DAC, the curious little catboy (_dac_) wrote,
DAC, the curious little catboy

Yay! I finally have internet after 2 weeks (well, 15 days) of being internetless. But it won't be until tomorrow that I can safely stay on all the time.
What pisses me off about it though is not so much the being internetless for 2 weeks as the fact I could have done something to stop/prevent it.

We have a crazy old lady renting the master bedroom. For some unknown reason, she totally hated the guy who was renting out the back room next to the master bedroom, and told a bunch of lies about him to get him kicked out(he was told to be gone by the end of the month back in April). And for some other strange & unknown reason, we only get internet from the one outlet in the back room(the one he was renting out). On Monday, May 5th, the landlord came by and opened up the back room. That afternoon, the cable modem & wireless router disappeared. There's two reasons I could have kept them from disappearing:
1) Somehow, I just knew that something was gonna go missing if we left the back room open. I stayed silent about it.
2) I saw the little notice Windows gives when you lose your connection to the wireless network. I thought nothing of it at the time because every now & then we lose our internet and just have to turn the modem & wireless router off & on to fix it. My initial thought was to go flip the switch(they're plugged into a wall outlet that's connected to a light switch) and get the internet back up, but I convinced myself to just continue getting ready for work and take care of it before I left.
All evidence points to it being the crazy old lady who took them, but we can't prove it.

Short version on why it's been 2 weeks without internet:
1) I waited until after checking nearby pawnshops to buy a new cable modem & wireless router.
2) Cox has to set-up the cable modem to connect to it(can be done over the phone), but it has to be authorized by someone on the account(the landlord) and they have to have access to the modem & a computer(the landlord doesn't have a PC or laptop & this morning was the first time he could be here while I was here).
Why'd it take so long for me to write this? Mom took me grocery shopping right after we got the cable modem set-up and I spent the afternoon/early evening playing 500 Rum & Uno with my mom & younger brother.

Of course, to be on the safe side, I'm thinking about not even leaving the cable modem & wireless router in the back room while I'm away/asleep/whatnot until after she's gone. (She's being evicted and has been told she has to be out by the end of the month.) It'll stink to lose another 4 WoEs(great time to sell) & nearly 2 weeks of nights of selling on RO, but I'd much rather not have the new cable modem & wireless router disappear too.
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