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Cheater, cheater, cumpulsive eater!

14 July
HOBBiES: friends . aol . phone . hanging out with friends . going to the beach . shopping . playing cards . tv . movies

ABOUT ME: i'm 5'4" and growing. brown eyes, dirty blonde hair. i'm mostly irish, and some german and italian. i love my friends more than anything in the world. i have three of them. i loove america. i love the country egypt, it amazes me. i want to go there and to ireland and italy. i've already been to London, England and it was absolutely amazing. it's so awesome there. i have a passion for music and movies. i love basketball. and well thats pretty much it!

MOViES: the notebook, mean girls, a walk to remember, the little mermaid, cruel intentions, the breakfast club, pretty in pink, st. elmo's fire, garden state, moulin rouge, almost famous, liar liar, superstar, serendipity, how to lose a guy in 10 days, anything with julia roberts: my best friend's wedding, pretty woman, erin brokovich, notting hill, ocean's 11 + 12, runaway bride; anything with the younger mk+a [classic], anything with adam sandler: billy madison, happy gilmore, the wedding singer, 50 first dates, anger management, etc; ocean's 11+12, the harry potters, the shawshank redemption, chicago, grease, aladdin, alice in wonderland, beauty and the beast, the birdcage, pirates of the caribbean, alice in wonderland, toy story, along came polly, down to earth, meet the parents, meet the fockers, 13 going on 30, saw, scream 1+2+3, armagedon, texas chainsaw massacre, house of wax, summer catch, crossroads, raising helen, wedding crashers

TV: i pretty much watch FRIENDS, but also: one tree hill, joey, gilmore girls, whatever's on mtv: next, real world, inferno, room raiders, etc, mtv hits, nick at nite: cheers, family ties, etc. wonder years, old school will & grace, everybody loves raymond.
i<3the Real World Austin + Laguna Beach.

Music, oh boy, music. I dont know what I'd do without it. Basically, I like lots of kinds, for example:

oldies/classic rock/alternative/punk: FRANK SINATRA<3, U2, BILLY JOEL, AEROSMITH, R.E.M., BRAND NEW (LOVE them), NO DOUBT, THE RAMONES, the Doors -- all so great. Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, the Killers, Dean Martin, Marvin Gaye, the Beach Boys, Franz Ferdinand, Simon & Garfunkel, the Hives, Blink 182, Yellowcard, Sugar Ray, Modest Mouse, Gould & Fitzgerald, American Hi-Fi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carey Brothers, the Shins, James Taylor, the Police, the Beatles, Interpol, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield, the Cars, Dashboard Confessional, New Radicals, Gwen Stefani, Frou Frou, Bowling for Soup, Life House, Gavin DeGraw, Ryan Cabrera, Elvis, Iron & Wine, Switchfoot, Sum 41, Toploader, 22-20's, Bloc Party, Bon Jovi, .38 Special, No Easy Answer, Boomkat, Alanis Morissette, Barenaked Ladies, the Calling, Butch Walker, Cold, Colin Hay, the Get Up Kids, the Go Go's, some Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World, Madonna, the Miracles, Tyler Hilton,

The Notebook discussions, layouts, and icons

Ross & Rachel:True love lives on.

Friends Forever.

Farewell Friends.

Friends is everlasting love!

The Lobsters are love.

Matthew Perry in glasses is sex!

Ryan Gosling is Love

base from bluebearxmanda
Snoopy is Love

Racism is hate.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

"Cheater, cheater, cumpulsive eater!"

"Chandler Bing, it's time to see your thing."

Swallow my pride: The Ramones
Winter is here, and it's going on two years
Swallow my pride,
and things were looking very grim
But they're looking good again
Swallow my pride.
Loose lips sink ships, they say
But isn't it always that way?
Gonna have a real cool time
And everything's gona be real fine.
Swallow my pride, oh yeah.

Matthew Perry as my boy toy at claimyourboytoy
The One With the Prom Video at tow_friends_eps
The One With the Football at tow_friends_eps
I married Matthew Perry at marry_someone
"friends", 50 cent, a walk to remember, abercrombie + fitch, adam brody, adam sandler, american eagle, aol, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, basketball, beach, beach boys, beverly hills 90210, billy joel, black eyed peas, boys, central perk, chad michael murray, chandler and monica, chandler bing, cheers, chicago, chocolate, chocolate ice cream, christmas, courteney cox arquette, d12, david arquette, david schwimmer, disney, disney channel, disney movies, e!, eminem, emma geller/green, f*r*i*e*n*d*s, family ties, fat joe, fat monica, friends, full house, george bush, gilmore girls, grease, green, green acres, gunther, gwen stefani, hanson, harry potter, hey arnold, i love lucy, jack and judy geller, jay-z, jennifer aniston, jesse mccartney, jessica simpson, jim carrey, jimmy fallon, joe simpson, joey, joey and phoebe, joey tribbiani, johnny depp, julia roberts, just married, justin timberlake, kanye west, laughing, lbi, lil kim, lisa kudrow, livejournal, london, ludacris, luke perry, ma$e, marcel, maroon 5, matt leblanc, matthew perry, molly ringwald, molly shannon, monica geller, movies, mtv, music, n.e.r.d., nelly, new york knicks, new york yankees, newlyweds, nicholas sparks, nick at nite, no doubt, one tree hill, outkast, p. diddy, pacsun, pez, phoebe buffay, phone, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, punk'd, r.e.m., rachel greene, rachel mcadams, rap, reeses, reuhl, rocko's modern life, roomraiders, ross and rachel, ross geller, ryan cabrera, ryan gosling, shane west, shopping, sleeping, smellycat, snickers, snl, snoop, snoop dogg, spiderman, summer, superstar, taco bell, tacos, talking, the ashlee simpson show, the color brown, the little mermaid, the notebook, thursday nights, tom cruise, tom felton, tow..., tupac, tv, usher, wendy's, will ferrel