:You were the last good thing I ever saw...

...good bye forever:

16 November
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Her emotions were not lies by any means
Looked in the mirror and let out a scream
She couldn't seem to find herself
And couldn't see she needed help.
Closed her eyes only to fall into a deep sleep
Was greeted by a demon that began to speak.
And what he said cut so deep.

Your just another beautiful mistake
So end it now for all our sake
The world , i know, can do without
Just another useless wonderer
There's no doubt.

Over and over it played in her head
Fought back the thoughts is what she did instead
She told herself, give life another try
let out a sigh
And got out of bed
Looking the world in the face
She thought to herself.. im no longer just a beautiful mistake

So she met up with the same demon the very next night
Not afraid of her own self she gave a good fight
She told the demon what he said was lies
Now her days were not gloomy but filled with blue skies

I'm no longer a beautiful mistake
No need to end it
for I am glad with what u had to face
and i know on this earth i have a place
I am no longer a beautiful mistake.

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