DAC, the curious little catboy (_dac_) wrote,
DAC, the curious little catboy

Update on WoW:
I never got the free trial download to work, so I still haven't been able to try it.
However, Blizzard just released a WoW Battle Chest for $40 and work has it on sale this weekend for $35, so I think I may go on and pick it up.
If anyone who plays WoW wants me to meet up with them, let me know what server you're on, k?
I won't be installing it until iRO updates on Tuesday though, due to the 50% bonus exp weekend.

I know there was something else (unrelated) I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was... ^_^;

Afterthought: not the other thing I was wanting to talk about, but...
I'm still more interested in trying FFXI than WoW, and there are those FFXI packs that include all the expansions for like $40, so I'm thinking about getting that too.
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