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woo [07 Aug 2004|12:51am]
what punk/emo threesome will you be involved in?
first personGreg Attonito
second personChris Carrabba
locationYour Friend's Bathroom
dateJanuary 26, 2009
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ahahahaha, how niiice. gonna fuck 2 hot guys at the same time on my 18th bday. barely legal, right??? i.wish.

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blaxhhh [06 Jun 2004|07:37pm]
type your username with your....

nose: _cruelintention
elbow: _cruelintention
tongue: _cruelintention
chin: _ cfrjlji ngtde ntol n
eyes closed and one finger: _cruelintention
back of hand: _cruelintention
palm: _cruelintention
mouse: _cruelintention
wrist: _ ctkiuw;/ nrtww ht4r5l

wow i am pretty good. lol.
well did nothing yesterday. kristina is over. she is killing herself. im sorry. im fat right now. damn munchies. lol. that means nothing! ok. gonna go. ill update later.

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[31 May 2004|01:44am]
[ mood | hungry ]

short summary of today. woke up. music. computer. ebay. great laptop! gonna get one soon. talked to some guy from the dilly that wants pictures of my bare armpit. and he wants me and my gf... rebecca... to take pictures of us tickling eachother. OK. talked to rebecca. we are gonna rock some more tomorrow. haha. i put the foily part of the gum wrappers all over my cd case and it smells like big red. i need a buddy to go to civic tour with me. i got a ride. lenny kravitz wants to be white! is he jewish? hmmm. im gonna sleep now. id_do__you thats courtneys community. i <3 her so check it out. whoring whoring whoring it to myself. haha. <3 <3. and h_o_t_x_s_h_i_t mine. now go fucking check it out!

i am fiiiiiiineCollapse )

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what now? [29 May 2004|10:28pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

man lately... emo=<3 <3 <3. i mean sure emo boys are always hot. unless theyre like ugly. especially bi emo boys. but yeah. i feel so much more free to like i dunno be myself lately and shit. so so so nice. prolly cuz im not talkin to sum people as much anymore. i think my boobs grew too cuz i feel it right now. haha. but yeah i have actually been listening to all my old emo cds with like kinda hardcore bands. yeah thats me, fuckin hXc!!! i actually walked around the entire day thursday with Xs on my hands,hahahaha, but it was definately just a joke. my guitar teacher noticed. haha. he laughed. but then again he always laughs at me. i got seriously like pissed off at melissa today for trashing emo and shit. i was like "what the fuck!?! you havent even heard enough emo and shit to say shit like that what the hell!!!???" im really fuckin shitty fealing rightnow thoug. i havent slept for a very long time and all my senses are kinda not too sharp right now. i cant even feel my fingers like touching th keys barely. i have to like look and type real slow. man whiney emo kids bother me, like if i were like REALLY FUCKIN EMO, i would definately make sure i was REALLY FUCKIN NOT whiney. yeah. i got new sharpies. very nice. i got to lable all my burned CD's cuz im poor and cant buy real ones. i need to sleep so bad. man but i got one fuckin thing, dont fuckin hate. fuckin haters can die cuz thats not cool. and closed minded people. oh man. been pissed off by that pretty bad today so yeah. man i am like kinda halucinating or sumtihing. i just dont really understanf whats going on. i need to fucking sleep. so im prolly gonna do just that. oh and ohh jake just told me he has a livejournal im so happy, im gonna add him. <3 <3 <3

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he is a CUTIE [27 May 2004|04:31pm]
man, this is the kid i talked to with rebecca, hes so fuckin cute. she claims hes her boyfriend.... uh huh, i call half then!
oh oh oh cutieeeeCollapse )

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