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bad girl... toot toot beep beep!! [Jul. 20th, 2005|02:22 am]
[mood |rich]
[music |corinna - temtation]

ok so its trashy but what tha fuck. i met this older dude in the parking lot of my complex tonite. he must of been at least 35 but i was horney and a little drunk so i was like what tha fuck ever and he said he wanted to party. we went back to my place and he had some blow (old skool WHAT WHAT) and we did that but he got coke dick!!!!!! and couldnt do anything and THEN he passed out in my bathroom!!!!!!!!! i was like i am not going to bed with some old-ass scrub in my apt (learned the hard way with kyle!!!!!!) so i dragged his sorry limp dick ass back out to the parking lot where i found him but not before taking $35 out of his wallet for the waist of my time (KA-CHING! HOLLA!). hhe didnt fuck me so am i oficialy a ho or not? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! next round at hunny pot is on me exept for u shishcubbottom sense kyle can pay for ur drinks now i guess LOLOL

but i am still totaly coked and thank god i have my tape of americas next top model season ffour to watchh (HOLLLLLLAA!)
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did you miss me?????!! [Jul. 17th, 2005|08:08 pm]
ok i know it's not cool to start up a blog and then not follow up on it but i have had QUITE a week. kyle who some of you know i have been dating since i moved to the 404 (what what!) turned out to be well a little more into pnp than i realized. tina is cool and all (WHAT WHAT!) but not EVERY DAY. well it also turns out that mr kyle was also not totaly honest about his job and doesnt work as a managing executive downtown but HASNT HAD A JOB IN 5 MONTHS. fuck that shit! but anyway it turned out that he owed his dealer bigtime and so one night 2 weeks ago when he spent the night here, i dont know if he roofied me or if i just crashed but i woke up and he was gone ALONG WITH A LOT OF MY STUFF. i am to worn out to tell the rest of the story right now but i just managed to get the computer back last night (dont ask how). it also turns out mr kyle is also not 28 like he said but 31!!! fuck that shit, he may be hot (WOOF) but im not gonna waste my time on some lieing-ass 31yo. Peace out, biotches.
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unpacking sux!!!! [Jul. 4th, 2005|02:38 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |madonna - imacculate collection]

ok so i am taking a break from unpacking in my new place to update my new livejournal!!! i am gonna see if shishcubbottom and his peeps want to hit the hunny pot tonite. i know its a monday night but fuck it, i am definately going out on my first night in the ATL. call me on my cell if you see this-- no land line until tomorrow but at least i am stealing free wireless from somebody in the building, LOLOL
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