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Time never passes in the Timeless Beach,its best to accept and enjoy it.

Cured Heart
29 July
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I went through this world a hollow, empty shell,
Wishing for an end to the pain endured.
Every way of death has been tried,
But never once have I died.
Despite the blood on the ground, I was not.
There were those that tried to help,
But all they did is make me remember.
For the longest time, I thought that I carried the world's pain,
Being alone to do so.
The light pierced my mind, my being, my heart.
The light of another, one of the same burden.
Through this one, my pain is lifted away.
The world no longer hurts me and my tears no longer fall,
Through my light of you, I have found the cure to all.

- Cured

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This is how i live my life.