DAC, the curious little catboy (_dac_) wrote,
DAC, the curious little catboy

Life: "Ha, ha! Screw you DAC!"

Here I was hoping that now I'm finally done with morning classes I wouldn't have to set my alarm for any time before 8AM anytime soon.
So what do I find out tonight? Everyone who could give me a ride has quit or is quitting. So likely after next week no more closing and I'll have to set my alarm to get up really early to open at work. (Since for some reason my department only does opening and closing shifts.) >_<

In other news, now that I have a week off of classes I was considering doing the 15-day free trial of World of Warcraft. But first I need to get a new hard-drive `cause I'm down to barely over 2GB free on both HDDs combined.
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