DAC, the curious little catboy (_dac_) wrote,
DAC, the curious little catboy

I should have posted yesterday, but I was distracted by a Star Trek: TNG mini-marathon on "Syfy"(stupid-ass name-change). Totally forgot this morning.

I went in for a post-surgery check-up Monday afternon & got my staples taken out. It's kind of weird having a grown man poke around in your belly-button to see if there were any more staples in there. I find it strange that the nurses at the hospital said getting the belly-button staples out would hurt most due to that area being more sensitive, yet I hardly felt it when those 5(yes, 5) staples were taken out whereas the 2 side-most ones did hurt some.

I still can't lift anything over 5-10 lbs. Still gotta wear the "girdle". Can only sleep on my back. Can't grab anything from the floor.
Most annoying is the limitation of foods. No tacos or fajitas for at least 4-weeks. Pizza "is a bad idea"(though I think plain cheese would be fine). Nothing fatty, greasy, spicy; can't have too much salt.

I go back on the 10th to find out how soon I can go back to work, lift stuff, etc.
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