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The scribblings of the curious little catboy.

21st August, 2009. 11:09 am.

Probably should have posted earlier this week...

The doctor said I could go back to work on Monday(17th). However, home office said I couldn't come back yet due the the light work & 10 lbs. limit restrictions.
On the one hand, yay for lots of free time. On the other hand, boo for not making money(can't buy stuff I want, like Disgaea 2 PSP & Mana Khemia 2, and I'll have to borrow more money from dad to pay bills).

On another note; for some reason my friends page is only showing 5 entries. Anyone know how to fix this? It should be 25 per page.

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13th August, 2009. 8:18 pm.

I just found out my grandpa died a few hours ago.

Current mood: sad.

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28th July, 2009. 10:27 pm.

I should have posted yesterday, but I was distracted by a Star Trek: TNG mini-marathon on "Syfy"(stupid-ass name-change). Totally forgot this morning.

I went in for a post-surgery check-up Monday afternon & got my staples taken out. It's kind of weird having a grown man poke around in your belly-button to see if there were any more staples in there. I find it strange that the nurses at the hospital said getting the belly-button staples out would hurt most due to that area being more sensitive, yet I hardly felt it when those 5(yes, 5) staples were taken out whereas the 2 side-most ones did hurt some.

I still can't lift anything over 5-10 lbs. Still gotta wear the "girdle". Can only sleep on my back. Can't grab anything from the floor.
Most annoying is the limitation of foods. No tacos or fajitas for at least 4-weeks. Pizza "is a bad idea"(though I think plain cheese would be fine). Nothing fatty, greasy, spicy; can't have too much salt.

I go back on the 10th to find out how soon I can go back to work, lift stuff, etc.

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23rd July, 2009. 12:37 pm. I've joined the gallbladder-less

blah, blah details, blahCollapse )

The people at the hospital were really surprised I had gallstones because 1) I don't fit the profile(age, diet, etc), 2) no previous history of abdominal pain, & 3)(I don't remember what the other reason was right now, I'll fill it in later if I remember it).

For the time being I'm staying at my mom's place, since my apartment is on the second story. I'll probably be here for about another week or so.
Currently, best news is that coughing hurts a TON less.

So much for never having to have surgery, huh? :(

Current mood: bored.

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14th April, 2009. 1:54 am.

AniZona was a major disappointment. Wasn't worth the time or money going.

I recently started playing on iRO free-2-play server. As of posting this, I've got a 32/24 Swordie.

CONGRATS to Hinoai on being in the spotlight this week! 8D

Jamie is an American living the dream in Japan—she's a manga artist assisting on Shin Prince of Tennis, a columnist for Walking Tokyo, and an actress. She gets to live in Tokyo; you get to live vicariously through her journal.

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3rd March, 2009. 1:55 am. Moving! =D

I keep forgetting to post this and now look how close I am:

On Wednesday I will finally be moving out of this dump!
I kept complaining about how bad it is here(it's gotten worse), how much I want to move(obvious), and how I couldn't afford to move on my own(that too has gotten worse). A friend of mine from work finally agreed to go apartment hunting with me. Ironically, while going around to places we found one I actually would have been able to afford($300/studio); but once he told his parents he was looking at apartments with me they started buying furniture for us and were dead set on him moving. Only annoying thing is when we looked at the place the rate was $585(no specials), but when we went to apply & put the deposit down it had jumped up to $685 the day after we looked.

For reference (not gonna give addresses of course), where I've lived for the past 20 months (!) is about 1 mile from where Hinoai had her birthday/going to Japan/graduation lunch/celebration at. Where I'm moving is about 1 mile from where Anizona 1/2 was held at.

It's a damned good thing I'm moving too. I talked to Mark's(landlord) mom(homeowner) on Saturday and she said she was losing the house & they had to be out by the 11th.

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19th December, 2008. 8:42 pm. Gaia Online

Bad news: I was hacked on Wednesday. bastard sold off my Kiki kitty plushies, Chyaku Norisu scarf, and some other stuff.
Good news: I found out Thursday & the hacker was an idiot. Extremely obvious it was hacked to anyone who checks my history. Also he didn't touch my car(who cares), house(big thing, that), and put most of the stuff I owned in my storage box.

I already sent in a hacking report and am awaiting a reply from the Gaia staff. If they don't do anything about it I should now have way more than enough to get my stuff back that he sold between the gold & items he got.

If you're on my Gaia friends list, check your account.
I would have posted this yesterday, but I was already late for work. This is the first I could post. Sorry. ^_^;

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16th September, 2008. 7:53 pm.

So after seeing the artwork for the Gunslinger class in Disgaea 3 I was thinking of making characters based on my friends in it. But I haven't gotten the game yet(one of the other items I ordered from Rosenqueen was out of stock), and from all the game info I've seen, I'm thinking I'll need far more characters. So I've switched plans over to Disgaea DS which comes out next week.

Anyone have any plans for their character?

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23rd August, 2008. 11:13 am.

Good news: I'm finally playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again. (And just like FFT, I'm playing on my PSP) =D

Bad news: Just like FFT on the PSP, they re-translated it. No more
Richter: "Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"
Dracula: "It was not by my hands I am once again given flesh. I was brought here by humans who wish to pay me tribute."
Richter: "Tribute?! You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves."
Dracula: "Perhaps the same could be said of all religions."
Richter: (I forgot what he says here)
Dracula: "What is a man?" *throws glass down* "A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!"

And no more of Dracula saying "Playtime's OVER!" when he switches forms in the intro battle.

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2nd August, 2008. 3:59 pm.


Current mood: amused.

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20th May, 2008. 7:45 pm.

Yay! I finally have internet after 2 weeks (well, 15 days) of being internetless. But it won't be until tomorrow that I can safely stay on all the time.
What pisses me off about it though is not so much the being internetless for 2 weeks as the fact I could have done something to stop/prevent it.

We have a crazy old lady renting the master bedroom. For some unknown reason, she totally hated the guy who was renting out the back room next to the master bedroom, and told a bunch of lies about him to get him kicked out(he was told to be gone by the end of the month back in April). And for some other strange & unknown reason, we only get internet from the one outlet in the back room(the one he was renting out). On Monday, May 5th, the landlord came by and opened up the back room. That afternoon, the cable modem & wireless router disappeared. There's two reasons I could have kept them from disappearing:
1) Somehow, I just knew that something was gonna go missing if we left the back room open. I stayed silent about it.
2) I saw the little notice Windows gives when you lose your connection to the wireless network. I thought nothing of it at the time because every now & then we lose our internet and just have to turn the modem & wireless router off & on to fix it. My initial thought was to go flip the switch(they're plugged into a wall outlet that's connected to a light switch) and get the internet back up, but I convinced myself to just continue getting ready for work and take care of it before I left.
All evidence points to it being the crazy old lady who took them, but we can't prove it.

Short version on why it's been 2 weeks without internet:
1) I waited until after checking nearby pawnshops to buy a new cable modem & wireless router.
2) Cox has to set-up the cable modem to connect to it(can be done over the phone), but it has to be authorized by someone on the account(the landlord) and they have to have access to the modem & a computer(the landlord doesn't have a PC or laptop & this morning was the first time he could be here while I was here).
Why'd it take so long for me to write this? Mom took me grocery shopping right after we got the cable modem set-up and I spent the afternoon/early evening playing 500 Rum & Uno with my mom & younger brother.

Of course, to be on the safe side, I'm thinking about not even leaving the cable modem & wireless router in the back room while I'm away/asleep/whatnot until after she's gone. (She's being evicted and has been told she has to be out by the end of the month.) It'll stink to lose another 4 WoEs(great time to sell) & nearly 2 weeks of nights of selling on RO, but I'd much rather not have the new cable modem & wireless router disappear too.

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24th April, 2008. 8:15 pm.

Ragnarok Online Mercenaries are made of win & awesome!! =3

Current mood: ecstatic.

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14th March, 2008. 9:08 pm.

I will be graduating.
I just have to get a ton of signatures Monday morning, and organize & clean up all of my documentation & levels, and make signs, and...

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24th January, 2008. 7:11 pm. just my luck X(

I forgot my umbrella at work last night and guess what happens today? I get rained on. Only a light sprinkle going to school, but it was definitely raining on the way back.
And worse yet is there's no heat here. The heater's broken & I have no space to safely use a portable heater. >_< (I wanna move! But I don't have the money to go alone & have no one to move in with)

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25th December, 2007. 10:07 pm.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Got clothes from mom, Soul Calibur III from Daniel, & money from grandparents. Won't know what dad & Bryan got me until after Bryan gets here.

Pros for this year's Xmas break: I can be online; I can actually do Xmas events for once
Cons for this year's Xmas break: no Indiana vacation; have to work rather than doing whatever I want; had to work at an average of least 8 hours daily 21st-24th & will be working 11AM-11PM 26th

I think the Cons outweigh the Pros, but oh well... ^_^;

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6th December, 2007. 6:49 pm.

no graduation :(

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14th November, 2007. 11:29 pm.

A year from now I better not have a job in retail. -_- Even if it's not in the game industry.
I am so not looking forward to "Black Friday". I'm both opening & closing, working from 5AM to 11:30PM. And although I get two lunch breaks, one extra-long, when they're both done I still have another SEVEN hours of work left. T_T

Current mood: blah.

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2nd November, 2007. 7:57 pm.

So my WoW trial ended. (Actually ended a week ago, but...)

And I have to say that I'm not impressed.

Honestly, I think I may have more complaints about the game than things I like. Out of all the MMORPGs I've tried, I think I have to say I'm least interested in WoW, but probably only because Corum (and FlyFF too, I guess) is(are) free.
So I see no reason to keep playing WoW. So I'm gonna be taking the battlechest back to work (unopened, of course!) and see if I can return it. And if not, it'll probably just end up sitting around until either I can find someone to buy it from me(willing to pay what I did), or some miracle gives me some reason to play.

Icon solely for this damned jaw pain & head-ache I've had for the last week. >_x

Current mood: bitchy.

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6th October, 2007. 11:38 pm.

Update on WoW:
I never got the free trial download to work, so I still haven't been able to try it.
However, Blizzard just released a WoW Battle Chest for $40 and work has it on sale this weekend for $35, so I think I may go on and pick it up.
If anyone who plays WoW wants me to meet up with them, let me know what server you're on, k?
I won't be installing it until iRO updates on Tuesday though, due to the 50% bonus exp weekend.

I know there was something else (unrelated) I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was... ^_^;

Afterthought: not the other thing I was wanting to talk about, but...
I'm still more interested in trying FFXI than WoW, and there are those FFXI packs that include all the expansions for like $40, so I'm thinking about getting that too.

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28th September, 2007. 5:27 pm.

Well, I just found out iRO kicks you off as soon as your time is up, rather than you just can't log-in once it's up like before.

Good news: I got a new hard drive (500GB), so I'll be able to do that trial of WoW soon. Just gotta let my comp cool down for a while before I can install it.

More good news: Starting next week I'll be getting more hours at work, so I'll be getting about $50 more a week.

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28th September, 2007. 9:46 am.

Wow, that's one way to pop you out of your dream. Finding out a friend you thought you knew has a two-year-old kid? "Uh... Wha.?.." @_@
So yeah, rather awake now. XP

Current mood: awake.

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20th September, 2007. 11:49 pm. Life: "Ha, ha! Screw you DAC!"

Here I was hoping that now I'm finally done with morning classes I wouldn't have to set my alarm for any time before 8AM anytime soon.
So what do I find out tonight? Everyone who could give me a ride has quit or is quitting. So likely after next week no more closing and I'll have to set my alarm to get up really early to open at work. (Since for some reason my department only does opening and closing shifts.) >_<

In other news, now that I have a week off of classes I was considering doing the 15-day free trial of World of Warcraft. But first I need to get a new hard-drive `cause I'm down to barely over 2GB free on both HDDs combined.

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24th August, 2007. 8:23 pm.

So yeah... I had been planning on writing up an entry about moving & such, but kept putting it off and putting it off... So I'll try to summarize things.

I didn't find any place to move in time(late May) so I had to put basically everything but some clothes, my computer, and school supplies in storage. -_- Add to that that I spent way too much time on my computer and going through things that I didn't have to go through then, when I should have been packing up my stuff... I had to leave behind so much stuff. >_< Yeah, some of it's worthless/unnecessary, but some of it's "damn it!" too, so... >_< Not gonna bore you with a list though.

I got a job about the same time too. Get paid better than minimum wage, but only 20 hours a week because I'm taking classes(if for any reason you're not available whenever, they'll only hire part time.)
Got a surprise when I saw James there. Turns out he's now working on writing a series for Tokyo Pop(I think it was), but someone else is drawing it.
I've also seen my best friend Ed, Dwayne, and some people I recognize from AIPX there.

Spent June living with mom in her apartment. I think mom got a place too small since it seems so cramped and there's so little free space there. Had no option but to move out by July since Bryan was coming back to visit mom for a few weeks. Ended up renting a room from some guy. Price is really good and it's much closer to the bus stop than mom's house was, but it's not very clean here... :<
Took awhile before I had a chance to move everything in, so for the first few weeks it was just some clothes, a sleeping bag, and a couple games for handhelds. The room I have here is larger than my old room, but with the closet being (less than?) half the size and having to keep most of my dishes & food in here, I don't have much room right now. But once I get a little cleaning done and fix the shelves part of my desk I'll be able to organize and should have some more room in here.
After everything got moved in, it was a little bit before I could get a wireless router and adapter, then a few more days before I got it working(turns out the one cable outlet doesn't give internet O_o ). Since then I've pretty much been leaving my computer on all the time. ^_^; And due to my habit of doing something online if I could be online(from having dial-up), most of my time here since then has been spent sitting at my computer. >_<

As you can imagine, now that I have broadband my HDDs have been getting pretty full. ^_^;
Couple of odd things I've found. One was a series of videos(well, rather a video cut into pieces) where the girl reminded me of Jamie. The other was a picture of some one who reminded me of Lauren. It was just... really strange seeing those.

Got the surprise of seeing a mouse running around my room last week. Sucks that I can't keep it out due to the hole in the wall letting the cable tv wire through. So I gotta keep all my food up high(also part of the reason I have so little space.

If I had thought about it sooner, I would have gone around mom's house taking pictures, then taken some at mom's apartment, and then here, so you all could see the change.

Anyway, a final note:
I'm always still looking for a better place to live and roommates. I just have to try to give ~30 day notice.

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5th August, 2007. 10:12 am. though it's probably the day after for her... ^_^;

Happy birthday hinoai-sempai! :)

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30th July, 2007. 11:54 pm.

Happy birthday soundsoft_elvy-sempai! ;D

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