DAC, the curious little catboy (_dac_) wrote,
DAC, the curious little catboy

So yeah... I had been planning on writing up an entry about moving & such, but kept putting it off and putting it off... So I'll try to summarize things.

I didn't find any place to move in time(late May) so I had to put basically everything but some clothes, my computer, and school supplies in storage. -_- Add to that that I spent way too much time on my computer and going through things that I didn't have to go through then, when I should have been packing up my stuff... I had to leave behind so much stuff. >_< Yeah, some of it's worthless/unnecessary, but some of it's "damn it!" too, so... >_< Not gonna bore you with a list though.

I got a job about the same time too. Get paid better than minimum wage, but only 20 hours a week because I'm taking classes(if for any reason you're not available whenever, they'll only hire part time.)
Got a surprise when I saw James there. Turns out he's now working on writing a series for Tokyo Pop(I think it was), but someone else is drawing it.
I've also seen my best friend Ed, Dwayne, and some people I recognize from AIPX there.

Spent June living with mom in her apartment. I think mom got a place too small since it seems so cramped and there's so little free space there. Had no option but to move out by July since Bryan was coming back to visit mom for a few weeks. Ended up renting a room from some guy. Price is really good and it's much closer to the bus stop than mom's house was, but it's not very clean here... :<
Took awhile before I had a chance to move everything in, so for the first few weeks it was just some clothes, a sleeping bag, and a couple games for handhelds. The room I have here is larger than my old room, but with the closet being (less than?) half the size and having to keep most of my dishes & food in here, I don't have much room right now. But once I get a little cleaning done and fix the shelves part of my desk I'll be able to organize and should have some more room in here.
After everything got moved in, it was a little bit before I could get a wireless router and adapter, then a few more days before I got it working(turns out the one cable outlet doesn't give internet O_o ). Since then I've pretty much been leaving my computer on all the time. ^_^; And due to my habit of doing something online if I could be online(from having dial-up), most of my time here since then has been spent sitting at my computer. >_<

As you can imagine, now that I have broadband my HDDs have been getting pretty full. ^_^;
Couple of odd things I've found. One was a series of videos(well, rather a video cut into pieces) where the girl reminded me of Jamie. The other was a picture of some one who reminded me of Lauren. It was just... really strange seeing those.

Got the surprise of seeing a mouse running around my room last week. Sucks that I can't keep it out due to the hole in the wall letting the cable tv wire through. So I gotta keep all my food up high(also part of the reason I have so little space.

If I had thought about it sooner, I would have gone around mom's house taking pictures, then taken some at mom's apartment, and then here, so you all could see the change.

Anyway, a final note:
I'm always still looking for a better place to live and roommates. I just have to try to give ~30 day notice.
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