm up to track 7, and there's been 4 intros, 2 with voice & two instrumental, but they sound exactly the same, and three of the aforementioned Din Don Dan Dan ones, but there is a slight difference among them. There's 52 total tracks and at least 11 more "duplicates", including yet another intro! The hell?

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4th February, 2007. 1:00 pm. Since it is Super Bowl Sunday...

The top 10 "Worst" Super Bowl ads ever.
The top 10 "Best" Super Bowl ads ever.
10 Super Bowl myths: true or false?

I still don't get how that Apple ad can even be considered "good" at all... *scratches head* :/

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23rd January, 2007. 4:03 pm. I might be off on the date... ^_^;

Happy birthday kawaii_gurl.

In completely unrelated news, I'm thinking of paying for another 3 months of iRO. The only problem is which account do I pay for? Or do I do the 30 hours for $8 on both?...
Then there's my best friend who I've been trying to play some MMO with for a few years now...

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4th January, 2007. 6:22 pm. I'm back.

Not much to say about vacation. Stayed at grampa's girlfriend's house the first night because it was closer. Got sick and stayed there a few days (at least she had satelite TV; watched some Voyager). When my dad and younger brother came I went to grampa's house with them. Cousins came over for a week, then went to their house for the last night(which I always hate because I can't get much sleep).
No pictures, nothing worth taking a picture of.

I did have some interesting stuff in some dreams. The weird thing was getting some websites to visit from a couple dreams. One had CP3.NET, CP3M.NET, & a longer version that had an S in there, and the other had something the was like yggdrasil.org but not(another s in there, I think right after the gg, and some other minor differences). Also had a very interesting dream that first Thursday(don't remember if it's Thursday because it was extremely/very early morning or Thursday night).

First off, the biggest surprise - not only did mom not just get me a bunch of clothes like she normally does, she didn't get me any! Instead she got me the next two PhD: Phantasy Degree graphic novels (5&6) and Scrubs season 4. My younger brother got me Rouroni Kenshin graphic novel 2 and my older brother got me the two most recent Foxtrot comic strip collections that have the Sunday comics in color. My dad let me pick out my own presents from him, so I got 2 GBA games I hadn't heard of before, Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story & Yggdra Union, a Dane Cook CD & DVD, NickelBack's All the Right Reasons CD, and a Blue Man Group DVD with live concert footage.

Movies gone out to see:
Stranger than Fiction - Pretty good movie, love the premise. Just a word of warning though, at one point Will Farrel's character does walk through a shower room and there's several naked men asses, and I doubt you ladies would qualify the men as attractive.
Happy Fight - Just about all the comedy came from Robin William's character, Ramone (or whatever his name was). Otherwise I just couldn't care.
Night at the Museum - Really funny stuff. You should see it if you haven't.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Not really a rental, as it was a gift to dad, but it was my first time seeing it, so... Not as good as the first one. What really stands out is on the island where Will finds Jack and the fight on the waterwheel.
Ice Age 2 - Not as funny as the first one, it focuses too much on Manny & Elly's relationship.
Wallace & Gromit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit - Standard Wallace & Gromit stuff. The two have a job and use their inventions to help with it. I hope Hutch returns in some future Wallace & Gromit.
Nightmares & Dreamscapes TV miniseries (all 8 episodes) - Pretty good stuff. Some warnings: the first one features quite a bit of blood and a man sewing up his wounds; the fifth one features a decapitation; the seventh one a live man is taken to have an autopsy and his bare ass is seen; the eighth one has someone spew up maggots and someone with no eyes.

I did get to go online a couple(?) days after Xmas and send out gifts on Gaia to people on my friends list. No clue who that Rich Rockstar guy is though, so I didn't include him. ^_^; I did actually get to be on long enough to get the first item for both caroling and gift giving. Really annoys me they always start so late and carry the Xmas event on for a while past Xmas, all while I'm on vacation. >_<

Oh, and I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. Haven't done it (that I can remember) since I resolved to have no soda in 2004.
Happy New Year.

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16th December, 2006. 11:20 am. D'oh!

I totally forgot about it.
I need someone to stay with if I'm gonna be going to Anizona next year. So if I can stay with you or someone you know at the hotel or something please let me know.

Also, I'm gonna try to "send out" Xmas presents on Gaia before I leave on Tuesday. If there's something you want other than gold tell me what it is. I've got ~30k right now that has to be split among everyone, so nothing really expensive.

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12th December, 2006. 11:37 pm.

Big news for Firefly fans!

http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3155779 <-- according to Penny Arcade, this is the first report, but I can never load 1up.com for some reason so I wouldn't know

For those to lazy to click any of the links,

there's gonna be a FireFly MMO in 2008

Gaia's current weekly comic really annoys me. It implies that they're actually doing something to punish people who bot in their fishing game. But until Saturday, the #1 spot in all four fishing categories were held by obvious bots. And although the two new people aren't as obvious, I still think they're bots due to the massive number of fish they've each caught. ¬_¬

I got a new razor. Well, I've had it since the day after Thanksgiving, but I only got around to using it last Saturday. I can finally shave smooth, except for the spots I miss. ^_^;
I'd post pictures of my smooth face, but I don't have the webspace and I haven't had a haircut in like 4 months. And I don't really think you wanna see the redness on my neck. ^_^;

Now stuff my stocking! :DCollapse )

Current mood: excited.

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4th December, 2006. 11:37 pm. Computer's back!

On Saturday I took the old motherboard in to Fry's Electronics and exchanged it for a new one since I had the service contract. I installed and put everything back in... only to have it overheat right away. Turns out the heat-sink was having problems sitting properly. So after several tries I got it to sit right.

Now I just need to figure out why the floppy drive light stays on, why it turns back on when I shut down, and get used to my new mouse. But those are minor problems, especially compared to before, so I don't really care right now. XD

I would have been on earlier, but anti-virus had other ideas. ^_^;

Current mood: ecstatic.

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1st December, 2006. 6:46 pm.

As of Monday evening, I was without my own computer. It just wasn't official until last night.

If you're interested in more details.Collapse )

You could also click here for info.

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22nd November, 2006. 11:17 am. fuck you game&game

Every weekend(Fri-Sun) I check my "other" email. game&game periodically sends out a newsletter and the recent one mentioned a word search running 6th-20th where a few randomly selected winners will receive a PSP.
The email was sent on the 7th. It didn't show up in my email until last weekend(checked 17th), even though I had checked on the weekend prior(10th-12th, I think I checked on the 12th). The hell?
So I go to the event page(while loading I have time to see that "GNG" appear 5 times(Check yourself.)) and am told to log in, then it redirects me to the log in page. I try to log in, but it keeps saying "incorrect password". I try some more later that night with no luck and use the "find password" option. I keep trying to log in throughout the weekend and ask for my password a few more times. I still haven't received a single email with my password.
Monday(20th), I searched the site for a way to contact them. The only way I found was via the "contact us" page. So I filled out my info and wrote about the problems. "Blocked by webmaster." I tried another couple times with the same result. Apparently, even though you have to fill out the info which they have on you if you log in, you still have to log in. Oh, har har.
I just checked my email again to see if I finally got an email with my password. Nope, but I did get a game&game newsletter that was sent out today with the winners of the contest. WTF?

I would boycott them but -
1) They have so many fun-looking games
2) It's not like I'm paying them anyway

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3rd November, 2006. 1:25 am.

My Johari's Window
I really don't like the 6 choice limit. Took me a long time to narrow it down to so few. ^_^;

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29th October, 2006. 8:11 pm.

Ladies, Discount Anime DVD is having a sale on yaoi and hentai.
That's right.
Have fun. ;p

BTW, Jamie nice avatar on Gaia. ;)

Current mood: bored.

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28th September, 2006. 1:06 am.

My personal DNA

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26th September, 2006. 10:27 am.

MMORPG good news and bad news:

Ragnarok Online:
I've created my new account and surprisingly the name I wanted for my bard wasn't taken on any server. Unfortunately, I can't decide which to make my "main server" for my other characters I currently want to make, and the training grounds test keeps telling me to be a swordie instead of an archer.

Trickster Online:
Due to some error in the patcher, it redownloads every file, so if you want to join me don't bother with the full pak, just install the launcher and go. My best guess is that I have around 20 hours of "patching" left before it's done. Good news is that I can patch while surfing, I let it "patch" for a couple hours while surfing last night and I let it "patch" for a good 5 hours while I was sleeping(these are before current time estimates).

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