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OH MY! I am so happy right now!!!
And Delaney is taking FOREVER in the fucking shower.
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Today my family and I celebrated an early Thanksgiving.
Oi, so much good food, and GREAT people.
I love them all so much, and am so glad they're in my life. ♥ ♥

Steelers lost today in overtime to the Ravens. (14 - 16)
They're now 7-3... not too bad, but still, I expect better. lol. -
Damn Maddox, they shouldn't have ever put him in..
They should've used Randle El because he at least knows how to pass the ball.
But it was a good game none the less; it had been a while since I've watched a game of good 'ol football.

Not going to be in school tomorrow. *yippy*
More make up work though *p00*

Well, I'm exhausted, and have to wake up at 6:00 am in order to get home within reasonable time.
:: Goodnight Loves ::
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I saw my penis laying on a blanket, next to a broken toaster oven.

Pep Ralley today.
We got in third place :: but thats to be expected, my graduating class sucks. XD
I walked around town and hung out at the park with Andrew today.
T'was fun, though I must say, I was expecting it to be uncomfortable.

Going to my Grandparents house tomarrow until Monday night
to celebrate Thanksgiving. X)
I love how my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving early... Yummeh.

Edit :: 'Jesus' is coming back to Hurlock for the Weekend... YAY!
It has been a while since this 'Christ' has seen that 'Jesus'
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Today my mother took me out shopping bright and early to help get my mind off of my Nonno's death.
10-ish hours of walking around, eating, and getting our hair done.. and all I bought was two pairs of pants that I don't even like.

I've decided that I may not attend my Nonno's funeral.
The thought of watching his lifeless body laying in a casket and being lowered six feet under sickens me to no end.
Then again :: I do wish to support my mother as well as pay my respects.
I don't know.
I'm really confused right now.

Well, I'd better find out if I am granted the priviledge of staying home and pack - Just in case.

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My Great Grandfather succumbed to his illness. =.=;;;
He died at 2:38 this morning.
The full impact of what happened, just now smacked me in the face.
I cannot believe he is gone... I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye;
or tell him exactly how much he means to me and the extent of my love for him.
I keep having flashbacks of him teaching me how to ride a bike, us going fishing in the synthetic pond they had, him reading me "snow white and the seven dwarfs" whenever I would visit, him tucking me into bed, giving me 'butterfly' kisses whenever I was upset, he and I sneaking down to the kitchen every night I visited to have that extra sickeningly sweet canole; even though we knew 'Nonna' would kill us (lol), etc...
I miss him so fucking much!!!
I know it sounds selfish, but why couldn't he remain here for just a little longer?
He promised he would see me graduate, and shout out my name when they handed me my diploma.
I fucking hate the thought of him not being here...
god damn it!!!!!
He was like the father I never had.
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Oh What A Beautiful Day. X___x

I thought I wanted to end it, but now I am not so sure.
I thought the relationship was what my problem was, but it wasn't.
And I thought I would be happy // relieved after everything was all said and done.
I hate how indecisive I have become.

After I broke up with Andrew, I felt really guilty and low.
; ________ ;

And to top it all off, when I came home afterwards, I received a call stating my Great Grandfather has become extremely ill; and I have no way of seeing him because he lives in Rural Valley, Pennsylvania (roughly 40 miles from Pittsburg)

- - - - -

:: On Another Note ::
I was going to go to the mall with teh Hilafrey and Jorge today afterschool, but apparantly I am still somewhat punished.
Oh well, I'll probably hang out with them this weekend and possibly have a little sippy sip of teh alcoholie.

hahaha, Zeus (my dog) got loose today when Jorge and Hilly came to my house, and Jorge and Zeus had an amusing game of chase.
That cheered me up.

:: EDIT :: Last night I made a new Live Journal layout dedicated to 'Dir En Grey'
Takith a gander.
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I have been punished from everything for a little over two weeks.
Wasn't too bad.

How has everyone been?
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