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I've joined the gallbladder-less

Last Wednesday I woke up early in the morning(after about 1 hour of sleep ^_^; ) to some major pains in my right abdomen. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to seek medical attention until that afternoon. And stupid me chose to waste 2 hours & $90 going to urgent care first. Found out late that day (after 10) I had gallstones & I'd probably need surgery. Found out later(after 11) that I would have surgery, originally to be at 7:30AM.

Due to lack of sleep(and nothing else to do), I tried to sleep as much as I could through Friday morning. Found out it's rather hard to sleep at night in a hospital due to being woken every hour or two for some test or other(why it's not done nearly as often during the day is beyond me. It's like they're actively waiting for you to try to sleep to test you).

Thursday rather sucked. Told just before midnight(Weds) that I'd be taken to my room then. 12:30 comes & I'm still waiting in there. I get woken up constantly during the night for this & that test, even taken down to get an ultrasound. I had an original surgery time of 7:30 with a pick-up time of 6:30. I get told between 6 & 6:30 my surgery was rescheduled for 1:30 with a pick-up time of 12-12:30. This time I actually get picked up, but got left blocking the hall when the person taking me down is stopped for a call. Turns out the last person in surgery had to go back in due to bleeding out. So I get taken back to my room & told 4PM surgery. 3PM comes & I'm taken to pre-op where I watch most of Jumanji. It's not until 5PM that I finally make it to the OR. (For the record, your arms get strapped down out from your body.) I'm conscious and in a lot of pain again either 8:30-something or 8:50-something as I'm taken back to my room. Shifting me from the mobile-bed to the room-bed hurt like hell. I'm a bit surprised none of my staples(yes, staples rather than stitches) ruptured or anything from that.

Friday I got nothing but ice chips to suck on & found out coughing hurts a ton. Saturday I get on liquid diet, but hospital broth is nasty(one of the nurses ended up cooking me some Campbell's noodle soup broth for supper). I also found out that even the smallest burp or fart is a huge relief(getting that excess air out of me). Sunday I finally got to eat real foods and found out the menu you're told is way different than what you get.

Got to leave the hospital Sun evening @ 7-something. Mom just took me to her place. 1) I don't need to be using stairs, 2) I'd do better in a standard bed that on my mattress on the floor, 3) she can make sure I eat good meals this way.

The people at the hospital were really surprised I had gallstones because 1) I don't fit the profile(age, diet, etc), 2) no previous history of abdominal pain, & 3)(I don't remember what the other reason was right now, I'll fill it in later if I remember it).

For the time being I'm staying at my mom's place, since my apartment is on the second story. I'll probably be here for about another week or so.
Currently, best news is that coughing hurts a TON less.

So much for never having to have surgery, huh? :(
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