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One pill will get me threw the day, [entries|friends|calendar]
kels <3




ABOUT MOI IM 16 soon to get my liscense I have black hair I have my nose periced I live in Nashua New Hampshire.. east bumb fuck I love vintage clothing and fashion I love music.. I love poetry.. reading and wirting it.. I couldnt live without my friends I need my cellphone.. at all times.. I am single I am crushing someone I can be bitchy.. but im usually nice to you if your nice to me.. I hate people who think they are better than others.. or think they or more "emo" "punk" and what not than others.. I dont like PEOPLE WHO hate me for no reason... Dont comment unless you know i like you as a friend.. Dont just randomly add me unless you comment.. Basically thats it.. :-)


Some bands Head automatica Hey mercedes Azure Ray Armor for sleep lovedrug Emery Days away Slow coming day Glassjaw A true story beloved Murder by death Death cab for cutie The mars volta The spill canvas The black Maria Matchbook romance Jupiter Sunrise Dispatch Blood brothers Cursive A static lullaby Hidden in plain view Dashboard Thrice The von bondies The pixies Senses Fail Finch Circa Survive Mae Bleed the dream Hopesfall Hot rod circuit My American Heart A thorn for every heart Boys night out Saosin SOTHEYSAY Greeley estates Motion city soundtrack Like yesterday Reggie & the full effect Kinison Midtown The Receiving end of sirens Strung out Hydroulic sandwhich and much more :)..just go to my info -


Some PICTURES thats me Me and Hannah <3


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Say this one packs a fight Just crazy, out of my mind Say sorry, yeah it's all right Just give me back what you took that night I wanna tell you now I say it full out I wanna get up in your face And tear your thoughts right out I wanna tell you, tell you now I'm gunna tell you, tell you how You didn't change my mind You didn't do a thing 'Cept made me hate myself And made me fear everything You thought I'd run and hide And keep it all inside How can you see me And think it's all right?
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September 11th, 2005]
[ mood | creative ]

Anyone going to the Nintendo Fusion tour ?? I am and you are jealous the 10/8th

Thrice With Underoath, The Bled and Veda  THE 10/31st baby

2 concerts baby


And i might work at shaws.. so ya.. that means money<3 which is good

I love life and I hate you :P




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I dont want to look sleazy, but you make it seem so easy [Friday,
September 9th, 2005]

I absolutely, love how people that I DON'T EVEN KNOW.. walk down the hall right after lunch and make it so OBVOIUS that they are talking to me.. .Ya you know.. what I mean wow YOU don't even fucking no me get a god damn live you think you are so cool cause you shop at A&F and Hollister well guess what your not..





BOYS NIGHT OUT FALL OUT BOY MOTION CITY SOUINDTRACK PANIC AT THE DISCO AND STARTING LINE OCTOBER 8 AT TSONGAS.. if you are going I hate you Those are like all my favorite bands besides the starting line.. but ya I am begging my dad.. let me go.. basically I love Boys night out and its not far ! i am going to that damn concert.

Hopefully if he says yes

OK I am out on the phone with my him.. and plus Eljay is starting to blow... i get no comments

gah leave one <3me



is pretty sweet :)
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Every once in a while I think I'm lying. [Tuesday,
August 16th, 2005]
[ mood | exhausted ]

OK so I have been so busy lately .. with going to six flags, then boston, then warped

so here we go

Basically ..I went to warped and waited in traffic for .. four hours it sucked so bad.. i didnt get to see all the bands I wanted but I did get to see some.. like fall out boy, boys night out, avenged sevenfold, Hot Rod Circuit, thrice, hopesfall, and others..

I got an emery t-shirt

  ya i tryed to find this t-shirt on there website store but they didnt have it so.. this is the best i got

Here's my scudeule for this year

1 semsiter

1- french 3-ms. lecius-D-213

2-huminties- mr. fenlon-B-338

3Biology-Mr. Fitzgerald-C-243

4Geometry- Mr.Velvis-219


2 semister

1-journalism-Mr.Saunders- D225

2-Humanities-Mr.Richard-TBD? i have no clue what that is

3-Photography-Ms. Knoetig- B-109.. YES

4Q- Fit for life- Mr. Robie- E110.. yers last period

4Q Health Ms. Krycki-D-152

pictures...!@!@!@Collapse )

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August 11th, 2005]
[ mood | loved ]

So i went to six flags with My sis, Meg, My dad and his g/f and LIZZY


it was so much fun.. here were like the three best rides... even though I never do superman again


this ride was our favorite it was awesome!@ this was another favorite.. we went on a couple times.. the mind eraser

 then we did super man i thought i was gonna die on this god damn ride not my favorite

we did alot of upside down rides .. named after weather there was one where you were like upside down for 20 seconds ...lizzy thought we were stuck.. over all six flags was good

then we went home and lizzy and i like talked the whole two hours on the way.. home

then we went to loui loui's


now im of to boston till sunday then on monday I will be at WARPED BABY

But im really busy lately so i wont get to seee him!

<33 leave a comment




You strangle people with a piercing stare, I can't believe I made it You strangle people with a snee [Monday,
August 1st, 2005]
[ mood | ditzy ]

So I have basically been really busy,  And haven't had time to update so here are +/-

+I got my hair done so it's red in black

+ He's coming back the 6th

+I might Have BACKSTAGE passes to warped tour you all are jealous

+Boston is coming soon

+ Hopefully going to 6 flags with kady :)

-No job

-School is soon

-No licenses yet but I will get it before school starts


And I just would like to say I miss the old times hanging out after school everyday and I miss that but I hope we will be able to be friends we should make a day to hang before school


Ok im done here are pictures



So what do you say will you marry me today?Collapse )

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July 4th, 2005]
[ mood | blank ]

So basically ..haven't done much..

My love went to PA.. so I won't get my fourth of July goal :(..

Went swimming with My couzz, and megsta..

I am so burnt Ahh !@!@!@

People are shady!@!@!@! and Im done!@!@! Fuck you, you hoes..I don't need Liars bitches..Haha meg and I had fun anywho..

The good girl is such a great movie

Meg is leaving for Florida .. Hannah is gone to maine :-(

I gots pictures but to lazy to add them update latttaaa


<33 all you hoes commment1@!@!


EDIT!@!@!@@ WARPED TOUR !@@ SUP you bitches jealous cause I get to see EMERY!@!


Psh and bout the shady thing ya that person knows who the fuck they are!@!@ dont bother commenting .. either theres no point.. I guess you see people for who they really are
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Excuse me sir, but I have plans to die tonight Oh, and you are directly in my way [Wednesday,
June 29th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

If you don't know who these lovely boys are then you should be shot! The spill canvas baby, they are coming out with a new album on AUGUST 9th .. Check out some of there new songs on purevolume. I have known bout this for a while but have been to lazy to update!@! 


Track list and title of there new album coming out August 9th


One Fell Swoop

01. Lust A Prima Vista
02. Staplegunned--on p/v
03. Polygraph, Right Now!
04. Dutch Courage--on p/v
05. Natalie Marie and 1cc
06. Teleport: A & B
07. Break A Leg--on p/v
08. This is For Keeps
09. Himerus and Eros
10. Valiant--on p/v
11. Secret Oath
12. Bound to Happen
13. Self-Conclusion--on p/v


EDIT::::!!@@!Oh ya and by the way bitches I am done with DRIVERS ED, and can get my licenses whenever :)

kk im done ♥♥ have a nice evening bitches

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June 25th, 2005]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Do you wanna pop pop pop?
Do you wanna click click click?
Do You wanna shoot?
Do You wanna shoot?
Do You wanna shoot?
Shoot everything you came to shoot
Do everything you came to do

But the truth and consequences can mess with your head Collapse )


Leave plans for the summer with me chicklets ♥

          Cause soon I will be getting my liscenses in about a week per-say..


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June 16th, 2005]
[ mood | cheerful ]

basically im happy lately so dont ruin my mood you bitches <33

"cause maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, your my wonderwall"

oh my.. its my ugly face

click here to see some awesome pictures of my friends and MehhCollapse )

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Im am updating for lizzy [Saturday,
June 4th, 2005]
[ mood | loved ]

"Now you got me thinking I'm AMAZING!"




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Now..you've got me thinking Im amazing! ♥ [Thursday,
May 26th, 2005]
[ mood | numb ]

So basically in a nut shell this describes EXACTLY HOW I FEEL :-(
                 So I forced it out
    Cuz I haven't cared about anyone ♥ 
                So they found me out
  Because they know I haven't cared at all


(Random old pictures check'um out)Collapse )


Maybe Im a little bit over my Head I come undone at the things he said [Thursday,
April 21st, 2005]
[ mood | lonely ]

Finally Updating

OK.. I have decided that I hate all people and that they are offically retarded.. I think boys need to grow up... and I love how I talk to this certain boy for like a week and then we hate each other for like a month and then we talk for like a week.. ITS SO LAME!@!@!@ I had the worst day ever today... here are the reasons why... Even though noone will comment....

I just can't take my eyes off youCollapse )

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April 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | loved ]


But on the bright side I am doing this thing that I got from Lizzy who I believe got from KMAC!!! alright do it peeps!!!!!!

Ask me 4 questions.
Any 4 no matter how personal, private or random.
I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
In turn you post this message in your own journal and
you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.



<33 me

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Dont give urslef so much credit kissing you wasnt that great it was almost as ur kisses were deadly [Monday,
March 28th, 2005]
[ mood | content ]

pics... from last few weeksCollapse )

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Oh so while you're growing old under the gun gun gun [Saturday,
March 19th, 2005]
[ mood | lonely ]

Happiness has been rare for me now a days..... :-(

As your hands touch my shouldersCollapse )

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Ya.. you are beautiful.. but you don't mean a thing to me [Saturday,
March 12th, 2005]
[ mood | weird ]

Im to ugly for you

Let the be enoughCollapse )

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Sent me round my heart again, One touch upon my lips, And all my thoughts are clear [Wednesday,
March 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | nothing ]

<A half a million thoughtsAre flowing through my mindCollapse )

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February 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | sick ]

new layout...

like it... prbly not as much as I do because I am inlove with this movie


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February 16th, 2005]
[ mood | pissed off ]

New hair cut!!!

SEXY Collapse )

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February 12th, 2005]

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