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Let us forget your existence

And we never saw what we saw ever again

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look inside the wreckage of your past
To lose all you have to do is lie

I'm a fun-loving 23(soon-to-be 24) yr. old college graduate. I have both an associate's(culinary arts) degree and a bachelor's(foodservice management) degree. Not sure what I want to do yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out one of these days. Got tired of the Charleston, SC scene, so I recently moved back to Savannah, GA. I'm contemplating moving to the West Coast. I've heard it was uber-cool. Plus, I figured if I moved to the West Coast it's only a hop, skip & a jump to my dream destination of Australia.
I'm currently employed at a local hotel(part of a world-wide chain).

Teh important Fandoms 30 Seconds To Mars. Harry Potter. Gilmore Girls. Grey's Anatomy. Law & Order:SVU. CSI. CSI:Miami. Family Guy. Buffy. Get Fuzzy.

Teh Personal Echelon Alana. Amanda[x2]. Brigid. Bunny. Deanna. Diana. Emily. Janinne. Lina. Lisa.

Some things are so dangerous
Moments unexplained to us
To finally become aware
The most beautiful things you've ever seen

I absolutely love the following(more some than others): 30 seconds to mars, grey's anatomy, harry potter, get fuzzy, music, reading, buffy the vampire slayer, great northern, cooking, sleeping, gilmore girls, law & order:svu, csi, csi:miami, photography, basically anything listed as an interest below.

I absolutely loathe the following: fake people, liars, cheats, whores(unless they're a cake whore - ie. jared leto; or a finger pointing whore - ie. shannon leto; or a goofy face making whore - ie. tomo milicevic), etc.

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Steve Irwin: 1962-2006
Dearest Steve, you were an inspiration to us all. May you
rest in peace. We will always remember you.

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